Carolina 11th Anniversary Imperial IPA 8.27/12/2006Rate 3.627138
Carolina 12th Anniversary Imperial Pilsener 8.17/16/2007Rate 3.332
Carolina 13th Anniversary Weizen Bock 6.27/6/2008Rate 3.096
Carolina 14th Anniversary Belgian Tripel 8.07/10/2009Rate 2.914
Carolina 15th Anniversary Wigsout 6.51/29/2011Rate 2.812
Carolina 17th Anniversary Belgian Tripel 9.46/30/2012Rate 2.861
Carolina 19th Anniversary Imperial IPA 9.18/31/2014Rate 3.273
Carolina 20th Anniversary Belgain IPA 5.810/5/2015Rate 0
Carolina 50/50 -12/24/2012Rate 2.871
Carolina 5th Anniversary Scottish Ale 4.56/15/2005Rate 3.112
Carolina 9th Anniversary 6.07/3/2004Rate 3.023
Carolina Belgian IPA 5.512/2/2010Rate 2.82
Carolina Belgian Style Quad -1/16/2018Rate 3.021
Carolina Black Lager -7/17/2013Rate 2.861
Carolina Dark Crystal IPA 7.16/7/2014Rate 3.318
Carolina Dunkelbock -2/15/2005Rate 2.621
Carolina Goin' My Way 4.63/25/2017Rate 2.981
Carolina Groundhog Doppelbock 6.81/29/2006Rate 2.854
Carolina Groundhog Imperial Stout- Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.55/15/2015Rate 2.981
Carolina Groundhog Rauch Beer 4.51/29/2009Rate 2.951418
Carolina Groundhog Stout (alias) 5.92/4/2004
Carolina Hargett Street Ale 5.58/5/2011Rate 2.743
Carolina Hargett Street Ale (Dark) 5.42/15/2012Rate 2.912
Carolina Holiday Belgian Tripel 8.35/29/2018Rate 3.232
Carolina Hop Roar IPA 7.56/27/2015Rate 3.152214
Carolina IIPA (alias) 8.211/26/2007
Carolina Imperial Stout 9.51/28/2007Rate 3.746948
Carolina India Pale Ale 5.25/5/2005Rate 3.263968
Carolina IPA 5.96/1/2004Rate 3.213941
Carolina Lager -7/18/2000Rate 2.957914
Carolina Mane Stay 4.83/13/2017Rate 0
Carolina Nut Brown Ale 4.97/18/2000Rate 3.317884
Carolina Oktoberfest Lager 5.69/28/2002Rate 3.158918
Carolina Old 392 Barleywine 9.311/24/2005Rate 3.55246
Carolina Pale Ale 5.17/18/2000Rate 2.9141109
Carolina Rum Barrel Aged Dunkle Kong -5/31/2018Rate 3.31
Carolina Rye Pale Ale 4.94/22/2016Rate 0
Carolina Spring Bock 6.52/8/2002Rate 3.177843
Carolina Summer Ale 4.86/30/2012Rate 3.036
Carolina Summer English Ale -7/3/2003Rate 3.151
Carolina Summer Pilsner -7/17/2003Rate 2.771
Carolina Summer Wheat 4.86/4/2005Rate 2.825412
Carolina Wet Hopped IPA 5.710/23/2013Rate 2.871
Carolina Wiggo The IV 6.311/28/2008Rate 3.364815
Carolina Wiggo the Sixth (alias) 6.11/5/2012
Carolina Wiggo the Third 5.07/3/2005Rate 3.23
Carolina Winter Porter 5.27/18/2000Rate 3.163146
Carolina Winter Stout 5.612/5/2004Rate 3.399116
Carolina Zweikofigenator Doppelbock 7.411/22/2012Rate 0

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