Caledonian Brewery (Heineken UK)

Commercial Brewery
42 Slateford Road, Edinburgh, Scotland EH11 1PH
Associated place: Caledonian Brewing Company
Founded in 1869 as Lorimer & Clark. In 1919, the company came into the ownership of Vaux, who closed the brewery in 1985. Following a management buyout in 1987, Caledonian was formed and brewing restarted. Partly taken over by Scottish Courage in 2004 and fully acquired by (then) Scottish & Newcastle in 2008. Came into the ownership of Heineken in April 2008 when S&N was taken over. McEwans and Youngers brands sold to Wells & Youngs in late 2011 but production of the draught versions of their beers remains at Caledonian for the present.
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Caledonian / Arcadia Thunder Trail 5.29/22/2016Rate 3.146324
Caledonian / Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale 5.51/9/2016Rate 3.224714
Caledonian / Barley Brown's Black IPA 5.28/10/2014Rate 3.323739
Caledonian / Bodebrown Wee Heavy 6.03/4/2015Rate 3.192927
Caledonian / Brouwerij 't IJ Flink 4.72/18/2017Rate 3.044124
Caledonian / Brouwerij 't IJ India Session Ale 4.610/1/2014Rate 2.981233
Caledonian / Cerveza Fort Oatmeal Porter 5.59/12/2017Rate 3.478324
Caledonian / Cigar City Por La Playa 5.09/28/2015Rate 2.841039
Caledonian / Devils Backbone Bravo Four Point 4.02/25/2016Rate 35028
Caledonian / Harpoon The Long Thaw 5.52/13/2015Rate 3.146826
Caledonian / Ishii Minagof Three Quarter IPA 5.012/11/2014Rate 3.062124
Caledonian / Ithaca Nut Brown Ale 5.05/4/2016Rate 3.013424
Caledonian / Lodewijk's Fly By Night 4.22/27/2013Rate 3.023130
Caledonian / Maui Brewing Island Inspired Blonde Ale 4.56/24/2017Rate 3.03539
Caledonian / Ninkasi Cream Ale 4.59/9/2013Rate 2.895039
Caledonian / Nøgne Ø Asian Pale Ale 4.54/9/2015Rate 3.268138
Caledonian / Odell 90 Shilling (UK cask) 5.39/30/2011Rate 3.013523
Caledonian / Pretty Things Seasoned Traveller 5.07/26/2016Rate 3.022425
Caledonian / Standeaven African Pale Ale 4.22/25/2014Rate 2.93733
Caledonian / Stone San Diego Session IPA 4.511/23/2013Rate 2.883824
Caledonian / Strange Fellows Talisman 4.03/12/2018Rate 3.032518
Caledonian / Terrapin Recreationale 4.710/12/2016Rate 2.971026
Caledonian / The Bruery Oatmeal Stout 5.52/12/2014Rate 3.356037
Caledonian / Tree Brewing Thirsty Beaver 5.09/25/2012Rate 3.146229
Caledonian / Zululand Zulu Blonde Export Ale 4.51/30/2012Rate 3.025614
Caledonian 125 4.59/17/2002Rate 2.852
Caledonian 1869 4.55/15/2003Rate 2.947
Caledonian 2Point8 2.84/7/2012Rate 2.58611
Caledonian 80/- (Cask) 4.111/27/2002Rate 3.0153144
Caledonian 80/- (Pasteurised) 4.16/14/2000Rate 3.0360368
Caledonian A Man's A Man 3.41/16/2012Rate 2.785
Caledonian Ale Lang Syne 4.61/22/2006Rate 2.962816
Caledonian Alexandra Palace Ale (alias) 4.110/25/2015
Caledonian All American 4.111/27/2008Rate 2.72522
Caledonian All Rounder 4.53/12/2007Rate 2.752
Caledonian Auld Acquaintance 4.41/10/2010Rate 2.954919
Caledonian Auld Lang Syne 4.51/21/2013Rate 2.914315
Caledonian Autumn Red 4.49/10/2010Rate 2.82046
Caledonian Bitter Winter 4.81/3/2014Rate 3.187422
Caledonian Blonde Beer 4.56/3/2011Rate 2.915
Caledonian Blueberry Thrill 4.210/3/2009Rate 3.057510
Caledonian Brewer's Passion 4.64/16/2010Rate 2.937034
Caledonian Charmed Circle 4.49/19/2014Rate 3.014921
Caledonian Chocolate Drop 3.83/7/2008Rate 3.087625
Caledonian Coast to Coast 4.611/30/2015Rate 3.062786
Caledonian Coffee Porter 4.33/15/2012Rate 3.072533
Caledonian Cold Comfort 4.511/17/2016Rate 3.074811
Caledonian Commonwealth Gold 3.97/11/2014Rate 2.823411
Caledonian Cossack Imperial Russian Stout 6.09/30/2011Rate 3.376428
Caledonian Creamy Ale 3.52/22/2002Rate 2.731922
Caledonian Dark Crystal 4.211/22/2015Rate 2.941
Caledonian Dark Light 4.73/29/2017Rate 2.961
Caledonian Deuchars Imperial 5.24/11/2012Rate 2.952747
Caledonian Deuchars IPA (Bottle/Can) 4.411/22/2000Rate 3.0977437
Caledonian Deuchars IPA (Cask) 3.82/13/2002Rate 3.0978321
Caledonian Devil's Advocate 4.29/25/2012Rate 3.054431
Caledonian Dirty Bear 4.17/29/2015Rate 2.973
Caledonian Distant Sun 4.28/17/2014Rate 2.778
Caledonian Doc Kennedy's Lipsmacker Lemon Ale 4.33/15/2011Rate 2.945424
Caledonian Double Amber 4.69/6/2004Rate 2.731613
Caledonian Double Czech 4.56/8/2012Rate 2.776
Caledonian Double Dark (Cask) 4.610/28/2009Rate 3.062150
Caledonian Double Dark Ale (USA) 4.69/17/2001Rate 3.217
Caledonian Double Scotch 4.311/21/2011Rate 2.726
Caledonian Double Twist 4.64/19/2011Rate 2.918411
Caledonian Dr Bobs Magic Potion 3.55/14/2006Rate 2.872310
Caledonian Drop Kick 4.09/22/2015Rate 2.855
Caledonian Dry Dock 4.13/6/2013Rate 2.971911
Caledonian Dutchman 4.53/12/2012Rate 2.68915
Caledonian Edinburgh Castle 80/- (Cask) (alias) 4.14/17/2017
Caledonian Edinburgh Castle 80/- (Pasteurised) (alias) 4.13/21/2015
Caledonian Edinburgh Scotch Ale (Bottle) (alias) 6.44/3/2004
Caledonian Edinburgh Strong Ale (Bottle) 6.47/9/2000Rate 3.345522
Caledonian Edinburgh Strong Ale (Cask) 6.42/17/2004Rate 3.073923
Caledonian Edinburgh Tattoo (alias) 4.210/5/2003
Caledonian Edinburgh Tattoo Strong Ale (alias) 6.44/24/2012
Caledonian Elf Esteem 4.012/14/2008Rate 2.751718
Caledonian Escape Claus 4.012/6/2009Rate 2.883110
Caledonian Evolution 4.53/21/2009Rate 2.912
Caledonian First Dawn 3.73/21/2015Rate 2.933713
Caledonian Flying Dutchman Junibier 4.310/23/2010Rate 3.054722
Caledonian Flying Dutchman Spiced Ale 4.49/10/2015Rate 3.176728
Caledonian Flying Dutchman Wit Bier (Bottle) 4.56/17/2009Rate 2.93824
Caledonian Flying Dutchman Wit Bier (Cask) 4.54/17/2009Rate 2.984135
Caledonian Flying Scotsman (Bottle) 4.04/24/2012Rate 3.056567
Caledonian Flying Scotsman (Cask) 4.08/5/2011Rate 2.812386
Caledonian Flying Scotsman (Retired) 4.69/17/2001Rate 3.258121
Caledonian Fool Proof 4.55/2/2015Rate 3.053
Caledonian Forbidden Fruit 4.66/1/2008Rate 2.958
Caledonian Fringe Benefit 4.38/12/2009Rate 2.782113
Caledonian Full Monty 4.710/10/2006Rate 2.677
Caledonian Gathering Ale 3.67/15/2009Rate 2.824
Caledonian Generic Pub Bitter 3.510/26/2015Rate 2.891
Caledonian Gift Wrapped 4.412/3/2013Rate 2.867
Caledonian Golden Pale 4.07/28/2002Rate 2.897
Caledonian Golden Promise (Cask) 4.44/11/2004Rate 2.954529
Caledonian Golden Promise (Pasteurised) 5.06/14/2000Rate 2.9139264
Caledonian Golden Sun 4.35/29/2012Rate 2.843725
Caledonian Golden XPA (alias) 4.312/15/2012
Caledonian Great Knock 4.17/15/2009Rate 2.812
Caledonian Great Scot (Bottle) 5.01/3/2009Rate 2.752961
Caledonian Great Scot (Cask) 4.11/28/2007Rate 2.996027
Caledonian Haggis Bash Bitter 4.51/26/2004Rate 2.913911
Caledonian Highland Fling 4.29/15/2010Rate 2.791
Caledonian Hop Crop 3.99/12/2013Rate 2.814
Caledonian Idleweiss Dunkelweizen 4.59/20/2011Rate 2.849
Caledonian Iron Ale (alias) 4.11/17/2019
Caledonian Kickoff 4.16/11/2016Rate 2.993
Caledonian Kiss Me Quick 4.012/17/2009Rate 3.176
Caledonian Knee Deep 4.511/27/2014Rate 2.975410
Caledonian Late Harvest 3.89/13/2006Rate 2.841
Caledonian Lemonale 4.36/14/2008Rate 2.895
Caledonian Lions Share 4.46/18/2017Rate 3.025
Caledonian Lorimers Cask Lager 4.57/16/2008Rate 2.918517
Caledonian Lorimers Special 5.25/7/2005Rate 3.245
Caledonian Marching Orders 4.28/17/2008Rate 2.863617
Caledonian Mellow Yellow 4.79/13/2002Rate 3.088720
Caledonian Merman XXX 4.87/19/2012Rate 3.044232
Caledonian Mexican Bandit 4.46/27/2010Rate 2.975011
Caledonian Mild Mayhem 3.55/8/2010Rate 3.145224
Caledonian Murrayfield Grand Slam 4.33/7/2004Rate 2.541
Caledonian Murrays Summer Ale 3.68/12/2002Rate 3.228
Caledonian Nectar 4.37/5/2004Rate 2.924230
Caledonian Oktoberfest 4.511/21/2010Rate 2.81
Caledonian Old Contemptible 4.89/18/2014Rate 3.158918
Caledonian Old Seadog 5.24/3/2010Rate 2.932921
Caledonian Organic Premium Ale (alias) 5.04/6/2004
Caledonian Over The Bar 4.22/16/2009Rate 2.781932
Caledonian Poltergeist Porter 4.09/4/2013Rate 2.981529
Caledonian Port of Leith 5.02/25/2014Rate 2.932531
Caledonian Porter 4.13/30/2002Rate 3.06279
Caledonian Punchbowl 1750 3.84/19/2014Rate 2.761
Caledonian Rabbie Burns Amber Ale 3.51/29/2011Rate 2.761
Caledonian Rare Red Rye 4.311/13/2014Rate 3.134733
Caledonian Raspberry Fool 4.03/21/2009Rate 2.785226
Caledonian Rebus 20 4.48/2/2007Rate 2.853423
Caledonian Road To Rio 4.06/3/2014Rate 2.954516
Caledonian Robert Burns 4.71/28/2002Rate 2.917
Caledonian Rose and Thistle Ale 5.07/24/2017Rate 3.131
Caledonian Sand June 4.56/7/2009Rate 2.472
Caledonian Santas Little Helper 3.711/28/2002Rate 3.036131
Caledonian Scotch Mist 4.04/19/2004Rate 2.695
Caledonian Scottie Dog 4.311/29/2010Rate 2.684
Caledonian Sir Walter Scott 4.13/3/2010Rate 2.86378
Caledonian Six Nations 4.22/15/2003Rate 3.29423
Caledonian Smokey Pete 4.310/15/2008Rate 2.883322
Caledonian Summer Valley 4.17/6/2014Rate 36015
Caledonian Sunseeker 4.06/12/2013Rate 2.857
Caledonian Surf Sup 4.06/2/2010Rate 2.954
Caledonian Tattoo 4.29/17/2003Rate 2.974823
Caledonian Three Hop Lager 4.58/21/2013Rate 2.89585
Caledonian Three Monkeys 3.03/10/2010Rate 2.81811
Caledonian Top Banana 4.14/24/2007Rate 2.754834
Caledonian Trick or Treat 4.610/24/2007Rate 2.997
Caledonian Trojan Horse 5.510/1/2014Rate 3.151030
Caledonian Tryd & Tested 4.23/2/2008Rate 2.895
Caledonian Unmistakably Bill's 4.62/8/2014Rate 35254
Caledonian Vienna Red 4.111/7/2013Rate 2.947331
Caledonian Wee George V 3.37/8/2016Rate 3.112
Caledonian Wee George VI 5.57/8/2016Rate 2.972
Caledonian Welcome Spring 3.74/25/2014Rate 2.844
Caledonian Winterbrau 4.311/18/2015Rate 2.913614
Caledonian XPA 4.31/26/2006Rate 34899
Collin's Imperial Stout 4.910/21/2013Rate 3.034
MacAndrews Scotch Ale 6.410/24/2000Rate 3.499415
Maltsmiths Brewing American Style IPA 4.63/28/2017Rate 3.113382
Maltsmiths Brewing Bavarian Style Pils 4.63/28/2017Rate 2.864730
McEwan's 90 Shilling (Cask) 5.512/8/2007Rate 2.92
McEwan's 90 Shilling (Pasteurised) 5.512/25/2000Rate 3.136425
McEwan's Pale Ale 3.212/22/2000Rate 2.933
Newcastle Bombshell 4.42/13/2013Rate 2.715139
Newcastle Cabbie 4.210/19/2013Rate 2.9222147
Newcastle Caledonian British Pale Ale 5.83/1/2015Rate 2.995046
Newcastle Caledonian British Session India Pale Ale 5.13/1/2015Rate 2.93836
Newcastle Caledonian Caley Amber Ale 6.55/5/2016Rate 3.177214
Newcastle Caledonian Scotch Ale 6.410/26/2014Rate 3.132175
Newcastle Foreign Extra India Pale Ale 6.511/13/2015Rate 33111
Newcastle Nocturnal Ale 4.510/14/2012Rate 2.751457
Newcastle Summer Ale 4.47/24/2009Rate 2.636239
Newcastle Werewolf 4.57/25/2011Rate 2.653463
Newcastle Winter IPA 5.210/22/2011Rate 2.581251
Stone Loach Ale (alias) 4.14/7/2014
The Bothy Ale (alias) 4.18/13/2015
McEwan's 60/- 3.212/22/2000Rate 2.721315
McEwan's 70 Shilling (Cask) 3.72/23/2002Rate 2.58516
McEwan's 80 Shilling (Cask) 4.21/4/2001Rate 2.954425
Co-op Organic Premium Ale (alias) 5.010/19/2004
John Smith's Cask 3.811/17/2000Rate 2.56494
Tesco Organic Lager
Brewed by/for Tesco
5.05/14/2003Rate 2.691

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