Ceres Bryggerierne (Royal Unibrew)

(Not In Production)
Commercial Brewery
Ceres Alle 1, Århus, Denmark 8100
Associated place: Ceres Bryggerierne (Royal Unibrew)
The brewery closed in November 2008. The Ceres brand is still being made at other Royal Unibrew facilities.
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Ceres Århus Ufiltreret 4.65/30/2008Rate 2.756214
Ceres Dansk Dortmunder (alias) 7.79/26/2001
Ceres Hvedeøl Kraftig Overgær 5.05/17/2003Rate 2.122
Ceres Royal Amarillo 5.15/17/2004Rate 1.869
Ceres Royal Autumn 5.810/11/2002Rate 31
Ceres Royal Black 5.010/31/2004Rate 2.592
Ceres Royal Bøgeøl 4.69/24/2007Rate 2.273
Ceres Royal Dark (Forsøgsøl) 4.85/26/2005Rate 2.483
Ceres Royal Export Classic (All Malt) 5.84/18/2001Rate 2.856336
Ceres Royal Export Extra Strong 10 % 107/21/2003Rate 2.377
Ceres Royal Fusion 5.55/17/2004Rate 2.085
Ceres Royal Han 7.69/19/2008Rate 2.95299
Ceres Royal Lime 4.210/31/2004Rate 1.932
Ceres Royal Party 7.710/27/2002Rate 2.86
Ceres Royal Power 5.510/24/2003Rate 2.921
Ceres Royal Rå Sort 7.75/30/2008Rate 2.991515
Ceres Royal Spring 5.86/26/2001Rate 2.867718
Ceres Royal Stor Lys HAN 8.85/8/2009Rate 2.52221
Ceres Royal Stor Mørk HAN 6.15/8/2009Rate 2.621121
Ceres Royal White 5.15/13/2002Rate 2.316
Ceres Selection Private 9.312/11/2002Rate 2.893
Ceres Stout (alias) 7.78/6/2006
Ceres Strong Ale Export (alias) 6.61/29/2004
Ceres Strong Ale Kiss 6.512/23/2008Rate 2.373519
Ceres Top Classic 4.61/14/2003Rate 2.382125
Ceres Top Royal (alias) 5.61/23/2007
Ceres Weiss (alias) 5.16/15/2007
Royal Classic Light 2.71/10/2006Rate 1.682633

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