Buzzards Bay Brewing

98 Horseneck Rd, Westport, Massachusetts, USA 02790
Sat: 11 am - 5 pm

Associated place: Buzzards Bay Brewing
Ceased brewing beers under the Buzzards Bay name in September 2009 but not out of business. Is launching a new line of beers under the label Just Beer. Will continue making some beer under contract for Cisco and Strangford Lough. Brewing by Pretty Things at the brewery will also continue. The Just Beer brand was sold in 2013 and the Buzzards Bay name returned.
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Buzzards Bay 1602 Colonial Style Porter -1/10/2009Rate 3.184213
Buzzards Bay Alt 5.011/2/2006Rate 2.964024
Buzzards Bay Black Lager 4.711/14/2005Rate 3.197457
Buzzards Bay Boo 5.81/11/2016Rate 3.198
Buzzards Bay Cranberry Lambic -11/22/2006Rate 3.534287
Buzzards Bay Cranberry Lam-B-Q 2009 -11/25/2009Rate 2.968
Buzzards Bay Dunkel Weizen -9/29/2009Rate 2.975
Buzzards Bay Farm Ale - IP Hay 5.89/25/2016Rate 3.13
Buzzards Bay Farmhouse Reserve Ale -12/13/2007Rate 3.769149
Buzzards Bay Golden Ale 4.35/27/2000Rate 2.421172
Buzzards Bay Harvest Bock 7.09/19/2008Rate 0
Buzzards Bay Havoc 5.68/13/2016Rate 3.072
Buzzards Bay Hefeweizen 4.55/20/2006Rate 3.345
Buzzards Bay Horseneck Golden IPA 6.07/13/2015Rate 3.375327
Buzzards Bay I.P.A. (India Pale Ale) 6.27/2/2013Rate 3.031221
Buzzards Bay Island Export Beer 4.312/14/2002Rate 3.085612
Buzzards Bay Lager 4.86/9/2000Rate 2.794688
Buzzards Bay Limited -10/31/2009Rate 2.792
Buzzards Bay Lizzie's Famous "81 Whacks" Red India Pale Ale 6.43/20/2014Rate 2.888
Buzzards Bay MaiBock 6.14/11/2007Rate 3.086
Buzzards Bay Moby D 5.07/13/2015Rate 2.862248
Buzzards Bay Octoberfest 5.310/12/2016Rate 2.932
Buzzards Bay Oktoberfest 5.19/25/2005Rate 3.315
Buzzards Bay Olde Buzzard Pale Ale (alias) 5.64/4/2004
Buzzards Bay Pale Ale 4.57/27/2000Rate 2.8738127
Buzzards Bay Pilsner 5.16/25/2006Rate 3.128653
Buzzards Bay Quacker Oat Stout 3.84/9/2016Rate 34
Buzzards Bay Queequeg's Query -5/3/2010Rate 2.543
Buzzards Bay Rauch Bier -12/13/2007Rate 3.011621
Buzzards Bay Sow & Pigs 4.27/13/2015Rate 35
Buzzards Bay Stock Ale 4.75/27/2000Rate 2.964224
Buzzards Bay Summer Wheat -5/9/2005Rate 3.396
Buzzards Bay Swamp Yankee 6.411/26/2013Rate 3.165
Buzzards Bay The Doctor 5.24/1/2016Rate 2.932
Buzzards Bay The Exploits of Count Vorlauf in the Hop Wars 7.71/10/2016Rate 3.112
Buzzards Bay The Golden Flounder 4.87/13/2015Rate 3.218826
Buzzards Bay The Space Intentionally Left Blank 5.67/10/2014Rate 2.791
Buzzards Bay Weizen Doppelbock 8.54/14/2006Rate 3.27
Buzzards Bay West Porter 5.21/16/2001Rate 3.183527
Just Beer 1) The Case of the IPA -12/18/2010Rate 3.177
Just Beer 1602 Porter (alias) -11/25/2009
Just Beer Boo Brew (alias) -9/9/2012
Just Beer Cocoa Stout -12/4/2010Rate 2.81
Just Beer Cranberry Saison -9/13/2010Rate 3.142516
Just Beer Flip Flop Summer Ale -6/12/2010Rate 3.016
Just Beer Golden Flounder (alias) -6/13/2010
Just Beer Horseneck Golden IPA (alias) -8/5/2010
Just Beer Hot Cocoa Winter Ale -12/24/2011Rate 3.137
Just Beer IPA 4.87/24/2013Rate 3.122613
Just Beer John Beere -11/25/2009Rate 2.83
Just Beer Mamie Battleship Ale 5.97/21/2010Rate 2.933
Just Beer Moby D (alias) 5.011/18/2009
Just Beer Saison -1/15/2011Rate 2.791
Just Beer Semper FiPA -1/1/2012Rate 2.96119
Just Beer Semper Ri -11/25/2009Rate 2.822821
Just Beer Undrinkable -11/18/2012Rate 2.775
Just Beer X Bock -11/25/2009Rate 2.792
Quahog Republic Quahog Grog 4.66/12/2016Rate 2.62
Wicked Pissa IPA
Brewed by/for Mashjuga Beverage Co.
6.47/3/2012Rate 3.051417
Wicked Pissa Winter Warma Porter
Brewed by/for Mashjuga Beverage Co.
-7/16/2013Rate 0
Narragansett Private Stock Imperial Black Steam 9.08/11/2013Rate 3.02714
Narragansett Private Stock Imperial Bohemian Pilsner 8.63/2/2013Rate 3.288926
Narragansett Private Stock Imperial Russian Stout 8.51/15/2014Rate 3.482311
Narragansett Private Stock Town Beach Imperial Pale Ale 8.17/21/2014Rate 3.297
Pretty Things / Naparbier There's No Place Like There 9.57/12/2014Rate 3.53559
Pretty Things / Yeastie Boys Our Turn, Your Turn 7.08/13/2013Rate 3.519918
Pretty Things Adulterated Baby 9.03/17/2011Rate 2.924
Pretty Things American Darling 5.87/19/2009Rate 3.3493113
Pretty Things Babayaga 7.011/11/2009Rate 3.6496218
Pretty Things Baby Tree 8.65/12/2009Rate 3.5763439
Pretty Things Barbapapa 1212/19/2013Rate 3.797879
Pretty Things Bocky Bier 7.510/12/2014Rate 3.6310038
Pretty Things Confounded Mr. Sisyphus 7.06/22/2009Rate 3.284456
Pretty Things Cutie Pie 8.211/14/2014Rate 3.54915
Pretty Things East Kent Saison 5.610/30/2015Rate 3.34330
Pretty Things Field Mouse's Farewell 7.05/17/2010Rate 3.5281209
Pretty Things FlowerLand 8.55/1/2015Rate 3.383513
Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbits Hoppy Triple 8.53/6/2010Rate 3.696241
Pretty Things Fluffy White Single 5.01/19/2014Rate 2.911
Pretty Things Fringe 5.36/25/2014Rate 3.377431
Pretty Things Fumapapa 125/20/2015Rate 3.614536
Pretty Things Grampus 10.53/11/2014Rate 3.293232
Pretty Things Hedgerow Bitter 5.49/7/2010Rate 3.3996117
Pretty Things Hopfenpop 8.08/4/2015Rate 3.586415
Pretty Things Jack D'Or 6.512/12/2008Rate 3.5989629
Pretty Things Lovely Saint Winefride 7.02/16/2012Rate 3.7210080
Pretty Things Magnifico! 3.48/6/2011Rate 3.439759
Pretty Things Meadowlark IPA 7.06/27/2012Rate 3.7397273
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time 1955 Double Brown 5.13/18/2014Rate 3.388934
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time, 1879, East India Pale Ale 5.912/18/2012Rate 3.399919
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time, 1939, No. 1 Ale 6.74/1/2013Rate 3.426520
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time, December 6, 1855 EIP 6.05/6/2011Rate 3.719981
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time, February 22nd, 1945, X Ale 2.83/18/2012Rate 3.279090
Pretty Things Once Upon A Time, February 27th, 1832, Mild 10.51/26/2010Rate 3.529575
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time, November 15th, 1901, KK 7.89/14/2010Rate 3.7193126
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time, November 22nd, 1838, X Ale 7.43/18/2012Rate 3.399586
Pretty Things Our Finest Regards 13.511/21/2010Rate 3.6682189
Pretty Things Saint Botolph's Town 5.72/12/2009Rate 3.5497329

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