British Waterways Navigation Ale 4.45/29/2003Rate 2.771
Brown Cow 18 Carat Gold 4.05/31/2010Rate 2.861
Brown Cow After Dark Coffee Porter 5.03/25/2005Rate 3.234913
Brown Cow Amarillo 4.14/25/2004Rate 3.261
Brown Cow Arctic Pale 4.24/2/2009Rate 2.813
Brown Cow Arrivederci 4.47/28/2007Rate 3.151
Brown Cow Beezelbub 4.28/3/2006Rate 3.031
Brown Cow Benedicts Pale Ale 4.412/15/2008Rate 3.071
Brown Cow Bière de Citron 4.45/16/2004Rate 3.181
Brown Cow Bitter 3.83/21/2008Rate 2.833
Brown Cow Bomber's Moon 4.67/4/2013Rate 2.862
Brown Cow Bravo 4.36/1/2010Rate 2.761
Brown Cow Briarstone 3.85/31/2004Rate 3.071
Brown Cow Brooklyn Blonde 4.48/7/2005Rate 3.28210
Brown Cow Captain Oates Dark Mild 4.58/16/2007Rate 3.369339
Brown Cow Celestial Light 4.18/1/2010Rate 2.823
Brown Cow Chocolate Mild 4.57/28/2007Rate 3.221
Brown Cow Completely Cuckoo 4.25/30/2010Rate 2.791
Brown Cow Dark Moon 4.58/9/2009Rate 2.871
Brown Cow Ebor Mild 4.61/20/2008Rate 3.031
Brown Cow Edge of Darkness 4.28/8/2005Rate 2.762310
Brown Cow Frazzles Cellarbration 4.48/21/2012Rate 2.71
Brown Cow Galanthus 4.22/15/2013Rate 2.741
Brown Cow Golden Gyle 4.211/12/2004Rate 2.321
Brown Cow Hang ´em High 4.612/27/2007Rate 31
Brown Cow Hartleys 1808 4.27/21/2009Rate 2.843
Brown Cow How Now 4.58/10/2003Rate 3.128010
Brown Cow Kiwi Blues 4.110/14/2009Rate 2.861
Brown Cow Lite Nights 4.66/22/2004Rate 3.221
Brown Cow Maiden Century 4.08/10/2003Rate 2.881
Brown Cow Mell-Sheaf Gold 4.39/29/2011Rate 2.791
Brown Cow Mrs. Simpsons Thriller In Vanilla Porter 5.15/3/2010Rate 3.58829
Brown Cow Nimbus Wheat Beer 4.88/8/2004Rate 2.345
Brown Cow Nine Hop Frenzy 4.25/4/2012Rate 2.94
Brown Cow Old Efer 5.04/15/2005Rate 2.953
Brown Cow Over the Moon Gold 4.28/13/2016Rate 2.945
Brown Cow Polar Star 4.42/28/2011Rate 2.831
Brown Cow Rine Pale Ale 4.13/27/2008Rate 2.811
Brown Cow Roof Raiser 4.25/7/2008Rate 2.862
Brown Cow Ruby Tuesday 4.09/6/2004Rate 2.811
Brown Cow Scorpio Pale 4.212/6/2012Rate 2.81
Brown Cow Scorpion 4.19/10/2010Rate 2.841
Brown Cow Scruffs Ale 4.24/16/2014Rate 2.812
Brown Cow Sepluncaram 4.110/15/2009Rate 2.841
Brown Cow Sessions Pale Ale 3.65/17/2015Rate 2.812
Brown Cow Silver Bullet 3.910/30/2006Rate 3.071
Brown Cow Silver Perle 4.45/15/2004Rate 3.111
Brown Cow Simply Simcoe 4.35/4/2009Rate 2.792
Brown Cow Simpson & Simpson Indian Elephant IPA 5.05/3/2010Rate 2.83
Brown Cow Simpson Dark Angel Celebration Ale 4.85/4/2010Rate 3.012
Brown Cow Simpsons Harrys Hops & Glory 4.17/9/2007Rate 2.972
Brown Cow Simpsons New Moon 4.22/16/2006Rate 32
Brown Cow Simpsons No. 4 4.41/13/2006Rate 3.082
Brown Cow Simpsons Session Beer 3.81/26/2005Rate 2.826
Brown Cow Simpsons Session Pale Ale 3.61/31/2010Rate 2.793
Brown Cow Simpsons White Stone Pale 4.76/15/2008Rate 2.961
Brown Cow Smithsons Ale 4.211/28/2011Rate 2.762
Brown Cow Sostenuto 4.28/6/2006Rate 2.917
Brown Cow Stormbreaker 4.59/7/2006Rate 3.112
Brown Cow Styrian Bitter 3.88/7/2006Rate 2.817
Brown Cow Super Moon Pale 4.14/3/2011Rate 2.841
Brown Cow Town Hall Tipple 5.06/15/2014Rate 2.862
Brown Cow Wassail Warmer 5.02/5/2013Rate 2.871
Brown Cow Westminster Belle 4.35/4/2011Rate 2.81
Brown Cow White Dragon 4.011/2/2008Rate 2.964613
Brown Cow Wyandotte Pale 4.25/7/2008Rate 2.981
Yorkshire Ales Genesis 4.23/29/2013Rate 2.772
Suddabys After Dark Coffee Porter
Brewed by/for Suddabys
5.09/24/2004Rate 3.34712
Suddabys Double Chance
Brewed by/for Suddabys
3.810/14/2002Rate 2.717
Suddabys Ginger Whinger
Brewed by/for Suddabys
4.210/1/2007Rate 2.72
Suddabys Golden Chance
Brewed by/for Suddabys
4.25/14/2003Rate 2.95
Suddabys Hearthside Ale
Brewed by/for Suddabys
6.04/7/2016Rate 3.191
Suddabys IPA
Brewed by/for Suddabys
4.54/27/2006Rate 3.071
Suddabys Lavender Beer
Brewed by/for Suddabys
4.24/27/2005Rate 38

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