Cumberland 10th Anniversary IIPA 10.58/16/2010Rate 2.923
Cumberland 11th Anniversary Double IPA (alias) 108/27/2011
Cumberland 15th Anniversary Sour Cherry Red 5.08/31/2015Rate 3.151
Cumberland 2 Brewers 1 Pint 6.03/20/2010Rate 3.034
Cumberland A Shade Shy Rye -8/3/2008Rate 2.091
Cumberland Amarillo IPA 7.53/6/2011Rate 3.224
Cumberland Ameade Wathen 7.59/24/2013Rate 2.791
Cumberland Another Trye 5.39/10/2009Rate 2.871
Cumberland Autumn Wheat -10/17/2008Rate 31
Cumberland Barley Wine Ale 10.54/26/2014Rate 32
Cumberland Basil Wheat -9/24/2013Rate 2.922
Cumberland BeerGrass Belgian -10/11/2008Rate 3.071
Cumberland Belgian Abbey Ale 7.07/2/2014Rate 2.871
Cumberland Belgian Triple -12/10/2005Rate 3.222
Cumberland Blackfriars Stout 5.38/25/2012Rate 2.861
Cumberland Blitzkrieg 9.27/4/2009Rate 2.91
Cumberland Bourbon Barrel Porter 6.07/2/2014Rate 2.861
Cumberland Browns Brown -7/12/2009Rate 2.842
Cumberland Buckwheat 4.18/24/2010Rate 2.831
Cumberland Buddy The Elf Maple Porter 6.01/12/2014Rate 2.871
Cumberland Bunk Ass Smoked Wheat -7/26/2009Rate 2.841
Cumberland California Common -6/15/2006Rate 3.111
Cumberland Casey (alias) -8/9/2010
Cumberland Casey RyBock 5.88/9/2010Rate 2.872
Cumberland Casey Rye IPA 5.58/24/2010Rate 2.831
Cumberland Celtic Stout -11/14/2006Rate 3.088
Cumberland Chestnut Brown 5.012/12/2014Rate 2.883
Cumberland Chimney Rock IPA 7.08/10/2016Rate 3.054
Cumberland Chocolate Belgian Stout -2/17/2009Rate 2.841
Cumberland Cream Ale -1/26/2004Rate 2.995227
Cumberland Damn Breaker -1/31/2009Rate 2.921
Cumberland Dee's Coconut Porter 5.08/12/2013Rate 3.146
Cumberland Dortmunder -5/8/2007Rate 3.017
Cumberland Double Eclipse -6/19/2008Rate 31
Cumberland Dublin Ale -7/15/2008Rate 2.881
Cumberland English Pale 6.18/27/2011Rate 2.91
Cumberland Expat IPA 6.09/9/2009Rate 2.943
Cumberland Frankenpepper 4.76/23/2012Rate 2.761
Cumberland Fruitcake Brown Ale 5.01/4/2013Rate 2.81
Cumberland Geraldine 6.211/7/2016Rate 3.041
Cumberland Ginger Ale 5.59/12/2009Rate 2.822
Cumberland Goatboy Bock 6.85/25/2009Rate 38
Cumberland Hanz & Franz 4.312/22/2013Rate 2.931
Cumberland Heine Bros. Coffee Stout -1/25/2004Rate 3.114
Cumberland Helleswe'en 6.211/7/2016Rate 2.891
Cumberland Helter Celter 5.811/29/2009Rate 0
Cumberland Hillbilly Pils 5.05/27/2010Rate 3.14939
Cumberland Hochlander 5.012/12/2014Rate 2.811
Cumberland Hochländer 5.02/11/2015Rate 2.712
Cumberland Honey Wheat 4.69/9/2009Rate 2.883
Cumberland Hopop Hetbot 7.05/2/2015Rate 2.692
Cumberland Hoppy Hefe -6/10/2006Rate 3.242
Cumberland Hoptical Illusion 6.87/18/2010Rate 2.932
Cumberland India Brown Ale -9/23/2008Rate 2.541
Cumberland India Red Lager 7.512/12/2014Rate 2.792
Cumberland IPA 7.510/15/2002Rate 3.254016
Cumberland Jack of Spades Chocolate Stout -8/11/2012Rate 2.911
Cumberland Jackanapes 4.755/17/2013Rate 2.871
Cumberland Java's Yirgacheffe Stout 6.04/18/2014Rate 2.871
Cumberland Jennifer 6.68/9/2010Rate 2.561
Cumberland Kaliningrad's Best 8.211/18/2012Rate 2.841
Cumberland Kentucky Keister 7.58/10/2009Rate 3.336
Cumberland Kentucky Nug 5.711/7/2016Rate 3.111
Cumberland Kincardine Scottish Ale -12/31/2008Rate 2.842
Cumberland L&N #152 5.28/20/2010Rate 3.024
Cumberland Lachabeer -7/15/2015Rate 2.921
Cumberland Leslee 7.98/9/2010Rate 2.791
Cumberland Mango Cumberliner 4.58/10/2016Rate 3.212
Cumberland Mary Hop-Mas Ale 7.312/30/2009Rate 2.91
Cumberland Matts Red 5.51/25/2004Rate 3.229327
Cumberland Meade 7.04/6/2004Rate 3.134320
Cumberland Merlot à Trois 9.21/21/2011Rate 3.278
Cumberland Mild 4.73/11/2006Rate 2.936
Cumberland Milk Stout -12/19/2006Rate 3.074
Cumberland Mock Bock -3/11/2006Rate 3.133
Cumberland Mocktoberfest -3/26/2006Rate 3.151
Cumberland Modus Hoperandi 6.77/6/2009Rate 3.316
Cumberland Molly 108/9/2010Rate 2.831
Cumberland Moonbow Wit 4.66/9/2011Rate 3.298712
Cumberland Mr. Banana Grabber -1/31/2009Rate 2.961
Cumberland Mr. Bitters -6/16/2005Rate 3.168
Cumberland Mr. Saturday Night 108/17/2012Rate 3.39399
Cumberland Naomi 6.88/9/2010Rate 2.811
Cumberland Newe English 7.57/15/2010Rate 2.872
Cumberland Nitro Porter 5.810/21/2003Rate 3.518951
Cumberland Nut Brown -8/12/2002Rate 3.287913
Cumberland Oatmeal Stout -12/24/2005Rate 3.144
Cumberland OFFspring IPA 5.02/20/2014Rate 2.913
Cumberland Oktoberfest 6.09/30/2010Rate 2.83
Cumberland Pale Ale 5.98/12/2002Rate 3.418140
Cumberland Pumpkin Ale 5.511/5/2007Rate 3.197110
Cumberland Quest Outdoors Canoe Oil 4.56/9/2010Rate 2.662
Cumberland Rays Espresso Stout -10/20/2008Rate 3.111
Cumberland Red Ale 5.54/18/2014Rate 3.057
Cumberland Roasted Pumpkin Ale 5.512/22/2013Rate 3.072
Cumberland Rouge'n for a Bruges'n 5.46/9/2010Rate 2.741
Cumberland Runner-Up Ale -3/19/2010Rate 2.791
Cumberland Schnackenhefferweizen 4.87/3/2009Rate 2.831
Cumberland Scotch Ale -12/24/2005Rate 3.233
Cumberland Simcoe IPA 8.012/18/2010Rate 3.024
Cumberland Sir Doyle's Special Bitter 4.81/6/2012Rate 0
Cumberland Slewfoot 4.21/8/2010Rate 2.692
Cumberland Smoked Porter 5.55/25/2009Rate 2.953
Cumberland Smoked Wheat Everyday -7/3/2009Rate 2.671
Cumberland Sour Cherry Red 5.09/5/2015Rate 3.061
Cumberland Sting Like a Bee (alias) 4.68/15/2009
Cumberland Stout -1/15/2007Rate 3.132
Cumberland Summer Wheat -5/28/2005Rate 3.155
Cumberland The Dudes Oat Soda -7/18/2008Rate 2.841
Cumberland Towhead 5.08/11/2008Rate 2.935
Cumberland Tripel Crown 9.34/26/2014Rate 2.941
Cumberland What You Say, Son? -12/31/2008Rate 2.922
Cumberland Winter Warmer 7.23/27/2012Rate 3.195
Cumberland Yer Bier (alias) -6/8/2008
Cumberland Yerba Mate Pale Ale 6.25/25/2008Rate 3.329112

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