Church-Key Ambrosia Imperial Amber 6.06/1/2013Rate 2.892
Church-Key Barley in Cider 5.512/25/2012Rate 3.158810
Church-Key Barley Legal Barley Wine -12/27/2010Rate 3.44520
Church-Key Barley Legal Barley Wine (Oaked) 129/25/2011Rate 3.195
Church-Key Basil Chocolate Porter -4/18/2006Rate 2.813
Church-Key Beechwood -6/15/2012Rate 3.158
Church-Key Belgian Red 6.58/10/2012Rate 2.861
Church-Key Biere de Garde -3/17/2006Rate 3.074718
Church-Key Black IPA 6.03/17/2010Rate 3.33225
Church-Key Black Velvet Elvis 5.55/11/2005Rate 3.15
Church-Key Bloody Wanker 4.69/3/2014Rate 2.92
Church-Key Brave New Wheat 6.02/12/2009Rate 3.224613
Church-Key Bret You Got It Going On 6.21/31/2015Rate 2.763
Church-Key Brown Ale -12/8/2008Rate 3.177115
Church-Key Brun au Mars 5.04/19/2014Rate 2.841
Church-Key Catch Her In The Rye 7.54/9/2007Rate 3.317714
Church-Key Chocolate Porter 5.010/19/2001Rate 3.143947
Church-Key Clover Honey Mead 6.09/11/2017Rate 0
Church-Key Cranberry Maple Wheat 5.03/23/2003Rate 2.916954
Church-Key CSIS (Canadian Style Imperial Stout) 11.37/3/2017Rate 0
Church-Key Double Barrel Holy Smoke 6.210/5/2013Rate 37
Church-Key Dougs Stout 4.75/11/2009Rate 3.337412
Church-Key Friar Buck's Sarrasin Ale 7.012/8/2013Rate 3.255
Church-Key Fussed Over 6.09/20/2016Rate 2.972
Church-Key Fussed With 6.07/3/2017Rate 0
Church-Key Gates of Hell 6.664/25/2004Rate 2.86
Church-Key Ginger & Rosemary 5.08/12/2001Rate 2.672923
Church-Key Grains of Wrath Double IPA 8.010/21/2007Rate 3.312840
Church-Key Holiday Spiced Stout -12/16/2014Rate 2.862
Church-Key Holy Cow Chocolate Milk Stout 6.512/5/2012Rate 3.297
Church-Key Holy Crow Bruised Apple Cider Ale 6.012/4/2015Rate 0
Church-Key Holy Smoke 6.210/19/2002Rate 3.2948197
Church-Key Honey and Water Mead 8.05/25/2008Rate 2.872111
Church-Key Honey Oatmeal Stout 8.09/11/2013Rate 3.348
Church-Key Hop Lust IPA 6.04/29/2013Rate 2.935
Church-Key House Red 5.05/13/2006Rate 2.832627
Church-Key I am Gruit 6.01/26/2016Rate 2.831
Church-Key It's The Great Pumpkin Ale 7.010/13/2012Rate 3.27711
Church-Key Like Water for Chocolate Porter 8.012/29/2007Rate 3.422823
Church-Key Lost In The Beerons 5.06/30/2012Rate 2.993
Church-Key Mild Red IPA 3.54/25/2013Rate 2.81
Church-Key Namastale 6.53/9/2014Rate 3.122
Church-Key Northumberland Ale 5.08/10/2001Rate 2.61387
Church-Key Oaked Islay V Scotch Ale 7.011/1/2009Rate 2.8869
Church-Key One Brewed Over The Cuckoos Nest 7.07/10/2012Rate 31810
Church-Key Ooh Mommy Cremini Mushroom Ale 7.07/19/2014Rate 2.823
Church-Key Pale Ale (alias) -5/23/2006
Church-Key Premium Lager (Lift Lock Lager) 5.07/4/2004Rate 2.579444
Church-Key Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke it 6.254/1/2012Rate 3.115
Church-Key Raspberry Mead -12/22/2014Rate 2.852
Church-Key Riders of the Purple Loosestrife 8.08/12/2006Rate 2.963821
Church-Key Riot Act Imperial Stout 9.05/7/2006Rate 3.764911
Church-Key Roasted Nut Brown Ale 6.84/15/2013Rate 3.26699
Church-Key Sacred Saison -5/3/2011Rate 3.152414
Church-Key Scarlet Pilsner 7.010/1/2009Rate 2.836314
Church-Key The Great Gatsbeer -3/7/2011Rate 3.095410
Church-Key The Lactese Falcon 7.09/28/2007Rate 2.33130
Church-Key This Is My Jam 7.08/3/2015Rate 3.021
Church-Key Tobacco Road -10/22/2008Rate 3.24449
Church-Key Vanilla Chocolate Porter -4/18/2006Rate 3.181
Church-Key Weissenbitter 4.05/25/2010Rate 3.036210
Church-Key Weizen Bock (alias) 8.03/26/2009
Church-Key West Coast IPA 6.55/23/2006Rate 3.182982
Church-Key West Coast Oaked 6.54/21/2008Rate 3.177
Church-Key White IPA 5.46/25/2013Rate 2.63
Church-Key Zwei Welten Dunkelweizen Bock 6.21/7/2012Rate 2.813
Satans Killer Red (alias) 5.02/26/2008
Gananoque Red Fife Heritage Wheat 5.26/11/2012Rate 2.935

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