O'Shea's Dry Hopped Amber
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.310/4/2015Rate 3.094
O'Shea's Session Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.111/27/2016Rate 2.941
O'Shea's Traditional Irish Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.312/12/2009Rate 2.893713
O'Shea's Traditional Irish Golden Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.111/11/2014Rate 2.966
O'Shea's Traditional Irish Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.32/28/2013Rate 3.055
O'Shea's Traditional Irish Stout
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.59/20/2012Rate 3.325117
O'Sheas Spiced Winter Ale
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.310/4/2015Rate 3.065
Pinta / O'Hara's Lublin to Dublin 2017
Brewed by/for Browar PINTA
6.59/13/2017Rate 3.629648
Buckley's Ale 4.29/24/2010Rate 2.984713
Carlow & J.W. Sweetman Belgian Connection 6.39/10/2013Rate 3.147
Carlow Curim Gold 4.33/27/2001Rate 2.7730405
Carlow Curim Unfiltered 4.31/4/2017Rate 2.824
Carlow F.X. Buckley Golden Ale (alias) 3.86/10/2013
Carlow Falling Apple 5.06/27/2015Rate 2.772712
Carlow Falling Apple (Dry Hopped) 5.09/9/2016Rate 0
Carlow Falling Apple Barrel Aged Cider 5.89/9/2016Rate 0
Carlow Falling Apple Seasonal Fruit Cider 5.09/9/2016Rate 0
Carlow Goods Store IPA 4.49/19/2009Rate 3.023
Carlow Moling's Traditional Celtic Beer (alias) 4.311/17/2000
Carlow Moling's Traditional Red Ale (alias) 4.31/14/2002
Carlow O'Hara's 'Opsession 4.05/31/2016Rate 3.092230
Carlow O'Hara's / Starr Hill Foreign Affair 4.87/5/2015Rate 3.23219
Carlow O'Hara's 20th Anniversary Imperial Stout 103/19/2016Rate 3.594387
Carlow O'Hara's 51st State IPA 6.04/17/2017Rate 3.213124
Carlow O'Hara's Amber Adventure 4.13/6/2014Rate 3.095553
Carlow O'Hara's Barley Wine 7.29/7/2013Rate 2.852
Carlow O'Hara's Barrel Aged Red 5.89/9/2016Rate 0
Carlow O'Hara's Barrel Aged Series Barley Wine 9.62/23/2014Rate 3.292737
Carlow O'Hara's Barrel Aged Series Leann Folláin (American Bourbon) 6.89/9/2012Rate 3.518811
Carlow O'Hara's Barrel Aged Series Leann Folláin (Irish Whiskey) 8.18/16/2013Rate 3.543880
Carlow O'Hara's Blackberry Lager 4.59/9/2014Rate 2.711
Carlow O'Hara's Celebration Stout 6.09/30/2007Rate 3.6199127
Carlow O'Hara's Celtic Stout (alias) 4.33/1/2012
Carlow O'Hara's Christmas Velvet (alias) 6.011/15/2013
Carlow O'Hara's Double IPA 7.53/14/2013Rate 3.3323157
Carlow O'Hara's Druids Brew Stout 4.73/24/2008Rate 3.12349
Carlow O'Hara's Dry Hopped Irish Red (alias) 4.39/11/2013
Carlow O'Hara's Dry Hopped Porter 6.09/9/2014Rate 2.952
Carlow O'Hara's Dunkelweizen 5.09/17/2014Rate 2.933315
Carlow O'Hara's Easter Stout 4.51/14/2012Rate 0
Carlow O'Hara's Festhalten 5.09/9/2016Rate 0
Carlow O'Hara's Freebird White IPA 5.05/31/2016Rate 3.228140
Carlow O'Hara's French Connection 4.28/18/2015Rate 2.632
Carlow O'Hara's Grapefruit IPA 5.09/9/2016Rate 0
Carlow O'Hara's Hop Adventure Aramis 5.05/31/2016Rate 3.051329
Carlow O'Hara's Hop Adventure Galaxy 5.010/21/2015Rate 3.174250
Carlow O'Hara's Hop Adventure Sorachi Ace 5.06/11/2015Rate 2.83425
Carlow O'Hara's Hop Adventure Styrian Wolf Hop 5.011/24/2016Rate 3.344636
Carlow O'Hara's Hop Heavy IPA 5.59/11/2014Rate 3.38
Carlow O'Hara's Irish Lager Helles Style 4.57/5/2013Rate 2.84438
Carlow O'Hara's Irish Pale Ale 5.27/17/2010Rate 3.2246435
Carlow O'Hara's Irish Red 4.34/17/2001Rate 3.0654892
Carlow O'Hara's Irish Stout 4.311/22/2000Rate 3.36801265
Carlow O'Hara's Leann Folláin 6.03/18/2009Rate 3.5998366
Carlow O'Hara's Natural Blonde 4.39/9/2012Rate 3.117413
Carlow O'Hara's Northern Star (alias) 4.36/24/2015
Carlow O'Hara's Notorious Red IPA 5.02/17/2016Rate 3.192746
Carlow O'Hara's Rhubarb & Strawberry Wheat Beer 4.38/28/2015Rate 2.981
Carlow O'Hara's Smoked Ale No. 1 5.28/29/2011Rate 2.822
Carlow O'Hara's Spring Saison 4.42/19/2015Rate 2.86414
Carlow O'Hara's Stormburst IPA 5.011/19/2017Rate 2.793
Carlow O'Hara's Wild Side 9.69/1/2014Rate 2.862
Carlow O'Hara's Wild Side Sour Cherry 4.19/9/2016Rate 31
Carlow O'Hara's Winter Star 5.09/9/2012Rate 3.024572
Carlow Slaney Lager 4.012/30/2014Rate 2.835
Carlow Strong Stout (alias) 6.09/30/2007
Carlow The Widow's 3.83/6/2014Rate 2.761
Pinta / O'Hara's Lublin to Dublin 2014 6.53/15/2014Rate 3.83100148
Pinta / O'Hara's Lublin to Dublin 2015 6.05/14/2015Rate 3.797139
Pinta / O'Hara's Lublin to Dublin 2016 7.06/9/2016Rate 3.7195152
Marks & Spencer County Carlow Irish Stout
Brewed by/for Marks & Spencer
4.56/9/2007Rate 3.3271124

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