SanTan Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: /100 ratings
8 S San Marcos Pl, Chandler, Arizona, USA 85225
Sunday 8am - 12am Monday - Thursday 8am - 12am Friday - Saturday 8am - 2am

Associated place: SanTan Brewing Co.
Southwestern Style Ales
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SanTan / Dos Cabezas Grenache Ale 6.71/18/2016Rate 3.091
SanTan / Dos Cabezas Malbec Wit 6.11/18/2016Rate 3.041
SanTan 12 Daze Caramel Spiced Amber 6.512/4/2011Rate 3.077
SanTan American Idiot Ale (alias) 5.56/16/2012
SanTan Arizona Farmhouse 8.05/9/2014Rate 2.92
SanTan Battlestar Goldlactica (Galactic Gold) 5.110/20/2011Rate 2.91
SanTan Beer of the World of Beer 5.58/11/2013Rate 32
SanTan Big DIPA 9.17/31/2013Rate 3.015
SanTan Big Red -6/21/2008Rate 2.877
SanTan Bitter Axe 7.011/15/2012Rate 2.911
SanTan Blueberry Saison 7.012/26/2013Rate 3.153
SanTan Café Panther 6.93/19/2015Rate 3.315
SanTan Cherry Stout -11/12/2011Rate 2.871
SanTan Chinook Devil's (alias) -1/30/2013
SanTan Chivo Blanco – Maibock 6.012/18/2013Rate 3.184
SanTan Coffee Stout -3/6/2010Rate 3.117
SanTan Count Hopula 7.52/13/2011Rate 3.465327
SanTan Desert Blossom Gold 5.011/15/2012Rate 2.842
SanTan Devil's Ale 5.56/18/2009Rate 3.3874165
SanTan Drunken Sex Panther 6.92/24/2016Rate 2.882
SanTan Encore Session IPA 4.59/13/2016Rate 3.151
SanTan Epicenter Amber Ale 5.54/13/2010Rate 3.014476
SanTan Euro Date 9.011/15/2012Rate 2.931
SanTan Euro Kitty 6.911/15/2012Rate 2.871
SanTan Fat Alebert 10.55/9/2015Rate 3.01379
SanTan Gargoyle IPA 6.53/19/2015Rate 2.944
SanTan Geek Espresso Stout 4.311/15/2012Rate 2.871
SanTan Golden IPA 8.011/15/2012Rate 2.911
SanTan Gordita Cherry Vanilla Stout 4.311/15/2012Rate 2.861
SanTan Gordo Stout 4.11/19/2008Rate 3.133937
SanTan Grapefruit Shandy 4.71/30/2016Rate 3.145
SanTan Grateful Red 7.99/26/2012Rate 2.91
SanTan Green Vampire 8.511/15/2012Rate 2.91
SanTan Heavy D 9.212/13/2013Rate 3.474511
SanTan HefeWeizen 5.01/19/2008Rate 3.2592120
SanTan Hibiscus Pale Ale 5.08/11/2013Rate 2.972
SanTan HopFarm 7.11/1/2013Rate 3.36618
SanTan HopShock IPA 7.11/19/2008Rate 3.4363219
SanTan Hoptoberfest 5.511/15/2012Rate 2.861
SanTan Jacked Up Lumber (Lumberjack) -1/5/2012Rate 3.172
SanTan Jamaican Me Irie Amber 9.610/26/2011Rate 2.941
SanTan KGB Russian Imperial Stout 102/20/2014Rate 3.043
SanTan Kilohop 9.88/9/2014Rate 3.393412
SanTan Licorice Amber -3/26/2010Rate 2.881
SanTan LimeLeaf Cream Ale 4.93/23/2015Rate 2.752614
SanTan Little D 4.37/27/2015Rate 3.091
SanTan Little Red 4.21/13/2014Rate 2.881
SanTan Mad Czar 9.92/10/2015Rate 3.533913
SanTan Maiden America 7.03/30/2016Rate 0
SanTan MoonJuice IPA 7.37/31/2013Rate 3.487452
SanTan MoonJuice IPA - Grapefruit 6.68/25/2016Rate 3.295
SanTan Mr. Pineapple 5.04/16/2012Rate 3.2179126
SanTan Negra Luna 7.38/16/2014Rate 2.972
SanTan Negro Nitron 7.312/9/2011Rate 3.444829
SanTan Night of the Living Red 8.32/20/2011Rate 3.425019
SanTan No Beach IPA 7.19/13/2016Rate 3.061
SanTan Oktoberfest Ale (2009-2010) 4.510/8/2008Rate 2.89426
SanTan Oktoberfest Lager (2011- ) 5.56/26/2012Rate 3.17420
SanTan Old Fashioned 5.511/15/2012Rate 2.922
SanTan Oscuro 4.51/19/2008Rate 3.043
SanTan Pacific Jade Hopula (alias) 8.55/19/2014
SanTan Picpoul Wit 6.33/27/2015Rate 2.831
SanTan Rail Slide 7.110/29/2012Rate 3.055223
SanTan Rail Slide - Oaked 7.112/26/2013Rate 2.922
SanTan Saison di Aleatico 7.79/16/2013Rate 3.267
SanTan SanTamber Ale 6.010/29/2009Rate 2.743
SanTan Sex Panther - Hot n' Spicy 6.51/19/2012Rate 2.982
SanTan Sex Panther (2011) 9.11/29/2011Rate 3.374213
SanTan Sex Panther (2012-) 6.91/19/2012Rate 3.3149105
SanTan Smokey Red 5.510/29/2009Rate 2.951
SanTan SpaceGrass Hopula 7.810/6/2011Rate 2.931
SanTan Speed Date 9.02/24/2012Rate 2.932
SanTan Steelyard 5.51/18/2016Rate 2.961
SanTan Strawberry Wit 4.56/19/2009Rate 2.763
SanTan SunSpot Gold 5.61/19/2008Rate 2.752243
SanTan SuperMonk Belgian IPA 6.59/20/2013Rate 3.375219
SanTan Tequila Hop 9.84/14/2015Rate 2.871
SanTan Thrilla N Vanilla 4.211/3/2011Rate 2.881
SanTan Topaz IPA 6.51/18/2016Rate 3.182
SanTan Very Stout Mexican 8.612/9/2011Rate 3.143
SanTan VIP 6.85/12/2015Rate 3.061
SanTan VOLTRON Collaboration Imperial Red Ale -3/7/2011Rate 3.429715
SanTan WallyToffee 6.04/9/2009Rate 2.852
SanTan Winter Warmer 9.01/18/2008Rate 3.487331
SanTan Winter Warmer on Oak 9.05/12/2012Rate 3.234
SanTan Yotes Pale Ale 5.45/26/2017Rate 0

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