Brouwerij Roman

Commercial Brewery
Hauwaart 105, Oudenaarde, Belgium B-9700
Associated place: Roman
oldest family brewer in Belgium. 14 generations - father to son - driving the art of brewing to the highest standards
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St Hubertus Blanche
Brewed by/for Brasserie Du Bocq
5.012/4/2018Rate 3.086
St Hubertus Triple Ambrée
Brewed by/for Brasserie Du Bocq
7.212/4/2018Rate 2.878
St Hubertus Triple Blonde
Brewed by/for Brasserie Du Bocq
7.212/20/2018Rate 3.18
Adriaen Brouwer Audenaerds Bruyn 5.012/27/2003Rate 2.822134
Adriaen Brouwer Dark Gold 8.56/21/2008Rate 3.3860260
Adriaen Brouwer Finest Dark (alias) 8.56/2/2008
Adriaen Brouwer Winter Wood (alias) 1010/7/2015
Adriaen Brouwer Wintergold 1011/17/2013Rate 3.464749
Aurora Kathedraal Blonde 7.78/23/2019Rate 2.981
BinQ Pilsener 5.12/2/2008Rate 2.613215
Boxer Christmas 9.01/31/2002Rate 3.34942
Boxer Pils 5.12/12/2002Rate 2.731
Deuce 8.59/20/2014Rate 3.063
Ename 974 7.012/15/2002Rate 3.224414
Ename Blonde 6.612/25/2000Rate 3.265257
Ename Cuvée 974 7.012/14/2003Rate 3.1965164
Ename Cuvée Rouge 7.04/16/2013Rate 2.994964
Ename Dubbel 6.510/3/2000Rate 3.1542288
Ename Pater 5.53/25/2015Rate 3.298176
Ename Tripel 8.51/8/2002Rate 3.2145447
Gentse Strop 6.95/31/2011Rate 3.2372242
La Cervoise des Ancêtres 9.02/11/2018Rate 3.165914
Memento Kathedraal Dark 7.78/22/2019Rate 2.961
Roman Adriaen Brouwer Oaked 108/6/2018Rate 3.5758109
Roman Adriaen Brouwer Tripel 9.08/6/2018Rate 3.153715
Roman Ale 5.05/14/2018Rate 3.078
Roman Alfri -7/25/2005Rate 2.563
Roman Bière du Corbeau 9.07/20/2014Rate 3.021686
Roman Black Label 5.67/28/2005Rate 2.392563
Roman Blanche 5.09/9/2002Rate 2.872885
Roman Blanche Des Flandres 5.02/1/2015Rate 3.27869
Roman Christmas Bell 8.07/17/2002Rate 3.16
Roman Dobbelen Bruinen 7.012/18/2001Rate 3.419432
Roman Export 4.58/26/2006Rate 2.868
Roman Lager (alias) 5.05/14/2018
Roman Oudenaards 5.09/8/2002Rate 2.96610
Roman Pils 5.01/3/2005Rate 2.441869
Roman Ramon 0.36/17/2019Rate 3.076
Roman Rebelse Strop 6.910/8/2016Rate 3.378952
Roman Sloeber 7.512/25/2000Rate 3.1229387
Roman Sloeber Bruin 7.011/23/2006Rate 2.796
Roman Sloeber IPA 7.04/30/2018Rate 3.274014
Roman Sloeber Rossa 7.27/28/2010Rate 2.92269
Roman Special 5.58/21/2002Rate 2.943260
Roman Tafelbier Blond 1.39/13/2004Rate 2.525
Roman Tafelbier Bruin 1.37/25/2005Rate 2.516
Romy Luxe 5.66/11/2005Rate 2.482
Romy Pils (alias) 5.13/7/2003
Wieze Royal Blond 5.91/21/2017Rate 3.155437

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