Weasel Boy / Gordon Biersch The Lager (alias) 5.99/5/2015
Weasel Boy / Lineage Beer For Boobs Tickle Me Pink Saskatoon Berry 8.012/29/2016Rate 3.122
Weasel Boy / West Kerry Riasc Red 5.55/5/2015Rate 3.223
Weasel Boy Alpenwiesel Weizenbock 7.57/11/2012Rate 2.962
Weasel Boy Anastasia a la Mexico 8.05/29/2017Rate 3.131
Weasel Boy Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout 8.01/16/2008Rate 3.76038
Weasel Boy Anastasia X 8.08/21/2017Rate 3.111
Weasel Boy Belgian-Style Oat IPA 6.78/18/2017Rate 3.111
Weasel Boy Bitter Sable Imperial Black IPA 8.24/30/2009Rate 3.191917
Weasel Boy Blackfooted Wheat Porter 5.99/20/2008Rate 3.275413
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout 109/11/2010Rate 3.88435
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Stoat Cherry Stout -12/21/2010Rate 3.265
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Stoat Raspberry Stout -3/15/2013Rate 3.063
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Stoat Stout -3/21/2010Rate 3.025
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Plaid Ferret Scottish Ale 4.54/14/2014Rate 2.881
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Rauch Weasel Smoked Porter 8.03/2/2014Rate 3.363
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged River Mink Mild Brown -10/23/2012Rate 2.881
Weasel Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged Super Genius -3/21/2010Rate 3.126
Weasel Boy Brown Stoat Stout 6.31/16/2008Rate 3.469423
Weasel Boy Cabernet Barrel Aged Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout 109/10/2014Rate 3.185
Weasel Boy Dancing Ferret India Pale Ale 6.612/9/2007Rate 3.415640
Weasel Boy Dark Weasel Mint Chocolate Stout 5.511/26/2011Rate 3.33599
Weasel Boy Das Frettchen Oktoberfest 4.910/7/2008Rate 3.178
Weasel Boy Das HefeWiesel 5.39/5/2014Rate 2.811
Weasel Boy Feisty Fisher Amber Ale 5.29/29/2009Rate 2.894
Weasel Boy Hoppy Weasel IPA 5.57/19/2016Rate 32
Weasel Boy La Belette Rose Saison 5.311/17/2015Rate 3.248
Weasel Boy Linser's American Maid 6.25/9/2014Rate 3.066
Weasel Boy Linser's Black Lager 5.05/26/2017Rate 3.091
Weasel Boy Linser's Special Brew 7.011/17/2015Rate 3.112
Weasel Boy Linser's Vienna Lager 5.111/14/2017Rate 3.021
Weasel Boy Liz Brown Ale -5/26/2013Rate 2.912
Weasel Boy Mango Wheat 4.57/10/2009Rate 3.077217
Weasel Boy Mischievous Marten Marzen -11/1/2009Rate 2.783
Weasel Boy Nevertheless Persist 5.05/26/2017Rate 0
Weasel Boy Ornery Otter Blonde Ale 4.97/12/2008Rate 2.792520
Weasel Boy Paw Paw Pale Ale (alias) 4.58/7/2015
Weasel Boy Plaid Ferret Scottish Ale 4.59/12/2007Rate 3.145028
Weasel Boy Polecat Pilsner 4.61/16/2008Rate 3.29988
Weasel Boy Rauch Wiesel Smoked Porter with Poblano Peppers 6.511/9/2013Rate 2.881
Weasel Boy Rauch Wiesel Smoked Porter. 6.511/9/2013Rate 3.033
Weasel Boy River Mink Mild Brown Ale 3.91/16/2008Rate 3.115621
Weasel Boy Romping Weasel Rye IPA 5.08/7/2015Rate 32
Weasel Boy Royskatt Winter Amber 5.25/3/2008Rate 3.038
Weasel Boy Rubus Mustelidae Raspberry Session IPA 5.111/14/2017Rate 3.111
Weasel Boy Scot's Dog Strong Scotch Ale 7.96/12/2015Rate 3.133
Weasel Boy Shandy -4/14/2014Rate 2.791
Weasel Boy Skeet Skeet Cream Ale 5.29/5/2015Rate 2.912
Weasel Boy Snow Ermine Holiday Ale (2008) -7/10/2009Rate 2.892
Weasel Boy Snow Ermine Holiday Ale (2009+) -1/10/2010Rate 3.288
Weasel Boy Super Genius Barleywine 101/16/2008Rate 2.976
Weasel Boy War Dance Wheat IPA 5.251/22/2013Rate 2.966
Weasel Boy Weasel Meets Dog English IPA 7.09/3/2011Rate 3.074
Weasel Boy Weasel Paw PawPaw Pale Ale 4.08/11/2011Rate 3.288718
Weasel Boy White Weasel Wheat 4.59/19/2007Rate 2.823912
Weasel Boy Wiesel Junge Kölsch 4.99/22/2008Rate 3.18
Weasel Boy Wiley Wolverine Rye Pale Ale 4.756/30/2010Rate 3.14499
Weasel Boy Zuur Bruin Fret 5.05/22/2011Rate 3.046

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