Canterbury / Serenity Reverence 4.51/31/2015Rate 2.892
Canterbury 2012 (alias) 4.24/29/2012
Canterbury A Kentish Pale Ale 5.03/6/2014Rate 2.831
Canterbury Aged Wee Heavy 7.912/29/2011Rate 3.284710
Canterbury Baby Itzamná 4.13/17/2016Rate 3.243
Canterbury Belgian Nelson 4.18/17/2012Rate 2.922
Canterbury Belgo Russian Imperial Stout 9.112/26/2012Rate 3.085
Canterbury Biggleston's Brown Ale 3.810/29/2011Rate 3.16589
Canterbury Blackcurrant Stout 3.82/25/2014Rate 2.791
Canterbury Blacksmith 4.03/15/2014Rate 2.792
Canterbury Brewers 4.49/11/2018Rate 0
Canterbury Christmas Pudding Ale 4.612/2/2011Rate 2.772
Canterbury City Arms Mater 3.810/20/2013Rate 2.871
Canterbury Diamond Jim 4.96/24/2012Rate 3.012
Canterbury Dry Cider 6.611/18/2013Rate 2.831
Canterbury East Kent Belgian 4.211/1/2013Rate 3.117
Canterbury East Kent India Pale Ale 9.212/7/2013Rate 2.912
Canterbury East Kent Red Rye 4.49/11/2018Rate 2.941
Canterbury East Kent Red Rye Green Hop 4.410/17/2017Rate 2.981
Canterbury East Kent Single Hopped Pale Ale 5.21/22/2014Rate 3.098
Canterbury Fifty 50 4.46/12/2013Rate 2.952
Canterbury Five Hop Belgian 4.74/18/2014Rate 2.831
Canterbury Foundry Black 4.010/29/2011Rate 3.176
Canterbury Foundry Boadicea's Uprising 4.19/17/2011Rate 2.861
Canterbury Foundry Bock 6.43/18/2012Rate 2.972
Canterbury Foundry Green Hop East Kent Pale 6.010/9/2013Rate 2.861
Canterbury Foundry Green Hop East Kent Red 5.810/1/2013Rate 2.881
Canterbury Foundry Harvest Night Black IPA 5.611/18/2014Rate 2.831
Canterbury Foundry Helles 4.112/29/2011Rate 2.981009
Canterbury Foundry Henry's Penance 5.87/6/2016Rate 2.823
Canterbury Foundry IPA 5.67/13/2014Rate 3.22811
Canterbury Foundry Lager 3.88/31/2013Rate 2.872
Canterbury Foundry Le Petit Belge 4.44/29/2012Rate 3.123
Canterbury Foundry Le Petit Belge Green Hop 4.410/20/2013Rate 2.871
Canterbury Foundry Little Red Rye 4.57/28/2013Rate 3.225
Canterbury Foundry Man's Gold 4.06/13/2011Rate 3.158138
Canterbury Foundry Mans Dragon 3.94/25/2013Rate 2.831
Canterbury Foundry Raspberry 5.13/18/2012Rate 2.811
Canterbury Foundry Red Rye 5.612/2/2011Rate 3.429726
Canterbury Foundry Strawberry Monk 5.87/10/2016Rate 2.963
Canterbury Foundry Torpedo 4.56/13/2011Rate 3.299735
Canterbury Foundry Tyee 3.57/6/2016Rate 2.762
Canterbury Galactic Apricot 3.98/21/2015Rate 31
Canterbury Galactic Belgian 6.511/16/2012Rate 3.12269
Canterbury GB 4.24/29/2012Rate 2.914312
Canterbury Ginger Bread Stout 3.94/4/2015Rate 2.731
Canterbury Green Chapel 4.611/4/2015Rate 3.142
Canterbury Green Hopped Pale Ale (alias) 3.68/14/2015
Canterbury Haka 4.18/21/2011Rate 3.13399
Canterbury Half Nelson 3.56/20/2015Rate 2.882
Canterbury Halfling IPA 3.512/22/2015Rate 3.042
Canterbury Hazy Day 3.28/24/2018Rate 3.142
Canterbury Heresy IPL 4.92/25/2014Rate 3.055
Canterbury Hoppin' Belgian 6.83/18/2012Rate 3.2379
Canterbury Itzamná Chocolate Vanilla Porter 9.63/16/2013Rate 3.483831
Canterbury Kobold Black Lager 5.04/15/2012Rate 3.213
Canterbury Kölsch Lager 3.68/24/2018Rate 32
Canterbury Lager 5.06/12/2013Rate 2.876911
Canterbury Loco IPA 3.93/18/2012Rate 3.226
Canterbury Medium Dry Cider 7.410/19/2013Rate 2.791
Canterbury Nitro Engenius (alias) 4.13/21/2013
Canterbury Oak Aged Cherry 9.13/14/2013Rate 3.276
Canterbury Oak Aged Dopplebock 7.17/1/2012Rate 2.75610
Canterbury Oak Aged Wee Heavy 8.93/18/2012Rate 3.416439
Canterbury Oktoberfest Ale 4.86/12/2013Rate 2.791
Canterbury Old Fashionable Mild 3.02/25/2014Rate 2.811
Canterbury Pacific Pale Ale 4.26/24/2012Rate 3.142
Canterbury Pacific Session IPA 3.84/5/2016Rate 2.952
Canterbury Pale Ale 4.07/27/2013Rate 3.128
Canterbury PapaPunch 7.27/27/2013Rate 2.811
Canterbury PappaSwazz 7.27/25/2013Rate 2.881
Canterbury Punch IPA (alias) 4.84/25/2013
Canterbury Purple Monster 7.456/3/2018Rate 3.122
Canterbury Revenge 7.46/1/2014Rate 2.963
Canterbury Saxon Invader 4.88/21/2015Rate 2.961
Canterbury Scrumpkin 4.610/29/2011Rate 2.773
Canterbury Seriously Saison 4.512/26/2012Rate 3.217
Canterbury Seriously Saison Green Hop 4.511/18/2014Rate 3.193
Canterbury Single Hopped Pale Ale Bramling Cross 4.63/18/2012Rate 2.881
Canterbury Single Hopped Pale Ale Challenger 4.611/12/2011Rate 2.91
Canterbury Single Hopped Pale Ale East Kent Goldings 4.612/26/2012Rate 2.975
Canterbury Single Hopped Pale Ale Green Hop 6.010/19/2013Rate 2.881
Canterbury Single Hopped Pale Ale Green Hop Goldings 3.611/18/2014Rate 3.273
Canterbury Spiced Medium Dry Cider 7.42/25/2014Rate 2.871
Canterbury St Augustines Abbey Ale 5.64/12/2014Rate 2.831
Canterbury Steam 5.410/29/2011Rate 3.035
Canterbury Stout Engenius 4.112/31/2012Rate 3.142913
Canterbury Street Light Porter 5.58/21/2011Rate 3.294634
Canterbury Summer Wheat 5.08/21/2011Rate 2.792
Canterbury SwazzAle 4.83/28/2013Rate 3.144410
Canterbury The Enigma Hop 4.83/21/2013Rate 2.771
Canterbury The Hoppit 8.13/14/2013Rate 3.094
Canterbury Topaz (aka Belgian Topaz) 4.71/15/2013Rate 3.289613
Canterbury Uber Hoppy Lager 4.92/25/2014Rate 2.761
Canterbury Wheat 4.46/13/2011Rate 2.845616
Canterbury Wpadka (Ella) 3.610/11/2015Rate 2.961

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