Carlsberg UK

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 72/100 2384 ratings
140 Bridge Street, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England NN1 1PZ
Associated place: Circus Tavern (Tetley’s)
Opened in 1973 as Carlsberg’s dedicated UK lager production plant. Following closure of the former Tetley brewery in Leeds in June 2011, Northampton became Carslberg UK’s sole brewing location in the UK and the site of its corporate headquarters.
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Shipstones Bitter (Can)
Brewed by/for Aldi (UK)
4.03/16/2006Rate 2.391
Allsopps Export Lager 4.81/13/2004Rate 2.771
Carlsberg 0.0 -8/31/2016Rate 2.791
Carlsberg Blackcurrant 2.84/30/2014Rate 2.488813
Carlsberg Edge 4.611/5/2006Rate 2.332310
Carlsberg Lager (UK) 3.83/4/2001Rate 1.7616174
Carlsberg Mid-Strength 2.69/16/2008Rate 2.51
Carlsberg Special Brew 8.04/18/2000Rate 2.0613207
Holsten Pils (UK) 5.09/26/2001Rate 2.114873
Holsten Super 7.54/9/2012Rate 2.743
Ind Coope Light Ale 3.010/25/2002Rate 2.772
Ind Coope Long Life 4.210/20/2000Rate 2.28
Ind Coope Triple A -1/7/2015Rate 0
San Miguel (Europe) 5.05/16/2008Rate 2.0342228
Skol Lager (UK) 2.87/12/2002Rate 1.681099
Skol Special 4.62/11/2008Rate 2.414
Skol Super 9.02/7/2003Rate 1.732894
Somerfield Best Bitter 4.010/3/2009Rate 2.631
Somerfield Bitter 3.03/18/2006Rate 2.18
Tetleys English Ale 5.06/29/2000Rate 2.8413601
Tetleys Gold (Bottle) 4.55/31/2013Rate 2.83322
Tuborg Green (UK) 4.04/30/2013Rate 1.953631
Walkers Smooth Bitter 3.212/26/2014Rate 2.771
Carlsberg UK No 1 High Street (alias) 3.79/15/2013
Tetleys Cask Bitter 3.76/9/2001Rate 2.669103
Tetleys Christmas Cracker 4.312/14/2011Rate 2.771723
Tetleys Dark Mild (Cask) 3.25/14/2003Rate 2.831322
Tetleys Gold (Cask) 4.14/5/2013Rate 2.954319
Tetleys Huntsman’s Ale 4.25/1/2011Rate 2.954436
Tetleys Mild (Cask) 3.210/5/2002Rate 2.75817
Tetleys Trust Porter 5.22/24/2012Rate 2.971613
Calders 70/- / Best Scotch / Special (Keg) 3.67/12/2002Rate 2.661420
Calders 80/- / Export (Keg) 4.24/14/2004Rate 2.651110
Calders Cream Ale 4.54/9/2002Rate 2.78
Calders Light (Keg) 2.84/14/2004Rate 0
Calders Premium Cream Beer 4.07/12/2002Rate 2.671412
Rose Street Brewery Devil’s Kiss 7.02/12/2003Rate 2.33323
Tetleys Dark Mild (Keg)
Brewed at Camerons (UK)
2.812/4/2003Rate 2.71611
Tetleys Imperial (Pasteurised)
Brewed at Camerons (UK)
4.111/11/2003Rate 2.954823
Somersby Apple Burst Cider (UK) 4.57/17/2015Rate 2.72
Somersby Blackberry Cider (UK) 4.07/17/2015Rate 2.587
Somersby Cider (UK) (alias) 4.57/10/2012
Somersby Cranberry Cider (UK) 4.07/17/2015Rate 2.583
Somersby Original Cider (UK) 4.57/17/2015Rate 2.36929
Ind Coope Draught Burton Ale
Brewed at J.W. Lees
4.58/24/2002Rate 3.166923
Ansells Mild (Cask)
Brewed at Marston’s
3.51/8/2004Rate 2.953412
Tetleys Bitter / Original / Smoothflow (Can) 3.64/12/2001Rate 2.679279
Tetleys Smoothflow / Extra Cold (Keg) 3.611/7/2000Rate 2.555104
Greenalls Mild 3.18/23/2013Rate 2.963
Sainsbury’s Basics Lager
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
2.09/30/2009Rate 1.66938
Sainsbury’s Crown Premium Lager
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
4.81/7/2011Rate 2.216517
Sainsbury’s Original Crown Lager
Brewed by/for Sainsbury’s
4.01/13/2010Rate 2.155515

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