Cally’s Restaurant & Brewing Co. (formerly Calhoun’s)

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
41 Court Square, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA 22801
Out of business

Operated 2007 to 2011. The brewpub closed on July 10, 2011. The head brewer intends to open a production brewery in the near future. The beers brewed there are yet to be determined.
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Callys American Pale Ale -9/12/2005Rate 2.861
Callys American Wheat -7/17/2006Rate 2.795
Callys Bad Dog ESB 5.26/26/2005Rate 3.176813
Callys Belgian Golden 7.07/5/2011Rate 2.91
Callys Belgian Saison 7.02/20/2006Rate 3.068
Callys Belgian Strong Ale 10.25/8/2005Rate 2.811
Callys Belgian White Ale -5/8/2005Rate 3.288
Callys Black IPA 8.03/19/2011Rate 2.932
Callys Blackberry Wheat 5.08/14/2008Rate 3.13
Callys Bombay India Pale Ale 7.910/17/2004Rate 3.173412
Callys Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout 1010/31/2007Rate 3.534
Callys Bourbon Barrel-Aged Plowman Porter 4.86/25/2005Rate 3.181
Callys Chocolate Porter 5.41/19/2009Rate 3.56
Callys Czech Pilsner -6/27/2004Rate 3.278910
Callys Downtown Amber 5.87/8/2005Rate 3.117211
Callys Dubbel Trouble 8.03/18/2009Rate 3.076
Callys Dusseldorf Sticke Alt 6.88/23/2005Rate 3.12619
Callys Ellerys Apricot Ale 5.02/20/2006Rate 3.118210
Callys German Pilsner -5/20/2009Rate 3.138
Callys Golden Light 4.87/8/2005Rate 2.938
Callys Hefeweizen 5.29/12/2005Rate 2.995410
Callys Helles Lager 4.01/19/2009Rate 3.023
Callys Honey Blonde Ale 4.85/20/2002Rate 2.713114
Callys Imperial Irish Red Ale 6.53/20/2008Rate 3.354
Callys Instigator Double Bock 7.53/6/2010Rate 2.833
Callys Irish Red Ale 6.03/14/2005Rate 2.946
Callys Irish Stout 5.69/12/2005Rate 3.068
Callys Kolsch 4.76/6/2005Rate 2.925922
Callys Kristal Weizen 4.05/21/2008Rate 3.024
Callys Lucas Espresso Porter 5.57/5/2011Rate 2.861
Callys Münich Lager 4.77/4/2008Rate 3.071
Callys Nut Brown Ale -11/26/2004Rate 3.288614
Callys Oatmeal Stout 5.29/12/2005Rate 3.16
Callys Oktoberfest -9/12/2005Rate 3.016
Callys Plowman Porter 5.26/27/2004Rate 3.265515
Callys Rye Pale Ale 6.08/14/2008Rate 3.188
Callys Smokin Scottish Ale 5.28/3/2002Rate 3.319334
Callys Switzer Pale Ale 5.78/10/2003Rate 3.398515
Callys Winter Warmer -6/11/2005Rate 3.424

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