Uiltje Brewing Co.

Brewer rating: 100/100 4695 ratings
Bingerweg 25, Haarlem, Netherlands 2031AZ
Places associated: Uiltje Craft Beer Bar, Uiltje Brewery & Taproom, Uiltje Gather Bar
Until 2016 brewed at Jopen. In 2016 constructing a new facility with the help of crowdfunding. Will be operational 2016-2017.
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Morebeer Big Fat Double 5 IPA (alias) 8.03/29/2016
Uiltje Cragganmore BA Porter (alias) 12.85/7/2016
Uiltje / Aabachbier / Bierzunft Wehnt Milkstout With Swiss Cacao 7.52/17/2017Rate 3.326
Uiltje / Kompaan Black & Tan 7.05/12/2014Rate 3.44825
Uiltje / La Quince Beech Smoked Bock 6.511/17/2016Rate 3.386814
Uiltje / Pohjala In Between Agendas 7.02/16/2017Rate 3.427
Uiltje / Sori Pine and Needles 8.412/12/2016Rate 3.091021
Uiltje 023 Pale Ale 5.52/20/2016Rate 3.218
Uiltje 16:9 (Ardmore BA) 18.79/28/2015Rate 3.45
Uiltje Algorithm (Glenfarclas BA) (alias) 15.21/17/2017
Uiltje Amber / Pale Ale 6.09/13/2016Rate 3.112
Uiltje Asio Otus (alias) 10.51/11/2014
Uiltje Barrel Blend 14.110/2/2016Rate 3.191
Uiltje Barrel Blend 2 14.111/12/2016Rate 3.091
Uiltje Beech Bock (alias) 6.511/12/2016
Uiltje Beta 01 2.61/6/2017Rate 3.192911
Uiltje Beta 02 11.41/6/2017Rate 3.496
Uiltje Beta 03 Cheesecake Witbier 4.02/17/2017Rate 3.34929
Uiltje Beta 05 Berliner Weisse Red Fruit 2.62/17/2017Rate 0
Uiltje Big Fat 5 Double IPA 8.09/9/2014Rate 3.8998168
Uiltje Bird of Prey IPA 5.812/23/2016Rate 3.578829
Uiltje Bird of Prey Pineapple 5.82/17/2017Rate 0
Uiltje Bitter 3.11/6/2017Rate 31
Uiltje Black & Lager (Rum Barrel Aged) (alias) 8.06/24/2016
Uiltje Black & Tan (Black & 10) 107/14/2016Rate 3.153
Uiltje Black, Brett and Red 10.59/21/2014Rate 3.644935
Uiltje Black, Peat & Red 12.98/9/2015Rate 3.543818
Uiltje Commissaris Rex 8.59/28/2015Rate 3.459655
Uiltje De Brett Krabt de Krullen van de Pret zegt Fred 7.26/29/2014Rate 2.953
Uiltje Do Not Eat The Yellow Snow 5.27/28/2013 U  2.943
Uiltje Doppelbok Flaming Ass 101/14/2017Rate 3.252
Uiltje Dr. Raptor 9.212/23/2016Rate 3.889732
Uiltje Dry Hopped Cider 7.08/18/2016Rate 3.088
Uiltje DU-10 7.54/11/2016Rate 2.943
Uiltje F*ck De Kerstboom Staat In De Fik (alias) 1012/21/2016
Uiltje F*ck The Christmas Tree Is On Fire 101/14/2014Rate 3.665191
Uiltje First Born 5.511/12/2016Rate 3.156
Uiltje Flaming Ass-Owl (Bowmore BA) 9.92/20/2016Rate 3.344
Uiltje Fresh Hop Pale Ale Chinook (From Our Garden) 5.410/21/2016Rate 31
Uiltje Fresh Hop Pale Ale Goldings (From Our Garden) 5.410/21/2016Rate 2.941
Uiltje G and T Dryhopped Radler 2.69/21/2014Rate 2.682131
Uiltje Good Intention 5.52/10/2017Rate 3.042
Uiltje Grandma’s Cooking Recipes Vol. 1 10.112/10/2016Rate 3.624729
Uiltje Haarlem (023) Ale Mosaic 5.05/12/2016Rate 2.811
Uiltje Heftig Bakkie Kobi 17.412/13/2015Rate 3.322
Uiltje Hoi Dit Is Hop - Tomahawk 5.02/17/2017Rate 3.47
Uiltje Imperial Dessert Ale 38.48/9/2015Rate 3.285
Uiltje Imperial Red Ale Cursebridge & Springbank BA -2/17/2017Rate 3.466
Uiltje Investor Day 2016 - Rum BA Export Stout 10.112/10/2016Rate 3.182
Uiltje Lekker Bakkie Kobi (Cognac BA) 14.92/5/2017Rate 3.64
Uiltje Matryoshka Doll 7.02/3/2017Rate 3.264
Uiltje Mind Your Step DBBA 19.22/17/2017Rate 3.487
Uiltje Mind Your Step Double-maple-ice Distilled Stout 22.42/17/2017Rate 3.79789
Uiltje Miss Hooter 4.412/10/2016Rate 3.6510025
Uiltje Mr Feathers 4.912/24/2016Rate 3.69922
Uiltje Oatmeal Stout (alias) 7.511/28/2015
Uiltje Oh Buurman Wat Doet U Nu?! (Bunnahabhain BA) 12.62/20/2016Rate 3.537
Uiltje Oh, Buurman Wat Bent U Zuur? 7.86/29/2014Rate 3.174
Uiltje Oktober-Fest! 4.411/12/2016Rate 2.883
Uiltje Propvol Goede Voornemens 4.61/6/2017Rate 3.27
Uiltje Sai-so-niet Dan Toch? 5.28/4/2013Rate 2.883
Uiltje Schwarzwälder Kirsch Oatmeal Milk Stout 8.011/1/2016Rate 3.614516
Uiltje Sequence Series: Imperial Porter Tobermory BA (alias) 124/23/2016
Uiltje Sgt. Night Vision 10.51/6/2017Rate 3.523624
Uiltje Sgt. Night Vision Bourbon BA 11.72/17/2017Rate 3.477
Uiltje Sint Maarten (alias) 5.511/13/2016
Uiltje Sir Turnaround 5.512/28/2016Rate 3.495628
Uiltje Snoepgoed Pale Ale 5.511/12/2016Rate 3.183
Uiltje Stoute Kees 119/7/2014Rate 329
Uiltje Stoute Meisjes 7.512/13/2015Rate 3.498633
Uiltje Stoute Meisjes (Jamaicaanse Rum BA) 9.52/20/2016Rate 2.73
Uiltje Strawberry Pale 3.86/6/2016Rate 3.437
Uiltje Tomatin BA Porter 12.29/11/2016Rate 3.466
Uiltje Uilenzeik Lime (Viognier BA) 6.56/28/2014Rate 3.261930
Uiltje Uilenzeik Passionfruit 6.56/28/2014Rate 3.114
Uiltje Uilenzeik Raspberry (Viognier BA) 6.56/28/2014Rate 3.116
Uiltje UPA Uil-Pale-Ale 5.85/1/2013Rate 3.5485134
Uiltje / Beer Cider India Wheat Cider
Brewed at Jopen
6.510/30/2015Rate 3.339151
Uiltje / Kompaan Gevleugelde Kameraad
Brewed at Jopen
8.21/14/2014Rate 3.697367
Uiltje 16:9 Widescreen Anamorphic
Brewed at Jopen
16.14/8/2016Rate 3.869437
Uiltje 2016 Uiltje Bar Release Anniversary Edition
Brewed at Jopen
12.92/18/2016Rate 3.483928
Uiltje Al90r1thm (Glenfarclas BA)
Brewed at Jopen
15.29/28/2015Rate 3.848624
Uiltje Al90r1thm (Tobermory BA)
Brewed at Jopen
14.86/8/2016Rate 3.114
Uiltje Al90r1thm 1996 Fort Williams (Ben Nevis BA)
Brewed at Jopen
14.29/28/2015Rate 3.828343
Uiltje Ampzing Bier Bavo Kerk (alias)
Brewed at Jopen
Uiltje Asio Flammeus (alias)
Brewed at Jopen
Uiltje Bar IPA - Waimea single hop
Brewed at Jopen
5.82/22/2015Rate 3.011519
Uiltje Bar Pale Ale
Brewed at Jopen
5.02/22/2015Rate 3.398117
Uiltje BCC: Porter
Brewed at Jopen
8.21/19/2016Rate 3.788865
Uiltje Bosuil
Brewed at Jopen
6.010/6/2013Rate 3.6690158
Uiltje Caution KIWI Crossing
Brewed at Jopen
9.11/19/2016Rate 3.688986
Uiltje CC: Porter
Brewed at Jopen
7.76/3/2015Rate 3.639669
Uiltje De Valse Noot
Brewed at Jopen
7.511/29/2014Rate 3.336022
Uiltje Dikke Lul 3 Bier
Brewed at Jopen
5.68/3/2014Rate 3.539381
Uiltje Dwerguil
Brewed at Jopen
4.56/11/2013Rate 3.369689
Uiltje F*ck De Caravan Staat In De Fik
Brewed at Jopen
5.28/2/2016Rate 3.6610046
Uiltje FF Lekker Met Je Bek In Het Zonnetje
Brewed at Jopen
3.65/20/2015Rate 3.69697
Uiltje Flaming Ass-Owl
Brewed at Jopen
9.710/6/2013Rate 3.494097
Uiltje Flaming Ass-Owl (Ledaig BA)
Brewed at Jopen
9.92/10/2016Rate 0
Uiltje Full English Breakfast
Brewed at Jopen
5.42/10/2015Rate 3.076546
Uiltje Imperial Blablabla (Auchroisk BA)
Brewed at Jopen
13.43/29/2015Rate 3.749169
Uiltje Imperial Blablabla (Bunnahabhain)
Brewed at Jopen
13.43/29/2015Rate 3.779378
Uiltje Joost Mag Het Weten
Brewed at Jopen
115/29/2015Rate 3.769297
Uiltje Lekker Bakkie Kobi?
Brewed at Jopen
10.48/4/2013Rate 3.787794
Uiltje Lekker Bakkie Kobi? (Cognac BA)
Brewed at Jopen
13.59/28/2015Rate 3.695824
Uiltje Mango & Orange Weizen (alias)
Brewed at Jopen
Uiltje Me Myself & IPA
Brewed at Jopen
7.05/25/2016Rate 3.749895
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Aultmore BA)
Brewed at Jopen
12.22/26/2015Rate 3.513613
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Bowmore BA)
Brewed at Jopen
11.58/21/2014Rate 3.7266113
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Bruichladdich BA)
Brewed at Jopen
12.23/5/2015Rate 3.634813
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Bunnahabhain)
Brewed at Jopen
12.212/13/2014Rate 3.574210
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Caol ILA BA)
Brewed at Jopen
1112/20/2013Rate 3.716544
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Clynelish BA)
Brewed at Jopen
11.33/29/2015Rate 3.777686
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (DBA Islay Edition)
Brewed at Jopen
17.46/7/2015Rate 3.474
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (DBA Speyside)
Brewed at Jopen
18.36/17/2015Rate 3.73719
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Isle of Arran BA)
Brewed at Jopen
11.59/1/2014Rate 3.797966
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Jack Daniels BA)
Brewed at Jopen
1112/20/2013Rate 3.747168
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Ledaig BA)
Brewed at Jopen
11.312/20/2013Rate 3.6347125
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Longmorn BA)
Brewed at Jopen
1112/14/2013Rate 3.787859
Uiltje Meneer de Uil (Mortlach BA)
Brewed at Jopen
11.59/1/2014Rate 3.695785
Uiltje Met Je Cascade Groene Trui
Brewed at Jopen
8.45/18/2014Rate 3.786130
Uiltje Mind Your Step
Brewed at Jopen
14.58/23/2014Rate 3.777691
Uiltje Mind Your Step (Springbank BA)
Brewed at Jopen
16.12/28/2015Rate 3.767615
Uiltje Most Wonderful Time For A Beer
Brewed at Jopen
1012/3/2015Rate 3.257758
Uiltje Niet-Eéntonig-Ampzing-Bier
Brewed at Jopen
7.57/19/2015Rate 3.35013
Uiltje Nothing Left of a Lager (Caol Ila BA)
Brewed at Jopen
5.09/21/2014Rate 1.5035
Uiltje Oh Buurman Wat Doet U Nu?!
Brewed at Jopen
11.85/16/2014Rate 3.5153136
Uiltje Old Enough To Drink!
Brewed at Jopen
212/18/2016Rate 3.454311
Uiltje Peer Pressure
Brewed at Jopen
15.68/8/2015Rate 3.678453
Uiltje Pepperspray Porter
Brewed at Jopen
8.64/12/2014Rate 3.19792
Uiltje Perfect Fit
Brewed at Jopen
5.04/16/2016Rate 3.418142
Uiltje Ransuil
Brewed at Jopen
10.512/3/2013Rate 3.8587133
Uiltje Ransuil Bourbon Barrel Aged
Brewed at Jopen
10.512/20/2013Rate 3.716320
Uiltje Schreeuwuil
Brewed at Jopen
9.06/11/2013Rate 3.6782166
Uiltje Sequence Series: Peat Smoke - Highland Edition
Brewed at Jopen
12.92/19/2016Rate 3.446
Uiltje Sequence Series: SE01-EP01
Brewed at Jopen
12.112/19/2015Rate 3.213513
Uiltje Smoking Pils
Brewed at Jopen
5.58/4/2014Rate 3.274756
Uiltje Spray-tan Gone Wrong
Brewed at Jopen
6.512/12/2015Rate 3.578862
Uiltje Uilevriend
Brewed at Jopen
5.56/4/2015Rate 3.269215
Uiltje Uilskuiken NZ Session IPA
Brewed at Jopen
3.44/12/2014Rate 3.579545
Uiltje Velduil
Brewed at Jopen
4.55/31/2013Rate 3.3862136

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