CAP Brewery

(Not In Production)
Ida Erikssons Väg 23, Stockholm, Sweden 19791
now run by and as Frequency Beer Works

Nordic Brewing, Brewing Nordic.
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CAP / Akkurat Big Balls 6.012/17/2013Rate 2.91
CAP / Akkurat Vienna Amber Lager 5.17/30/2016Rate 3.174
CAP / Amundsen Hey Hey Hey IPA 6.77/17/2015Rate 3.145
CAP / BrewDog Kungsholmen Bro-Dog 5.510/17/2015Rate 2.774
CAP / Garage Project Antipodean Classified Pilsner 8.03/27/2015Rate 3.127513
CAP / Pang Pang Did I Pop a Cherry? 113/27/2015Rate 2.96225
CAP Absence of Light 123/27/2015Rate 3.614517
CAP Absence of Light Barrel Aged 149/22/2015Rate 3.412222
CAP Absence of Light Imperial Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout 1311/11/2014Rate 3.216
CAP American Pride 5.59/22/2015Rate 3.28
CAP Baby Ingrid 5.55/25/2014Rate 3.174
CAP Baby-Making Hipster Juice 8.08/25/2015Rate 2.941
CAP Bitter End 4.710/9/2014Rate 2.735
CAP Black Magic Woman 7.06/6/2014Rate 2.924
CAP Bohemian Rhapsody 4.29/25/2014Rate 2.975182
CAP C Section 4.99/20/2014Rate 0
CAP CAPs Vobiscum 1011/11/2014Rate 3.27
CAP CAPscade Triple 7.09/25/2014Rate 2.915
CAP Cut the CAP 5.510/12/2014Rate 2.985
CAP Czech Ya Head 7.711/11/2014Rate 2.964
CAP Don't Break The Oat 4.79/25/2014Rate 3.326981
CAP Elder Mother 4.711/11/2014Rate 0
CAP Endless Vacation Pale Ale 5.36/18/2013Rate 3.2346127
CAP Exciter IPA 6.06/12/2013Rate 3.3850131
CAP FrEQuency Columbus Ohio 5.59/30/2014Rate 2.894
CAP FrEQuency Rubycon 6.010/2/2014Rate 3.066
CAP Get Wrecked 8.09/20/2014Rate 0
CAP Gnarley Barley 116/28/2016Rate 2.993
CAP Great White Hype IPA 5.66/5/2014Rate 3.2233109
CAP Headhunter 5.06/6/2014Rate 3.093
CAP I'm not Bitter 5.67/5/2014Rate 3.18258
CAP Idyll 5.56/5/2015Rate 3.061
CAP Jernteppet Hammerfest 5.38/7/2015Rate 2.941812
CAP Kellerbier 5.06/26/2015Rate 3.28817
CAP Man in the Moon Vanilla Double Brown 8.03/11/2014Rate 3.43949
CAP Monkey Business 5.010/2/2014Rate 3.145
CAP Pigweed 4.59/25/2014Rate 35
CAP Prototype Pale Ale 5.512/5/2014Rate 2.947
CAP Rude Bwoy 4.56/28/2016Rate 3.015
CAP Schwarz Christmas 5.79/22/2015Rate 3.13529
CAP Schwarz is the New Black 5.49/25/2014Rate 3.085
CAP Silent NightCAP 6.511/20/2014Rate 3.216913
CAP Trial & Error #1 6.011/1/2013Rate 2.94
CAP Trial & Error #2 5.011/3/2013Rate 3.054
CAP Trial & Error #3 4.54/11/2014Rate 2.872
CAP Trial & Error #4 4.54/12/2014Rate 2.811
CAP Trial & Error #5 4.77/28/2017Rate 3.111
CAP What Coast IPA 6.011/11/2014Rate 2.917
CAP WitCAP 5.09/25/2014Rate 3.015
CAP/NK Saluhall Nothing Kills Santa 7.212/13/2013Rate 3.054
CAP / Dugges BelgoStout
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
124/11/2014Rate 3.635010
CAP Black Celebration
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
7.69/8/2013Rate 3.69671
CAP Double IPA
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
9.04/12/2013Rate 3.423764
CAP Hunting High & Low Umbrella Ale
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
6.38/31/2013Rate 3.374384
CAP Imperial Stout
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
10.54/12/2013Rate 3.757257
CAP Shot in The Dark
Brewed at Dugges Bryggeri
5.38/30/2014Rate 3.051759

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