Way / 277 Pub Triple Wood Aged BarleyWine 15.54/28/2015Rate 3.131222
Way / Arizona Wilderness Purple High 5 5.54/28/2015Rate 3.484437
Way / Dogma Jabutigose 3.54/8/2017Rate 3.274020
Way / Jester King Watermelon Ale 4.73/26/2017Rate 3.187718
Way / Stillwater Amazon Gose 3.55/17/2016Rate 3.253825
Way / Stillwater Farm House Butiá 6.44/28/2015Rate 3.127124
Way 100% Brett IPA 7.05/16/2014Rate 3.34423
Way Against the Cacau 4.89/3/2017Rate 2.981
Way Amburana Barley Wine 144/28/2015Rate 3.1936
Way Amburana Lager 8.47/10/2011Rate 3.24477
Way American India Pale Ale 6.54/3/2013Rate 3.072
Way American Pale Ale 5.212/24/2010Rate 3.234764
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop Amarillo 5.212/25/2012Rate 2.892
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop Cascade 5.212/25/2012Rate 2.872
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop Citra 5.212/25/2012Rate 2.934
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop HBC 342 5.210/25/2013Rate 2.871
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop Mosaic 5.210/25/2013Rate 2.861
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop Motueka 5.210/25/2013Rate 2.861
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop Summit 5.24/3/2013Rate 2.982
Way American Pale Ale Single Hop Topaz 5.210/25/2013Rate 2.861
Way Atemoia Stout 6.75/6/2013Rate 2.911216
Way Avelã Porter 5.64/2/2013Rate 3.23810
Way Barrel Aged RIS 10.75/14/2017Rate 3.15416
Way Belgian Dark Roller Coaster IPA 6.212/13/2012Rate 3.41469
Way Black Barley Wine 135/2/2014Rate 3.242232
Way Blond Barleywine 145/4/2014Rate 3.394122
Way Brett Red Ale 6.05/2/2014Rate 3.06928
Way Brown Funky Berries 4.65/22/2017Rate 3.251812
Way Cachaca Barrel Barley Wine 135/6/2013Rate 3.373838
Way Cachaça Coffee Brown Ale 5.25/22/2017Rate 3.114612
Way CeleryBration 3.45/16/2016Rate 3.061520
Way Cider IPA 6.74/28/2015Rate 3.041326
Way Coffee Brown 5.24/26/2017Rate 2.576
Way Cream Porter 5.612/24/2010Rate 3.132936
Way Die Fizzy Yellow American IPA 7.011/17/2013Rate 3.332911
Way Double American Pale Ale 8.89/2/2012Rate 3.424719
Way Dry-Hopped Berliner Weisse 3.53/16/2016Rate 3.151
Way EAPeated 6.94/29/2016Rate 2.92317
Way Eat Me 4.69/11/2017Rate 2.981
Way Eat My Berries 4.05/6/2014Rate 3.433927
Way Eight Secrets Double Pale Ale 6.51/11/2012Rate 2.791
Way Fruit Stout -5/7/2013Rate 3.048214
Way Gabiroba 7.68/8/2016Rate 3.052
Way Gose 3.53/16/2016Rate 2.771
Way Highway to Hop´n Roll 6.24/28/2015Rate 34222
Way Imperial Mangue Stout 10.76/30/2015Rate 3.381821
Way Irish Red Ale 5.812/24/2010Rate 3.269326
Way Morretes 10.75/17/2016Rate 3.261022
Way PinhaiSpontaneous 6.05/19/2016Rate 3.06714
Way Premium Lager 5.212/24/2010Rate 2.897311
Way Red Wine Saison 6.25/17/2016Rate 3.111715
Way Sakipa -3/16/2016Rate 2.751
Way Sour Barley Wine 124/28/2015Rate 3.252423
Way Sour Me Not Acerola 4.05/4/2014Rate 3.439457
Way Sour Me Not Caju 3.52/27/2016Rate 3.59639
Way Sour Me Not Goiaba + Gabiroba 3.54/8/2017Rate 3.585916
Way Sour Me Not Graviola 4.05/2/2014Rate 3.374864
Way Sour Me Not Morango 3.57/12/2014Rate 3.164
Way Spontaneous Key Lime 5.15/17/2016Rate 3.241816
Way Witbier 5.02/18/2016Rate 3.111

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