(Not In Production)
Høgevej 6, Hillerød, Denmark 3400
Associated place: Brøckhouse
The brewery closed in March 2009. The brand has since been continued with all new recipes contract brewed at Åbro Bryggeri in Sweden. These beers can be found under Brøckhouse (Premium Beer).
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Brøckhouse 3413 139/15/2008Rate 3.655766
Brøckhouse Blonde 6.53/4/2004Rate 3.135181
Brøckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 1 (Tripel) 10.26/21/2005Rate 3.12716
Brøckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 10 3.55/18/2007Rate 2.691520
Brøckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 11 5.59/18/2008Rate 3.114913
Brøckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 12 (alias) 139/15/2008
Brøckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 13 (Super Saison) 109/17/2008Rate 3.424912
Brøckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 2 (Rug IBA) 6.52/20/2006Rate 2.939
Brøckhouse Brygmesterens Bryg nr. 3 (Vikingeøl) 7.08/10/2006Rate 2.647
Brøckhouse Chili Chokolade Stout 6.31/4/2008Rate 3.5998111
Brøckhouse Det Var Sørens 7.58/24/2007Rate 3.121532
Brøckhouse Draupnir 6.55/18/2007Rate 3.146191
Brøckhouse Epic IPA 9.510/11/2006Rate 3.576393
Brøckhouse Epic Rød 9.010/11/2006Rate 3.367876
Brøckhouse Epic Stout 1010/11/2006Rate 3.8387130
Brøckhouse Esrum Kloster 7.510/9/2004Rate 3.2681156
Brøckhouse Festival Ale -8/16/2002Rate 3.352
Brøckhouse Galathea 6.08/6/2006Rate 3.071990
Brøckhouse Høstbryg 6.08/14/2006Rate 3.197459
Brøckhouse Hvede 5.55/13/2002Rate 3.178084
Brøckhouse IPA 5.54/8/2002Rate 3.581171
Brøckhouse ISO Juleøl 5.610/30/2005Rate 2.896635
Brøckhouse ISO Påskeøl 5.63/2/2006Rate 2.912921
Brøckhouse ISO Sommerøl 5.06/18/2006Rate 2.957017
Brøckhouse ISO Vinterøl 5.82/15/2006Rate 3.174223
Brøckhouse Jule Ale 6.56/9/2009Rate 3.084315
Brøckhouse Julebryg 8.311/26/2002Rate 3.6493175
Brøckhouse Old Ale 6.510/12/2002Rate 3.294884
Brøckhouse Påskebryg 8.53/2/2006Rate 3.214260
Brøckhouse Pilsner 5.05/6/2005Rate 3.058278
Brøckhouse Rød 5.65/11/2003Rate 3.396104
Brøckhouse Rødovre Centrum 40 års jubilæumsøl 5.03/26/2006Rate 2.76689
Brøckhouse Slotsøl 8.09/5/2006Rate 3.183963
Brøckhouse Sommer Saison 5.55/18/2008Rate 2.9458
Brøckhouse Stout 5.54/8/2003Rate 3.367697
Brøckhouse Vintage 10.110/30/2005Rate 3.4143126

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