Brouwerij Sterkens

Client Brewer
Wenenstraat 9, Meer, Belgium 2321
Associated place: Bierparadijs
Since 1651, Brouwerij Sterkens has been brewing traditional, delicious abbey beers of high fermentation in Meer, a small village in the north of Belgium. Brewing according to tradition and old recipes, complimented by knowledge and experience obtained from past decades, are still the biggest assets in the brewing process of Brouwerij Sterkens. Moreover, we serve top quality in an original and unique packaging. Our beers are being manufactured into traditional, ceramic jars made out of stone. The “Hoogstraten Poorter”, “Bokrijks”, “St. Paul” and “St. Sebastiaan” beers are being tastefully appreciated worldwide. Feel free to contact us. We’ll answer all your questions with pleasure.
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Julemandens Trøst 8.111/5/2005Rate 3.3354102
Pelgrom Grand Cru (alias) 7.58/17/2014
Place des Récollets Triple (alias) 7.67/12/2015
St. Denise Grand Cru (alias) 7.61/22/2014
St. Denise Réserve de lAbbesse (alias) 7.65/22/2006
St. Laurent Triple (alias) 7.69/4/2007
Stad Sint Niklaas (alias) 7.64/28/2013
Sterkens Yeast Hoist (alias) -8/4/2011
Aarschots Kruikenbier Dubbel (alias) 6.99/7/2015
Aarschots Kruikenbier Tripel (alias) 7.69/8/2015
Bokrijks Belgian Ale (alias) 7.27/28/2014
De Kaailopers Temse Dubbel (alias) 6.99/10/2015
De Kaailopers Temse Tripel (alias) 7.69/11/2015
De Oude Pastorij Westmalle (alias) 6.98/31/2012
De Pomp Tripel (alias) 7.61/6/2016
Le Péché des Moines (alias) 7.61/22/2002
Le Souchet 7.48/19/2007Rate 3.156
Oregon White Beer 5.54/10/2005Rate 2.63129
Place des Récollets 6.99/28/2013Rate 2.762
Savazius Brown 8.1 8.17/10/2011Rate 2.855
St. Denise Bière de Noël 8.06/17/2010Rate 3.068
St. Denise Fleur d'Houblon 6 6.04/25/2009Rate 3.094722
St. Denise Fleur d'Houblon 8 8.06/28/2009Rate 3.051919
St. Denise La Blanche 5.15/16/2009Rate 3.116332
Sterkens Kriek -12/6/2002Rate 3.227
Sterkens St. Michael Triple Blonde 8.09/15/2012Rate 3.03209
Sterkens Ster Pils 5.06/4/2011Rate 2.281314
Sterkens White Ale 4.78/20/2000Rate 3.1464264
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
8.011/14/2000Rate 3.2472180
Hoogstraten Poorter
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
6.52/5/2001Rate 3.2574253
St. Paul Blond
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
5.312/28/2000Rate 3.0441110
St. Paul Double
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
6.93/9/2001Rate 3.3275252
St. Paul Lente Abdijbock
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
5.55/23/2018Rate 0
St. Paul Speciale
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
5.512/28/2000Rate 3.1350154
St. Paul Triple
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
7.68/20/2001Rate 3.1739229
St. Paul White
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
4.59/29/2015Rate 2.994215
St. Sebastiaan Dark
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
6.95/27/2000Rate 3.3885381
St. Sebastiaan Golden
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
7.68/20/2000Rate 3.2852405
St. Sebastiaan Grand Cru (alias)
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
St. Sebastiaan Grand Réserve
Brewed at Van Den Bossche
1011/18/2001Rate 3.3862208

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