Albion Amber Ale 5.05/26/2017Rate 2.981
Chelsea 1000 Gyle Imperial Mild 10.93/26/2008Rate 3.181932
Chelsea 90 Shilling Scotch Ale 7.52/6/2005Rate 3.334920
Chelsea Alpha 5 5.03/29/2011Rate 2.911611
Chelsea Alpha 5 Squared Hop Torpedoed with Columbus Hops 5.810/22/2016Rate 2.981
Chelsea American Brown Ale 6.07/16/2010Rate 2.771
Chelsea April Showers Spring Wheat -10/11/2002Rate 2.562514
Chelsea Ard Righ Irish Dry Stout 6.79/19/2003Rate 3.42599
Chelsea Autumn Harvest Amber Wheat 5.410/20/2002Rate 2.96769
Chelsea Baltic Porter -11/27/2008Rate 3.194
Chelsea Barrel Aged 1000 Gyle Imperial Mild 10.95/9/2008Rate 3.11210
Chelsea Black and Blueberry Wheat -9/19/2003Rate 2.731
Chelsea Blackberry Wheat 5.55/4/2005Rate 2.687
Chelsea Blackhole XXX Stout 7.310/11/2002Rate 3.699890
Chelsea Blizzard Pale Ale 6.31/16/2008Rate 3.37
Chelsea Blueberry Wheat 6.010/20/2004Rate 2.84608
Chelsea Boo! Berry Wheat 4.610/19/2002Rate 2.763
Chelsea Bourbon Barrel Aged Blackhole -2/20/2012Rate 3.175
Chelsea Catskill Hop Harvest Ale 6.610/25/2005Rate 3.37716
Chelsea Checker Cab Blonde Ale 5.05/28/2000Rate 2.721897
Chelsea Cherry Wheat 7.32/25/2004Rate 2.656
Chelsea Craft Royal IPA 8.011/12/2016Rate 3.072
Chelsea Cream Stout 6.410/20/2002Rate 3.549138
Chelsea Fritzkrieg Hop IPA 7.03/31/2007Rate 3.47649
Chelsea Frostys Winter Wheat Wine 9.51/24/2003Rate 3.05839
Chelsea Gotham Stout 6.56/9/2006Rate 3.354716
Chelsea Henry Hudson IPA 6.610/19/2002Rate 3.294857
Chelsea Henry Hudson XIPA 8.211/3/2007Rate 3.257
Chelsea Henrys Angels IPA -4/13/2008Rate 3.332
Chelsea High and Dry Porter 5.89/11/2011Rate 2.944
Chelsea Hop Angel IPA 6.32/25/2004Rate 3.2543111
Chelsea Hoppy Holiday Ale 8.412/21/2003Rate 3.465736
Chelsea Hoppy Holidaze 10.21/23/2010Rate 3.032
Chelsea New York Rye Pale Ale -6/10/2007Rate 3.368411
Chelsea New York State of Mind Wet Hop 6.69/21/2010Rate 3.031314
Chelsea Nut Brown 5.51/17/2008Rate 2.975
Chelsea Oatmeal Stout 5.010/25/2003Rate 3.264726
Chelsea Obergäriges Festbier 5.99/22/2008Rate 2.797
Chelsea Old Black Boot -2/23/2004Rate 3.395
Chelsea Pale Rider -6/10/2011Rate 3.046
Chelsea Pier 59 Pale Ale -8/21/2000Rate 3.326915
Chelsea Piers 10th Anniversary Abbey Ale -4/10/2006Rate 33
Chelsea Porter of Authority 5.44/29/2004Rate 3.224626
Chelsea Pro-Am Altbier 5.75/9/2008Rate 2.825
Chelsea Pumpkin Pie Ale 5.010/21/2010Rate 3.298217
Chelsea Raspberry Wheat 5.257/8/2003Rate 2.815618
Chelsea Rye Knot -6/7/2010Rate 3.024
Chelsea Ryes Up! -12/8/2008Rate 3.248611
Chelsea Saint Chelsea Belgo Ale 5.71/2/2012Rate 2.71
Chelsea Slice of Pumpkin Pie Ale -10/8/2017Rate 2.961
Chelsea Standard Ale 5.15/22/2003Rate 2.94123
Chelsea Stormy Monday DIPA 8.47/23/2013Rate 3.16
Chelsea Strong Ale 9.43/10/2012Rate 2.915
Chelsea Summer Solstice Wheat 5.257/8/2003Rate 2.774339
Chelsea Sunset Red Ale 5.05/28/2000Rate 3.075067
Chelsea Tangerine Dream Wheat 5.511/29/2018Rate 3.061
Chelsea The Ginger Man Novel-ty Chocolate Stout 7.32/24/2012Rate 3.113
Chelsea The Tsars Revenge Imperial Stout 9.01/28/2003Rate 3.656058
Chelsea Ultimate Summer Ale 6.08/10/2009Rate 3.078
Chelsea Westside Imperial Stout 101/13/2006Rate 3.031
Chelsea Wit's End Wit 5.83/25/2012Rate 2.96
Chelsea Witcraft -8/6/2012Rate 2.711
Toast American Pale Ale
Brewed at Toast
5.06/23/2017Rate 3.063

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