Yria / Parálisis Cereal 6.011/1/2016Rate 2.832
Yria / Cierzo Droit au Brut 7.01/3/2019Rate 31
Yria / Guineu Don't Like Mondays 102/16/2018Rate 3.13
Yria / H2ÖL LIke a Beergin 7.02/3/2019Rate 0
Yria / HaandBryggeriet (Norway) Haand to Hand (Mano A Mano) 10.41/21/2019Rate 3.464414
Yria / Letra / Vernazza Insomnia Imperial Coffee Stout 11.810/6/2017Rate 3.164
Yria / Medina Ernest & Txus 8.012/25/2016Rate 3.111713
Yria / Medina IPA Citra 6.09/23/2017Rate 3.042
Yria / O Pazo de Lugo Borea 8.09/2/2018Rate 3.095
Yria / Reptilian The Nuclear Mutant Beast /The Giant Reptilian From Hell Bourbon 147/22/2018Rate 3.32
Yria / Sackman Barrel II 122/3/2019Rate 3.091
Yria / Seven Island Nicta 178/20/2019Rate 0
Yria / Titan Craft Beer Cañonero 5.610/18/2016Rate 3.225
Yria 8MZ Pumpking 7.511/3/2018Rate 2.871
Yria Ani Barley wine 143/3/2015Rate 3.192
Yria Asura 137/19/2018Rate 3.773916
Yria Asura: Deconstructed 279/12/2019Rate 3.041
Yria Bearliner Weisse 4.29/11/2016Rate 2.943
Yria Bloody Zombie 102/15/2017Rate 3.15
Yria Bohemia 5.08/14/2019Rate 0
Yria Brainstorm Sin Gluten 7.04/22/2018Rate 3.253
Yria Brutalism 7.012/22/2018Rate 2.955
Yria Deva 9.010/2/2017Rate 2.483
Yria Distopia 9.89/11/2018Rate 3.384
Yria Golden Ale 5.55/13/2018Rate 2.972
Yria Gose 4.36/17/2015Rate 3.23118
Yria Herakles Xtra Strong Stout 2010/10/2015Rate 3.849
Yria Hull Melon -9/30/2016Rate 3.116
Yria Inspector Stout 7.27/31/2017Rate 2.831
Yria La Catracha 9.07/27/2019Rate 3.021
Yria La Verbena 6.02/16/2018Rate 3.023
Yria Mexican Stout 7.75/13/2018Rate 3.112
Yria Noblejas Festival Amber Ale (alias) 6.79/28/2015
Yria Oatmeal Stout 7.25/5/2017Rate 2.981
Yria Raining Blood 1810/18/2016Rate 3.162
Yria Super Ani Barley Wine 203/31/2016Rate 3.05616
Yria The Meading of Life - Metheglin 134/11/2019Rate 3.354
Yria The Meading of Life - Raspberry Melomel 132/3/2019Rate 0
Yria The Meading of Life - Sour Cherry 135/30/2019Rate 3.214
Yria Ufo Fest 2019 8.05/30/2019Rate 3.314
Yria Ultraman 8.08/5/2016Rate 3.28879
Yria Oscura 7.012/14/2011Rate 3.074620
Yria Prima 5.010/5/2011Rate 3.269231
Yria-Guinea Pigs! Golden Ale Aniversario 5.57/30/2012Rate 3.148019
Yria / Mederij Marcus Dronken Bij
Brewed at Cervezas Yakka
10.511/23/2018Rate 3.133
Yria / Yakka / Falken / Reptilian / Tempel The Figth Element
Brewed at Cervezas Yakka
6.22/7/2017Rate 3.091518
Yria Flow
Brewed at Cervezas Yakka
8.510/14/2017Rate 3.534524
Yria Man-Darina Xtra pale ale
Brewed at Cervezas Yakka
5.06/14/2015Rate 3.619728
Yria MangoMan
Brewed at Cervezas Yakka
5.84/26/2016Rate 3.477324
Yria Prototipo #5 Session Baltic Porter
Brewed at Cervezas Yakka
3.74/4/2018Rate 3.157
Yria UFO Centennial Ed.
Brewed at Cervezas Yakka
6.011/19/2017Rate 2.87511
Yria / Hanscraft & Co. Achtung! Imperial Porter
Brewed at Domus
8.511/2/2015Rate 3.666639
Yria / Passarola Honey I'm Home!
Brewed at Domus
7.57/3/2015Rate 2.94512
Yria Beerbol Cedar Aged Imperial IPA
Brewed at Domus
7.53/3/2015Rate 3.383518
Yria Cenosilicaphobia (alias)
Brewed at Domus
Yria Oscura Imperial Brown
Brewed at Domus
7.212/26/2012Rate 3.499529
Yria Oscura Imperial Brown Wood Porto Aged Edition
Brewed at Domus
7.26/28/2015Rate 3.091
Yria They Come From Amber
Brewed at Domus
6.77/29/2015Rate 3.298813
Yria / Medina First Blow DIPA
Brewed at Medina
9.05/12/2015Rate 3.423721
Yria / Reptilian Disciples Of The Beer Ninja Clan Vs Zombie Viking Army!
Brewed at Reptilian
165/12/2015Rate 3.79357
Yria / Reptilian Strawberry Killers' Evil Tiki Cult Vs Byarlahotep Almighty
Brewed at Reptilian
9.86/28/2016Rate 3.52216
Yria / Reptilian The Nuclear Mutant Beast Versus The Giant Reptilian From Hell
Brewed at Reptilian
141/14/2015Rate 3.79462
Hanscraft / Yria Pepino
Brewed by/for Hanscraft & Co.
4.95/24/2016Rate 3.197

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