CCLF Livarot (Eclor-Agrial)

Rue de Lisieux, Livarot, France 14140
Admin note: The Cidreries du Calvados La Fermière plant in Livarot, Normandy. Might be merged with the central entry. Packaging code : emb_14371
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Auchan Cidre Brut Bio
Brewed by/for Auchan
4.51/5/2013Rate 2.762
Auchan Cidre de Normandie Brut
Brewed by/for Auchan
5.07/10/2012Rate 2.731
Auchan Cidre de Normandie Doux
Brewed by/for Auchan
2.07/1/2012Rate 2.733
Vergers Du Patrimoine Cidre Bouché de Normandie Doux
Brewed by/for Auchan
2.09/13/2015Rate 3.122
Vergers du Patrimoine Cidre Rosé
Brewed by/for Auchan
2.51/20/2017Rate 3.131
Carrefour Bio Cidre de Normandie Bouché Brut 4.53/7/2011Rate 2.844310
Carrefour Cidre de Normandie Brut 5.08/20/2011Rate 2.682813
Carrefour Cidre de Normandie Doux 2.58/20/2011Rate 2.622211
Carrefour Cidre Traditionnel 4.54/14/2012Rate 2.826
Carrefour Discount Cidre Bouché Brut 4.54/14/2012Rate 2.84399
Carrefour Discount Cidre Bouché Doux 2.04/14/2012Rate 2.85439
Reflets de France Cidre de Normandie Brut 5.06/8/2008Rate 3.156540
CCLF Livarot Cidre Brut (Savoureux & Intense) 4.07/28/2019Rate 2.961
Ecusson Cidre & Cerise 3.011/1/2016Rate 3.092
Ecusson Cidre & Pêche 3.010/23/2015Rate 3.153
Ecusson Cidre & Poire 2.51/1/2017Rate 3.124
Ecusson Cidre Brut 5.01/22/2012Rate 3.084942
Ecusson Cidre Doux 2.512/11/2012Rate 2.853330
Ecusson Cidre Rosé 3.011/8/2014Rate 3.237721
Ecusson de Glace 9.05/27/2012Rate 3.583315
Ecusson Délice De Poiré 2.51/22/2012Rate 2.976520
Ecusson L'Essentiel Cidre Bio 4.512/22/2018Rate 3.021
Ecusson Le Délicieux Cidre Rosé 3.012/22/2018Rate 3.042
Pom d'Adam Cidre Traditionnel de Normandie 5.03/4/2010Rate 2.996310
Cora Cidre Rosé
Brewed by/for Cora
2.510/23/2015Rate 2.621
U Cidre Bouché Normand Brut 5.07/13/2010Rate 2.93514
U Cidre Bouché Normand Doux 2.07/13/2010Rate 2.631914
Monoprix Cidre Bouche Brut De Normandie
Brewed by/for Monoprix
4.510/2/2015Rate 3.123
Monoprix Gourmet Cidre Artisanal Bouché
Brewed by/for Monoprix
4.09/14/2017Rate 3.041

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