Carlton & United Breweries (CUB - AB InBev)

Commercial Brewery
1 Bouverie Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3053
Places associated: Carlton Brewhouse, The Avenue

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Byron Bay Pale Lager -1/30/2013Rate 2.14812
Abbots Lager 4.98/24/2004Rate 2.135
Abbotsford Invalid Stout 5.27/23/2002Rate 2.85654
ANHC Four & CUB Presents The Big Bad Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine 13.56/5/2015Rate 3.191
Cairns Draught 4.99/29/2003Rate 1.94377
Carlton W.A. Gold 3.08/6/2004Rate 2.434
Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) Claude Nie 9.010/15/2009Rate 3.021
Carlton 303 Icegold 3.31/19/2001Rate 1.696
Carlton Black 4.49/27/2001Rate 2.42278
Carlton Cold (3.5%) 3.51/12/2015Rate 1.6169
Carlton Cold (4%) 4.01/12/2015Rate 1.48431
Carlton Cold (4.6%) 4.62/22/2001Rate 1.565144
Carlton Cold Shot 6.04/27/2003Rate 1.34222
Carlton Cold Ultra Chill 6.57/11/2007Rate 2.26
Carlton Crown Golden Ale 4.57/1/2014Rate 2.05128
Carlton Crown Lager 4.93/8/2001Rate 2.0744281
Carlton D-Ale 4.610/20/2002Rate 1.284
Carlton Diamond 4.21/19/2001Rate 1.8729
Carlton Draught 4.62/22/2001Rate 1.913198
Carlton Dry 4.512/15/2007Rate 1.741351
Carlton Dry Fusion 4.21/18/2008Rate 1.7217
Carlton Dry Fusion Black 4.212/1/2010Rate 2.482
Carlton Dry Fusion Lemon 4.212/3/2010Rate 2.176
Carlton Dry Hard Lager 6.59/24/2018Rate 1.917
Carlton Dry with Natural Lime 4.01/28/2017Rate 2.183
Carlton Empire Lager 4.68/7/2003Rate 1.34141
Carlton Light 3.311/3/2002Rate 1.682018
Carlton LJ 4.69/5/2001Rate 1.47422
Carlton Mid 3.53/20/2002Rate 1.892794
Carlton Natural Blonde 4.211/1/2008Rate 23910
Carlton Pale Ale 4.211/7/2016Rate 2.834
Carlton Premium Dry 5.29/5/2001Rate 1.691046
Carlton Pure Blonde 4.610/7/2004Rate 1.493116
Carlton Pure Blonde Naked 3.512/25/2008Rate 2.236910
Carlton Pure Blonde White 4.61/15/2011Rate 2.278
Carlton Sheaf Stout 5.75/31/2000Rate 3.226333
Carlton Sterling 2.58/28/2002Rate 1.46437
Carlton Stripe 4.012/9/2001Rate 2.691
Carlton Summer Storm 4.211/12/2015Rate 2.811
Carlton Zero -10/24/2018Rate 2.44
Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager 10.212/20/2008Rate 3.478726
Crown Gold 3.510/11/2006Rate 2.218
Crown Lager Summer Reserve 4.512/8/2018Rate 0
Crown Pilsner 5.412/2/2006Rate 1.499
Foster's Classic 4.01/5/2015Rate 1.86239
KB Lager 4.610/15/2001Rate 1.892726
Kent Old Brown 4.410/4/2001Rate 2.462831
Little Green Sweet Apple Cider 4.511/8/2016Rate 2.526
McCracken's City Brewing McCracken's Ale 4.58/21/2013Rate 2.336
Melbourne Bitter 4.67/27/2001Rate 1.8421141
Mercury Dry Cider 1911 5.28/20/2018Rate 2.851
Mercury Hard Cider 6.911/16/2014Rate 2.737
NT Draught 4.96/24/2009Rate 2.74
Pacific Beverages Radler 2.011/27/2015Rate 2.25
Pacific Radler With Blood Orange 2.012/16/2016Rate 1.993
Peroni Leggera 3.53/10/2009Rate 1.771533
Pure Blonde Crisp Apple Cider -9/7/2016Rate 2.484
Pure Blonde Organic Cider 4.210/12/2019Rate 2.721
Pure Blonde Premium Mid 3.53/3/2014Rate 2.15
Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager 4.210/15/2015Rate 2.256419
Spring Cider Co. Apple 2.010/31/2016Rate 2.692
Spring Cider Co. Apple and Pomegranate Cider Blended With Soda Water 2.010/4/2018Rate 0
Tooth's Pale Ale 4.212/1/2015Rate 2.554
VB Raw Dry Lager 4.59/18/2009Rate 2.227024
Vic On The Park Lager 4.11/26/2005Rate 1.852
Victoria Bitter 4.95/4/2001Rate 1.974687
Victoria Bitter Gold (alias) 3.51/4/2011
Victoria Bitter Midstrength 3.55/5/2007Rate 1.6627
Victoria Bitter Original Ale 4.65/4/2005Rate 2.34144
Victoria Pale Lager 4.411/4/2011Rate 1.842012

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