Cedar Creek Brewery

Brewer rating: 92/100 418 ratings
336 E Cedar Creek Parkway, Seven Points, Texas, USA 75143
Fri: 4 to 9 pm
Sat: 12 to 9 pm
Sun: 12 to 6 pm

Associated place: Cedar Creek Brewery

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Cedar Creek Ales for ALS India Red Lager 5.41/29/2017Rate 3.162
Cedar Creek Barrel Aged Elliott’s 5.111/15/2013Rate 2.842
Cedar Creek Barrel Aged Scruffy’s 5.111/15/2013Rate 2.982
Cedar Creek Belgian Style Dubble 7.62/21/2017Rate 2.851
Cedar Creek Blackman Opening Act 2.97/18/2015Rate 2.932
Cedar Creek Bourbon Barrel Dubbel -4/24/2014Rate 2.871
Cedar Creek Clover Kicker Saison 6.010/12/2014Rate 3.121711
Cedar Creek Dankosaurus IPA 6.83/25/2014Rate 3.6393110
Cedar Creek Doppelganger 5.24/2/2017Rate 3.041
Cedar Creek Elliott’s Phoned Home American Pale Ale 5.18/18/2012Rate 3.174347
Cedar Creek Fisticuffs 9.512/25/2014Rate 3.292810
Cedar Creek Gone A-Rye 8.88/4/2013Rate 3.434132
Cedar Creek Grapefruit Haze Dankosaurus 6.84/18/2017Rate 3.214
Cedar Creek Lawn Ranger Cream Ale 4.58/17/2012Rate 2.833551
Cedar Creek Maui Wowie Dankosaurus 6.84/18/2017Rate 3.063
Cedar Creek Oat N’ Aboat 5.12/27/2015Rate 3.39519
Cedar Creek Oktoberfest Märzen 5.410/5/2016Rate 2.981
Cedar Creek Patio Pounder 5.26/2/2015Rate 3.2610010
Cedar Creek Poblano Dankosaurus 6.812/9/2016Rate 3.336
Cedar Creek Repartee 5.07/6/2013Rate 3.118
Cedar Creek Scruffy’s Smoked Alt 5.18/18/2012Rate 3.325456
Cedar Creek Spinning Mule -5/20/2014Rate 3.315016
Cedar Creek The Belgian Dubbel -2/10/2013Rate 3.459131
Cedar Creek Tighty Whities 4.04/14/2016Rate 3.182

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