Cave Creek Chili Beer 4.78/20/2000Rate 1.370871
Azteca Chili Devil
Brewed by/for Cerveceria Azteca
5.07/12/2013Rate 2.551433
Blanco Basura Premium Mexican Lager (alias)
Brewed by/for Cerveceria Azteca
Bruvado Premium Mexican Lager 5.010/19/2010Rate 2.03330
Cerveza La Frontera Especial 4.68/2/2014Rate 2.482
Cerveza Mexicali Beer 5.09/6/2003Rate 1.9535169
Cerveza Mexicali Dark Beer 5.012/25/2007Rate 2.6641106
Cerveza Mexicali Light Beer 3.92/10/2008Rate 1.792041
Cerveza Rio Bravo Light 3.99/15/2014Rate 2.492
Cerveza Rio Bravo Pilsener 4.07/10/2010Rate 2.341617
Cerveza Rio Bravo Special Dark Beer 5.07/10/2010Rate 2.866315
Dia De Los Muertos Death Becomes You Amber Ale 5.56/29/2013Rate 2.8730175
Dia De Los Muertos Death Rides a Pale Horse Blonde Ale 5.66/29/2013Rate 2.6714152
Dia De Los Muertos DOA IPA (alias) 6.810/18/2013
Dia de los Muertos Don’t Lose your Head Pumpkin Ale 5.03/7/2016Rate 3.054
Dia de los Muertos Double IPA 8.04/7/2017Rate 2.921
Dia De Los Muertos Hop On Or Die IPA 6.86/29/2013Rate 3.0312336
Dia De Los Muertos Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen 5.56/29/2013Rate 3.0250193
Dia de los Muertos Naughty or Nice Christmas Bock 6.53/23/2016Rate 2.944
Dia De Los Muertos One-Two Knockout Punch 6.82/19/2016Rate 3.45733
Dia De Los Muertos Pay The Ferryman Porter 5.06/29/2013Rate 3.1328281
Dia de los Muertos Pumpkin Pie Porter 5.03/23/2016Rate 3.112
Dia De Los Muertos Queen of the Night Pale Ale 4.86/29/2013Rate 2.746201
Dia De Los Muertos The Necromancer Chocolatl Stout 5.04/20/2015Rate 3.092447
Ed Hardy Death or Light Beer -9/30/2009Rate 1.52560
Ed Hardy Premium Beer 4.69/30/2009Rate 1.67973
Los Portales Dark (Oscura) 4.82/8/2013Rate 2.73
Los Portales Light 3.51/3/2014Rate 0
Los Portales Premium Pilsener 3.83/29/2013Rate 2.792
Red Pig Mexican Ale 5.41/10/2008Rate 2.7517163
Simpatico 4.69/30/2012Rate 2.496
Evans Premium Lager Black
Brewed by/for Evans Premium Lager
-3/19/2012Rate 2.998512
Evans Premium Lager Light
Brewed by/for Evans Premium Lager
-3/19/2012Rate 2.348011
Evans Premium Original Lager
Brewed by/for Evans Premium Lager
-3/6/2011Rate 2.738
Cerveza La Playa Lager 4.64/10/2010Rate 2.014046
Trader José Dark Premium Lager 5.31/7/2008Rate 2.7750172
Trader José Light Premium Lager 4.09/6/2009Rate 2.14858
Trader José Premium Lager 3.87/5/2007Rate 2.165493

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