Carlsberg Brewery

Commercial Brewery
Vesterfælledvej 100, Copenhagen , Denmark 1799
Associated place: The Carlsberg Visitors Centre & The Jacobsen Brewhouse
Note: Some or all cider-like products from this producer has been determined to not fullfill the criteria to be listed as a cider on this site. If adding a new cider, please verify that it fulfill the criteria. Also be cautioned that it may be unlisted without notice.
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Carlsberg 1883 4.68/31/2017Rate 2.643935
Carlsberg 1847 (Belgium) (alias) 5.510/30/2011
Carlsberg 1873 Classic (alias) -1/17/2001
Carlsberg 47 7.011/8/2001Rate 2.8524178
Carlsberg Avartia Stout 8.55/17/2007Rate 3.347231
Carlsberg Black Currant -5/14/2003Rate 2.33211
Carlsberg Brewmasters Collection American Pale Ale 4.65/29/2016Rate 2.81940
Carlsberg Brewmasters Collection California Steam Beer 4.78/26/2014Rate 2.543161
Carlsberg Brewmasters Collection India Pale Ale 5.28/24/2014Rate 2.783161
Carlsberg Brewmasters Collection Irish Red Ale 4.68/24/2014Rate 2.595134
Carlsberg Brewmasters Hoppy Alpen Weisse 5.45/4/2017Rate 2.924136
Carlsberg Brown Ale 6.15/17/2004Rate 2.771513
Carlsberg Capo 7.71/7/2003Rate 1.991434
Carlsberg Carls Ale 4.96/6/2006Rate 2.63294
Carlsberg Carls Bock 7.25/3/2011Rate 2.81968
Carlsberg Carls Dark 5.63/1/2003Rate 2.595399
Carlsberg Carls Gylden 5.75/3/2011Rate 2.37881
Carlsberg Carls Hvede 5.85/13/2002Rate 2.6110128
Carlsberg Carls Jul 5.69/24/2001Rate 2.5134117
Carlsberg Carls Påske 5.711/21/2001Rate 2.351855
Carlsberg Carls Plzner 4.55/3/2011Rate 2.461267
Carlsberg Carls Porter (alias) 7.89/17/2003
Carlsberg Carls Selection Bank Square Pale Ale 5.45/4/2017Rate 2.58238
Carlsberg Carls Selection Bock 6.710/2/2015Rate 34147
Carlsberg Carls Selection Marsstrasse Bock 6.75/25/2017Rate 2.973735
Carlsberg Carls Selection Pilsner 5.29/26/2015Rate 2.63236
Carlsberg Carls Selection Victoria Street Stout 4.25/25/2017Rate 2.69334
Carlsberg Carls Special 4.41/17/2001Rate 2.5633244
Carlsberg Christmas Beer (alias) 5.610/16/2006
Carlsberg Citrus 2.83/14/2013Rate 1.9229
Carlsberg Copenhagen 1847 (alias) 5.09/7/2013
Carlsberg Cream Stout -5/31/2009Rate 3.047
Carlsberg Crown 6.53/19/2004Rate 2.02840
Carlsberg Draft (alias) 5.012/13/2006
Carlsberg Elephant 7.26/25/2000Rate 2.27321075
Carlsberg Elephant Extra Strong 10.5 (alias) 10.54/10/2011
Carlsberg Export 5.04/18/2000Rate 2.1655295
Carlsberg Extra Cool 2.89/26/2001Rate 1.559
Carlsberg Festival Bryg 2007 3.55/17/2007Rate 2.331518
Carlsberg Gamle Carlsberg 4.31/17/2001Rate 2.5712119
Carlsberg Ice 5.04/18/2000Rate 1.42350
Carlsberg Imperial Stout/Gl. Carlsberg Porter 8.21/17/2001Rate 3.559347
Carlsberg Julebock 6.810/27/2002Rate 3.545
Carlsberg Juleforsøgsbryg -5/27/2011Rate 2.953711
Carlsberg Laboratorium Raw Master Brew 145/19/2017Rate 2.857
Carlsberg Lageröl 4.64/2/2017Rate 2.532
Carlsberg Light 2.7% 2.710/3/2001Rate 1.712070
Carlsberg Lite 4.14/1/2008Rate 1.71191
Carlsberg Master Brew 10.59/22/2001Rate 2.1775188
Carlsberg Nordic Blond Beer 0.51/17/2014Rate 1.893661
Carlsberg Nordic Collection 5.52/19/2016Rate 2.72
Carlsberg Nordic Gylden Bryg 0.51/13/2014Rate 1.82884
Carlsberg Nordic Hvede 0.57/25/2017Rate 2.26
Carlsberg Påskebryg 1847 7.93/9/2002Rate 3.184718
Carlsberg Pilsner 4.66/10/2000Rate 2.24101539
Carlsberg Pilsner (Hof) (alias) 4.611/21/2001
Carlsberg Pivo 4.11/3/2003Rate 2.713042
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Abbey Ale (alias) 7.37/24/2011
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Albertina Porter 6.86/9/2017Rate 3.232524
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Blonde Bier 6.09/13/2008Rate 2.821762
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Bock 7.14/4/2002Rate 3.228572
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Cerise 8.34/27/2004Rate 3.323
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Christmas Ale 8.310/29/2004Rate 3.4778194
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Criollo Stout 6.82/6/2003Rate 3.3864128
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Easter Brew 6.52/24/2007Rate 3.0143114
Carlsberg Semper Ardens First Gold I.P.A. 6.36/27/2004Rate 2.939113
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Honning Ale 5.38/13/2002Rate 2.944778
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Keller Pilz 5.74/29/2008Rate 2.885778
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Kellerbier 5.28/29/2013Rate 2.771890
Carlsberg Semper Ardens La Musique Wiener 4.211/16/2017Rate 2.834
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Mathilde -5/21/2008Rate 3.193823
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Porter 6.88/29/2013Rate 3.031098
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Summer Dubbel 6.05/8/2009Rate 2.691337
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Weisse 5.04/28/2004Rate 3.086862
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Weizen 4.84/27/2014Rate 2.944134
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Wiener 4.28/29/2013Rate 2.754884
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Winter Rye 6.510/11/2003Rate 3.298099
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Yellow -5/21/2008Rate 2.883925
Carlsberg Sort Guld/ Black Gold 5.81/17/2001Rate 2.2412239
Carlsberg The Father Of Quality Lager 5.89/18/2016Rate 3.179321
Dansk Classic 4.612/15/2004Rate 1.89232
Dansk Guld 5.05/15/2002Rate 2.044331
Dansk Jul 5.111/13/2002Rate 1.77326
Dansk Light 2.610/12/2002Rate 1.722123
Dansk Påske 5.03/22/2003Rate 2.044324
Dansk Styrke 3 Brutalis 8.43/26/2003Rate 1.82232
Irma 13er Ren Guldøl 5.77/28/2002Rate 1.954411
Irma 13er Ren Pilsner 4.69/23/2001Rate 2.463721
Irma 13er Ren Stærk Guldøl 6.41/26/2003Rate 2.138
Karlens Æble Cider Light 4.73/29/2006Rate 1.49024
Karlens Pære Cider Light 4.73/29/2006Rate 1.57224
King Pilsner (Denmark) 4.610/13/2003Rate 1.781845
Kongens Bryg Juleøl 1.71/24/2003Rate 2.244100
Kongens Bryg Mørkt Hvidtøl 1.76/9/2001Rate 2.377131
LIDL Pilsner (alias) 4.610/25/2005
Neptun Guldøl 5.012/20/2002Rate 1.712215
Neptun Julebryg 5.07/1/2002Rate 2.013
Neptun Krone Export 5.07/18/2003Rate 2.175913
Neptun Let Pilsner 2.36/17/2002Rate 1.82314
Neptun Luxusøl 8.412/20/2002Rate 2.071715
Neptun Mørkt Hvidtøl 1.712/19/2002Rate 2.19859
Neptun Påskebryg 5.07/1/2002Rate 2.621
Neptun Pilsner 4.66/17/2002Rate 1.78130
Pokal Classic (Carlsberg) 4.63/26/2002Rate 2.694513
Pokal Pilsner (Carlsberg) 4.63/26/2002Rate 2.363014
Polar Bryg 8.47/11/2002Rate 1.92
Skol (Europe/Asia/Caribbean) 5.04/5/2001Rate 1.7314158
Skol Shandy Sabor Limón 0.98/30/2015 U  0
Somersby Blackberry 4.510/31/2013 U  2.712611
Somersby Blueberry 4.54/28/2017Rate 2.63
Somersby Citrus Fruit 4.54/5/2014Rate 2.21511
Somersby Elderflower 4.73/6/2010Rate 1.66139
Somersby Elderflower Lime 4.56/28/2014 U  2.681
Somersby Ginger Lemon (alias) 4.57/20/2012
Somersby Orchard Selection Secco 4.56/24/2017Rate 2.467
Somersby Pear Cider 4.73/12/2009 U  1.77489
Somersby Red Rhubarb 4.55/5/2017Rate 2.545
Somersby Strawberry & Rhubarb 4.010/25/2016Rate 2.562
Somersby Unlimited Green Guava 4.51/12/2016 U  2.851
Somersby Unlimited Pomegranate 4.58/4/2015 U  2.811
Somersby with Pear juice 4.75/11/2017Rate 0
SPAR Classic (Denmark) 4.610/31/2002Rate 1.933356
SPAR Pilsner (Denmark) 4.610/31/2002Rate 1.71153
Star Pilsner 4.66/17/2002Rate 2.196218
The Kings Brewhouse West-Indian Porter - Black Devil, Testbryg No.1 (alias) 6.75/1/2008
Tuborg Blå Tuborg 4.62/2/2007Rate 2.08568
Tuborg Chili-Øl 4.65/17/2004Rate 2.06611
Tuborg Classic 4.61/17/2001Rate 2.2711322
Tuborg Classic Gylden 4.63/2/2004Rate 2.381974
Tuborg Classic Hvede 4.64/8/2002Rate 2.611176
Tuborg Classic Solbær 4.65/30/2005Rate 2.147
Tuborg FF Black 6.010/30/2006Rate 2.715116
Tuborg Fine Festival 7.54/9/2001Rate 2.0915146
Tuborg Grøn (Green) 4.69/7/2000Rate 2.074840
Tuborg Guld (Gold / Premium Lager) 5.812/29/2000Rate 2.318586
Tuborg Hvid Tuborg 4.62/2/2007Rate 2.034374
Tuborg Julebryg 5.66/24/2001Rate 2.4530281
Tuborg Julebryg A lOrange 5.611/6/2005Rate 2.278
Tuborg Kalenderpilsner 4.611/5/2004Rate 2.231130
Tuborg Lime Cut 4.55/3/2010Rate 1.40110
Tuborg LITE 4.13/20/2008Rate 1.59654
Tuborg Lys Grøn 2.612/29/2000Rate 1.712615
Tuborg Påskebryg 5.712/29/2000Rate 2.2913163
Tuborg Porter Double Stout 8.28/10/2002Rate 3.223118
Tuborg Purr 8.05/25/2006Rate 2.577
Tuborg RÅ 4.55/23/2014Rate 2.58797
Tuborg Rød Lagerøl 4.38/20/2001Rate 2.7526157
Tuborg Royal Danish 8.64/27/2004Rate 2.8648
Tuborg Royal Danish Strong Beer 7.28/17/2004Rate 2.393926
Tuborg Sommer 2.34/22/2013Rate 1.923152
Tuborg Super Light 0.096/26/2001Rate 1.22197
Tuborg T-Beer 4.910/5/2002Rate 1.32253
Tuborg T-Beer Citrus/ Lemon 4.94/1/2005Rate 1.33056
Tuborg Ultra Grøn 6.55/9/2013Rate 1.83238
Tuborg Weihnachts-Pilsener 4.91/22/2001Rate 2.341683
Wiibroe Årgangsøl 10.69/11/2001Rate 2.0553193
Wiibroe Bryg Dunkel Bock 7.59/15/2008Rate 2.923742
Wiibroe Classic 4.68/16/2002Rate 2.281249
Wiibroe Guld Export 5.711/25/2001Rate 2.428550
Wiibroe Pilsner 4.611/25/2001Rate 2.14670
Wiibroe Porter Imperial Stout 8.27/30/2001Rate 3.7793333
Wiibroe Sommer 4.35/28/2008Rate 2.452423
Wiibroe Special Lager 2.85/22/2004Rate 2.482
Wiibroe Special Lager 3.5% 3.56/19/2005Rate 2.452
Somersby Apple Cider 4.54/15/2008Rate 2.255260
Carlsberg Carls Selection Sweet Stout 4.29/9/2015Rate 2.61254
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Grubleren IPA 5.56/1/2017Rate 2.96833
Lidl ØL
Brewed by/for Lidl
4.611/28/2005Rate 2.266821

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