Yakka / Freaks Las Uvas de la IPA 9.06/28/2017Rate 3.291814
Yakka / Nøgne Ø Two Options 8.112/22/2017Rate 3.133020
Yakka / Tyris Lady Mandarina 4.69/25/2017Rate 3.033
Yakka / Yria Valyria 7.710/18/2016Rate 3.263715
Yakka A Pedales 6.011/21/2017Rate 0
Yakka Beers Attack 4.14/28/2018Rate 3.036
Yakka Beyakka Niger & Green 7.09/29/2013Rate 3.44324
Yakka Black IPA (alias) 7.08/15/2012
Yakka Blankka 5.35/25/2015Rate 3.072
Yakka Brown 6.09/29/2013Rate 3.246816
Yakka Contra Imperial Stout 6.810/11/2014Rate 0
Yakka Darknoise 4.67/11/2018Rate 3.091
Yakka Dry & Warm 6.810/2/2016Rate 3.133
Yakka Dubbel Barrel Aged 8.52/7/2017Rate 3.187
Yakka German Ale 5.08/15/2012Rate 3.033
Yakka German Ale Ecológica 5.69/25/2016Rate 3.066
Yakka Hiena 5.811/2/2018Rate 3.092
Yakka Hughie's Mild 3.410/15/2017Rate 2.751
Yakka Hughie's Series Extra Pale 6.74/13/2018Rate 2.955
Yakka Humo 5.11/18/2014Rate 3.153314
Yakka IPA 6.43/21/2015Rate 3.063
Yakka La German Fum-Ale 5.08/15/2012Rate 2.811
Yakka Lunática 1 8.12/27/2017Rate 3.093
Yakka Lunática 2 7.43/29/2017Rate 2.941
Yakka Mare 4.66/1/2016Rate 2.79714
Yakka Negra -2/16/2013Rate 0
Yakka Palpita 5.83/4/2019Rate 2.914
Yakka Rubia Lager 4.58/15/2012Rate 2.731
Yakka Rural Stout 7.05/15/2013Rate 2.812
Yakka Serious Rye IPA 7.12/7/2017Rate 3.262316
Yakka Session Rye IPA 4.79/10/2018Rate 2.853
Yakka Trigo -2/16/2013Rate 0
Yakka WB Weizenbock 7.53/24/2015Rate 3.155
Yakka Yapale 5.18/15/2012Rate 3.152217
Yria / HaandBryggeriet (Norway) Haand to Hand (Mano A Mano)
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
10.41/21/2019Rate 3.474621
Yria / Mederij Marcus Dronken Bij
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
10.511/23/2018Rate 3.366612
Yria / Yakka / Falken / Reptilian / Tempel The Figth Element
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
6.22/7/2017Rate 3.111719
Yria Flow
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
8.510/14/2017Rate 3.534524
Yria Man-Darina Xtra pale ale
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
5.06/14/2015Rate 3.619728
Yria MangoMan
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
5.84/26/2016Rate 3.477324
Yria Prototipo #5 Session Baltic Porter
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
3.74/4/2018Rate 3.157
Yria UFO Centennial Ed.
Brewed by/for Cervezas Yria
6.011/19/2017Rate 2.87511
El Pedal Postureo
Brewed by/for El Pedal
7.68/2/2017Rate 3.265

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