Commercial Brewery
Airedale Heifer, Bradford Road, Sandbeds, West Yorkshire, England BD20 5LY
Associated place: Airedale Heifer (Bridgehouse)
Commenced brewing in Spring 2010 at Pitt Street, Keighley. Moved to Hawkcliffe Works, Hebden Bridge Road, Oxenhope in Spring 2011. In 2014 bought Old Bear Brewery and transferred their brewing equipment to the new address. Currently both breweries are operating separately. In 2016 the Brewery was moved once more.
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Bridgehouse Aired Ale 4.12/5/2014Rate 32
Bridgehouse Baltic Rum Porter 6.04/26/2017Rate 2.921
Bridgehouse Barnstormer 4.48/14/2011Rate 2.793
Bridgehouse Blonde 4.01/17/2013Rate 3.036
Bridgehouse Buffers Bitter 4.05/21/2010Rate 2.811
Bridgehouse Cherry Choc Stout 6.01/23/2015Rate 3.345412
Bridgehouse Cherry Choc Stout (Wood Cask) 6.011/9/2017Rate 0
Bridgehouse Damien 6.211/9/2017Rate 0
Bridgehouse Diken Gold 3.64/24/2010Rate 2.835
Bridgehouse Easy Tiger IPA 6.15/20/2014Rate 2.81
Bridgehouse Headshunt Stout 5.05/30/2010Rate 2.831
Bridgehouse Heathcliff Stout 5.09/4/2011Rate 2.94
Bridgehouse Holy Cow 5.611/11/2014Rate 3.094612
Bridgehouse Irish Cream 6.11/25/2017Rate 0
Bridgehouse Moorland Bitter 5.29/12/2013Rate 2.914
Bridgehouse Porter 4.51/17/2013Rate 3.367
Bridgehouse Pumpkin Head 3.810/23/2013Rate 2.761
Bridgehouse Rudolph's Ruin 4.112/10/2013Rate 2.62
Bridgehouse Stoker's Bitter 3.91/3/2012Rate 2.741
Bridgehouse Sulking Squirrel 4.010/2/2016Rate 2.961
Bridgehouse Summit 16 4.01/3/2016Rate 2.982
Bridgehouse Tequila Blonde 3.87/29/2016Rate 3.128
Bridgehouse Yorkshire Ale 4.26/18/2016Rate 0
Old Spot Anniversary Ale
Brewed by/for Old Spot
4.86/12/2015Rate 2.891
Old Spot Bye George!
Brewed by/for Old Spot
4.97/4/2015Rate 2.891
Old Spot Chocolate & Chilli
Brewed by/for Old Spot
3.712/27/2014Rate 2.831
Old Spot Duty Bound
Brewed by/for Old Spot
5.811/18/2016Rate 2.921
Old Spot Golden Wonder
Brewed by/for Old Spot
3.812/31/2014Rate 2.81
Old Spot Inn-Spired
Brewed by/for Old Spot
4.312/27/2014Rate 2.741
Old Spot Moor Ale
Brewed by/for Old Spot
5.56/18/2016Rate 0
Old Spot One For T'road
Brewed by/for Old Spot
3.94/19/2017Rate 2.891
Old Spot Spot Light
Brewed by/for Old Spot
4.36/12/2015Rate 2.851

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