Camden Town Brewery (AB InBev)

Commercial Brewery
Unit 1, Navigation Park, Morson Road, Ponders End, Greater London, England EN3 4NQ
Places associated: Horseshoe, Camden Town Brewery, Camden’s Daughter (Camden Town)
Commenced in 2006 as a brewpub at the Horseshoe in Hampstead under the name McLaughlins. Installed a new, much larger, brew plant at the current address in 2009. The equipment at the Horseshoe is still in place but only used for short run and experimental beers. In December 2015, it was announced that A-B InBev would acquire Camden Town, thus making Camden Town a wholly owned subsidiary. After the take over the Brewery was moved once more to Ponders End.
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Camden Town / Beavertown One Hells Of A Beaver 5.29/27/2014Rate 3.457126
Camden Town / Birra del Borgo The Italian Gentleman 5.08/27/2016Rate 3.021
Camden Town / Clapton Spruce Almighty 7.212/20/2014Rate 2.852
Camden Town / Partizan / Kernel Apricot & Rosemary Wit 4.85/25/2014Rate 3.288910
Camden Town / SKA - Rude Boy Imperial Lager 6.810/29/2012Rate 3.37
Camden Town / The Hanging Bat NZ Kolsch 5.37/23/2015Rate 3.174
Camden Town / Wicked Weed IHL vs Freak of Nature 8.58/2/2018Rate 3.193
Camden Town / Wicked Weed Versus IPA 5.610/4/2018Rate 3.426323
Camden Town 1908 5.07/29/2012Rate 3.034715
Camden Town 2016 Barrel Aged Lager 8.112/30/2016Rate 3.298
Camden Town 7 Hop Lager 4.21/30/2013Rate 3.118
Camden Town Agora Vol 3 5.39/12/2017Rate 3.163
Camden Town Alsace Alt 4.66/8/2013Rate 3.025
Camden Town Amber 4.65/2/2013Rate 2.881
Camden Town Barrel Aged Imperial Pilsner 2018 1012/8/2018Rate 3.363
Camden Town Barrel Aged India Hells Lager 7.22/19/2015Rate 3.119028
Camden Town Beer 2013 Tripel 8.812/13/2013Rate 3.539247
Camden Town Beer 2014 Barrel Aged Lager 9.511/29/2014Rate 3.549331
Camden Town Beer 2015 Barrel Aged Lager 7.612/2/2015Rate 3.377429
Camden Town Beer 2017 10.211/26/2017Rate 3.378
Camden Town Beer 2018 (alias) 1012/7/2018
Camden Town Black Friday 4.85/18/2012Rate 3.369127
Camden Town Black Pils (alias) 4.85/18/2012
Camden Town Bleeding Hops IPA 6.412/15/2011Rate 3.085
Camden Town Boopshi's Bruher 4.01/9/2014Rate 2.973
Camden Town Brewer's Reserve 8.27/26/2013Rate 2.881
Camden Town Byron Lager 4.612/23/2014Rate 2.927
Camden Town Byron Pale Ale 4.58/30/2012Rate 3.13320
Camden Town Camden Bitter 3.810/11/2010Rate 3.027611
Camden Town Camden Caravan 5.74/24/2011Rate 2.841
Camden Town Camden Hells Lager 4.68/7/2010Rate 2.948328
Camden Town Camden Ink 4.412/15/2011Rate 3.4188122
Camden Town Camden Is Full Of Cunts 4.53/4/2013Rate 3.18
Camden Town Camden Pale Ale (Cask) 4.58/7/2010Rate 3.299448
Camden Town Camden Pale Ale (Keg) 4.010/21/2010Rate 3.2955151
Camden Town Camden Pils 4.69/10/2014Rate 3.329569
Camden Town Camden Pilsner 4.53/2/2011Rate 3.013
Camden Town Camden Wheat Beer 4.511/6/2010Rate 3.218762
Camden Town Cardamom and Mango Wit 4.58/15/2014Rate 2.82
Camden Town Cavalier 5.51/25/2013Rate 3.247
Camden Town Coffee Pale Ale 4.511/26/2012Rate 2.771
Camden Town Cokonaut 5.62/27/2015Rate 2.941
Camden Town Cold Brew Porter 7.712/14/2016Rate 0
Camden Town Denali 5.28/30/2017Rate 3.142
Camden Town Emperor Nero 5.86/10/2014Rate 3.364022
Camden Town Enfield Open Day Beer 6.19/12/2017Rate 2.921
Camden Town Flue Faker 5.82/24/2014Rate 3.163325
Camden Town Fukdahator 6.712/12/2012Rate 3.214812
Camden Town Gentleman's Wit 4.312/15/2011Rate 3.2787231
Camden Town God Save The Elk 4.85/6/2014Rate 3.153816
Camden Town God Save The Elk No. 2 4.63/20/2015Rate 3.091
Camden Town Good Oil 50/50 5.24/20/2011Rate 2.922
Camden Town Haus Party 4.76/11/2015Rate 3.248
Camden Town Hells (Lemon Zest) 4.611/29/2014Rate 2.973
Camden Town Hells Raiser! Lager 5.811/14/2015Rate 3.254
Camden Town HOLS 5.212/1/2017Rate 3.488156
Camden Town Hopholm Syndrome 5.22/26/2015Rate 3.317
Camden Town Hops Don't Grow On Trees 5.82/20/2016Rate 0
Camden Town House Lager 4.21/23/2013Rate 2.881
Camden Town Howe Town 7.57/26/2011Rate 3.027
Camden Town IHL India Hells Lager with Yuzu 6.210/13/2015Rate 3.164
Camden Town India Hells Lager 6.29/5/2014Rate 3.5994114
Camden Town Indian Summer Lager 6.48/12/2013Rate 3.519936
Camden Town Inner City Green Lager 3.98/23/2017Rate 3.273834
Camden Town Innercity Green 3.94/24/2011Rate 3.449926
Camden Town Jamie Oliver Pale 5.111/28/2012Rate 2.995
Camden Town Jarrylo Hells 4.82/6/2016Rate 2.932
Camden Town Jolly Town 4.54/20/2011Rate 2.861
Camden Town JOPA (alias) 5.111/26/2012
Camden Town King Crimson 6.57/30/2012Rate 3.474315
Camden Town Kissmeyer Beer London Porter 6.73/28/2011Rate 3.265016
Camden Town Kiwi Wit 4.35/2/2013Rate 2.981
Camden Town Melon Wedge 3.310/30/2017Rate 3.063
Camden Town Metropolitan No. 23 Fowler Wheat Beer 5.08/26/2013Rate 2.791
Camden Town No Substitutions 8.08/27/2016Rate 3.091
Camden Town Oktoberfest 5.310/12/2015Rate 3.025
Camden Town Open Day Lager 5.87/30/2017Rate 3.223
Camden Town Other Pils 4.61/14/2018Rate 3.162
Camden Town Pale Ale (Bottled) 4.012/30/2012Rate 3.2144270
Camden Town Pale Ale (Unfiltered) 4.012/20/2014Rate 3.224511
Camden Town Pete vs The World 8.18/3/2013Rate 3.231913
Camden Town Pompous Red Ale 4.83/24/2011Rate 3.269311
Camden Town Pumpkin Spiced Lager 5.211/2/2014Rate 2.944
Camden Town Red IPA (alias) 4.83/24/2011
Camden Town Redlight Waltz 4.12/17/2013Rate 3.339914
Camden Town Rib Tickler 5.26/12/2015Rate 3.061
Camden Town Ryeld 3.712/27/2012Rate 3.1509
Camden Town Schwarzwald 3.810/27/2013Rate 2.871
Camden Town Serious Altitude 5.88/27/2016Rate 2.981
Camden Town Show Boat Brown Ale 4.511/8/2011Rate 3.034613
Camden Town Show Off 5.89/18/2018Rate 3.223322
Camden Town Squash 5.011/22/2017Rate 2.961
Camden Town Stone and Wood Pacific Ale (alias) 4.48/17/2014
Camden Town Strawberry Hells Forever 4.67/31/2015Rate 34929
Camden Town Super Elk 6.011/29/2014Rate 3.083
Camden Town Unfiltered Hells Lager 4.63/8/2014Rate 3.279634
Camden Town Unfiltered Hells Meets Chipotle 4.112/22/2014Rate 2.81
Camden Town USA Hells Unfiltered Lager 4.63/12/2012Rate 3.39580
Camden Town Versus Bavikhove Belgian Stout 6.83/9/2015Rate 3.215
Camden Town Versus Cloudwater Marzen 6.65/20/2015Rate 3.036711
Camden Town Versus Elysian IPA 6.712/14/2016Rate 0
Camden Town Versus Italy 5.89/30/2013Rate 3.178954
Camden Town Versus Mohawk Black IPL 5.88/26/2014Rate 3.589365
Camden Town Versus Odell Baltic Porter 7.06/27/2013Rate 3.495184
Camden Town Versus Petrus Stout 6.011/18/2014Rate 3.325068
Camden Town Versus Stone & Wood Lager 4.98/14/2015Rate 3.359518
Camden Town White Knight 4.39/5/2014Rate 2.881
Camden Town Wilkin St 5.89/12/2018Rate 3.021
Heist Bank Lager 4.49/17/2017Rate 2.941

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