Brick/Waterloo Brewing Company

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 88/100 1893 ratings
400 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2B 3X9
Mon-Sat: 10 am to 7 pm
Sun: 10 am to 6 pm

Associated place: Brick Brewery

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Algonquin Black and Tan -2/9/2001Rate 2.646112
Algonquin Country Lager -12/3/2000Rate 2.277
Algonquin Dark Cream Ale -2/9/2001Rate 2.644
Algonquin Honey Brown 5.01/17/2001Rate 2.75713
Algonquin Special Reserve Ale 5.09/10/2001Rate 2.873
Ball Premium Light -7/23/2002Rate 1.628
Brick Amber (alias) -6/8/2006
Brick Amber Dry -2/9/2001Rate 2.155623
Brick Anniversary Pilsner 5.012/18/2004Rate 2.835018
Brick Bambay 2.56/11/2004Rate 2.142321
Brick Bock 7.02/11/2001Rate 3.339447
Brick Bock (2009 & 2010 versions) 5.83/13/2009Rate 3.217512
Brick Honey Red 5.04/18/2002Rate 2.181826
Brick Lager Yellow Label 4.910/23/2002Rate 1.611525
Brick Light -2/8/2003Rate 0
Brick Premium Lager 5.02/9/2001Rate 2.317833
Brick Red Baron 5.02/9/2001Rate 2.175963
Brick Red Baron Light 4.010/28/2009Rate 2.347
Brick Red Baron Lime 4.08/21/2009Rate 2.112121
Brick Red Baron Platinum Light 2.711/2/2010Rate 2.34
Brick Red Baron Premiuim Blonde Lager (alias) 4.88/21/2011
Brick Red Cap Ale 4.92/9/2001Rate 2.36487
Brick Waterloo Authentic Amber 6.89/9/2011Rate 2.924171
Brick Waterloo Blueberry Weizenbier 5.07/25/2016Rate 3.137310
Brick Waterloo Brother Bill’s Abbeybier 6.05/5/2016Rate 3.112
Brick Waterloo Citrus Radler 3.14/27/2017Rate 2.75
Brick Waterloo Classic Pilsner 5.02/16/2013Rate 2.925739
Brick Waterloo Dark 5.02/11/2001Rate 2.7648245
Brick Waterloo Double-Double Doppelbock 7.04/29/2016Rate 3.316217
Brick Waterloo Grapefruit Radler 3.15/19/2014Rate 2.719536
Brick Waterloo IPA 5.24/21/2012Rate 2.65188
Brick Waterloo Iron Horse Bock 5.52/16/2013Rate 2.71218
Brick Waterloo Jack Pine Belgian Ale 4.27/15/2013Rate 2.57115
Brick Waterloo Kölsch 4.55/23/2014Rate 2.76
Brick Waterloo Lemonade Radler 3.1% 3.14/25/2015Rate 2.937
Brick Waterloo Lemonade Radler 4.8% 4.84/16/2011Rate 2.359028
Brick Waterloo Roggenbier 5.39/19/2015Rate 3.447922
Brick Waterloo Sour Weisse -7/25/2016Rate 2.961
Brick Waterloo Spiced Dunkel 6.112/3/2015Rate 3.065215
Brick Waterloo Union Mills Porter 7.010/23/2013Rate 3.221113
Brick Waterloo Vanilla Porter 6.011/3/2014Rate 2.74
Brick Waterloo Wheat 5.06/26/2007Rate 3.258613
Brick Waterloo Wheat (2009 version and later) 5.02/28/2009Rate 2.491543
Conners Best Bitter 5.02/11/2001Rate 34237
Formosa Springs Cold Filtered Draft 5.02/9/2001Rate 2.094727
Formosa Springs Light 4.04/24/2006Rate 2.18609
J.R. Brickman Amber 5.05/14/2006Rate 2.787448
J.R. Brickman Honey Red 5.05/14/2006Rate 2.838224
J.R. Brickman Pilsner 5.05/17/2006Rate 2.866368
Laker Ale 4.810/10/2008Rate 2.38
Laker Dry Premium Lager -2/9/2001Rate 1.998
Laker Extra Ice 7.5 7.51/26/2014Rate 2.157310
Laker Honey 5.01/21/2006Rate 2.094810
Laker Ice 5.52/9/2001Rate 1.62758
Laker IPA 4.84/10/2015Rate 2.628
Laker Lager 5.02/9/2001Rate 1.64770
Laker Lager Light 4.02/9/2001Rate 1.751426
Laker Red 5.5 5.52/2/2002Rate 1.98337
Laker Strong 6.5 6.53/15/2009Rate 2.061117
Laker Strong Premium Lager 5.92/9/2001Rate 1.954826
Motts Clamato Red Eye 4.84/17/2006Rate 1.11022
Palomino Honey Red Lager (alias) -6/23/2005
Palomino Lager (alias) -6/23/2005
PC 2.5 g Low Carb 4.011/1/2004Rate 1.38221
PC Black Lager 5.04/28/2014Rate 2.694
PC Blanche 5.05/14/2007Rate 2.681628
PC Cerveza -6/16/2009Rate 2.196
PC Down Under Amber 5.24/26/2014Rate 2.495
PC Genuine Lager 5.07/5/2005Rate 1.963616
PC Honey Red 5.07/10/2006Rate 2.271328
PC IPA 5.24/26/2014Rate 2.87
PC Light 4.011/1/2004Rate 1.842420
PC Pilsner 5.011/1/2004Rate 1.812039
PC Premium Draft 5.06/15/2003Rate 2.11499
PC Red Premium Lager 5.212/2/2002Rate 1.94
PC Strong Draft 5.95/2/2004Rate 1.982
PC Ultimate Dry Ice 5.512/10/2001Rate 1.74249
PC Ultimate Honey Brown Lager 5.02/13/2003Rate 1.856
Seagram Amber Cider 5.311/2/2013Rate 2.764
Seagram Farmhouse Cider 5.39/3/2016Rate 3.041
Seagram Pear Cider 5.311/2/2013Rate 2.554
Seagram Wildberry Extra 6.93/19/2014Rate 2.92
Seagrams Cider 5.35/3/2012Rate 2.813319

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