Brighton Bier

Brewer rating: 94/100 270 ratings
Unit 10, Bell Tower Industrial Estate, Roedean Road, Brighton, East Sussex, England BN2 1JN
Places associated: Brighton Beer Dispensary, Brighton Bierhaus
Commenced in 2013 as a cuckoo brewer using Kemptown brewing equipment. Moved to their own premises in early 2015.
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Brighton Bier / BrewDog Brighton Hung Like a Gorse 7.010/19/2016Rate 3.579320
Brighton Bier Bier 4.04/19/2015Rate 3.314824
Brighton Bier Choccywoccy Brew-Ha 7.06/26/2016Rate 3.47
Brighton Bier Cyclops Eyedrops 5.55/16/2016Rate 3.45689
Brighton Bier Das Bier 4.07/30/2016Rate 3.092
Brighton Bier Downtown Charlie Brown 6.06/25/2016Rate 3.58714
Brighton Bier Fresh Prince of Norway 9.01/30/2017Rate 3.448
Brighton Bier Freshman (Vermont IPA) 4.53/27/2016Rate 3.427522
Brighton Bier Heydaze 4.04/16/2017Rate 3.135
Brighton Bier Imperial Freshman 7.06/7/2017Rate 3.463
Brighton Bier Imperial Leisure 5.03/20/2017Rate 3.327911
Brighton Bier Lucky Boy 7.09/5/2016Rate 3.414413
Brighton Bier Old Skool IPA 6.53/3/2017Rate 3.367
Brighton Bier South Coast IPA 5.011/24/2013Rate 3.223213
Brighton Bier / Greene King Fall Guy
Brewed at Greene King
4.510/7/2014Rate 2.933
Brighton Bier 50 Ways #1 (Columbus/Cascade)
Brewed at Kemptown
4.04/14/2013Rate 0
Brighton Bier 50 Ways #2 (Summit/Cascade)
Brewed at Kemptown
4.07/9/2013Rate 0
Brighton Bier Cascadian Dark
Brewed at Kemptown
5.06/27/2014Rate 2.911
Brighton Bier Dealerís Choice IPA
Brewed at Kemptown
5.11/16/2015Rate 3.075
Brighton Bier Dealerís Choice IPA Black Session Citra Equinox
Brewed at Kemptown
4.58/1/2015Rate 3.061
Brighton Bier English Garden
Brewed at Kemptown
3.811/23/2013Rate 2.923
Brighton Bier Free State
Brewed at Kemptown
4.510/17/2015Rate 3.054
Brighton Bier Island Records Session IPA
Brewed at Kemptown
4.52/12/2015Rate 3.431
Brighton Bier Kemptown CBRí14 Thirty Three (Citra/Cascade/Summit)
Brewed at Kemptown
3.32/22/2014Rate 3.072
Brighton Bier Kemptown Thirty Three
Brewed at Kemptown
3.312/5/2013Rate 3.28914
Brighton Bier Maple Porter
Brewed at Kemptown
5.04/8/2013Rate 3.14
Brighton Bier McDunkel (alias)
Brewed at Kemptown
Brighton Bier Mino
Brewed at Kemptown
4.02/21/2016Rate 3.133
Brighton Bier No Name Stout
Brewed at Kemptown
5.02/18/2014Rate 3.294914
Brighton Bier Oatmeal Stout
Brewed at Kemptown
6.07/3/2013Rate 2.92
Brighton Bier Red Dog
Brewed at Kemptown
4.53/27/2016Rate 2.891
Brighton Bier Red Rye
Brewed at Kemptown
4.54/8/2013Rate 3.135
Brighton Bier Special Edition CBR Black IPA (Citra/Cascade/Summit)
Brewed at Kemptown
7.02/22/2014Rate 2.962
Brighton Bier Special Edition No.1 Black IPA (Columbus)
Brewed at Kemptown
5.011/24/2013Rate 0
Brighton Bier Special Edition No.2 Alt Red Rye (Pac Jade/Citra/Amarillo)
Brewed at Kemptown
5.011/24/2013Rate 0
Brighton Bier Special Edition No.4 Table Beer (Citra/Chinook/Columbus)
Brewed at Kemptown
3.52/22/2014Rate 3.142
Brighton Bier The Grand Havana
Brewed at Kemptown
5.012/29/2013Rate 3.437712
Brighton Bier The Grand Porter
Brewed at Kemptown
5.211/27/2013Rate 2.952
Brighton Bier Uber Special Edition MC Dunkel
Brewed at Kemptown
4.74/19/2014Rate 2.862
Brighton Bier Under the Table Bier
Brewed at Kemptown
7.08/17/2014Rate 2.741
Brighton Bier Underdog
Brewed at Kemptown
4.23/7/2014Rate 2.914413
Brighton Bier West Pier Pale Ale
Brewed at Kemptown
4.011/1/2013Rate 3.284410

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