Clockwork 'Tis The Session 3.912/3/2014Rate 2.811
Clockwork Autumn Ale 4.13/4/2004Rate 3.194
Clockwork Brewers Dozen 4.811/27/2008Rate 2.661
Clockwork Cartside Red 4.47/27/2014Rate 2.974526
Clockwork Cascade Parade 5.04/14/2014Rate 2.852
Clockwork Craft Lager 4.88/20/2002Rate 2.398519
Clockwork Golden Ale 4.212/5/2005Rate 2.293
Clockwork Gosch 4.811/17/2000Rate 2.61316
Clockwork Hampden Roar 6.08/20/2002Rate 3.27111
Clockwork Hazy Daze Banana 5.011/5/2005Rate 2.921
Clockwork Hazy Daze Bramble 5.010/19/2006Rate 2.881
Clockwork Hazy Daze Ginger 5.04/6/2004Rate 2.762420
Clockwork Hazy Daze Ginger and Lemongrass 5.05/1/2017Rate 2.864
Clockwork Hazy Daze Peach 5.010/22/2005Rate 2.881
Clockwork Hazy Daze Pear 5.012/5/2005Rate 2.921
Clockwork Hazy Daze Strawberry 5.08/20/2002Rate 2.241
Clockwork Heat Seeker 5.21/22/2016Rate 0
Clockwork Hoppy New Beer 4.11/20/2008Rate 2.921
Clockwork Hoptopussy 4.012/4/2016Rate 3.036
Clockwork Kitchen Sink Ale 4.28/24/2007Rate 2.727
Clockwork Kiwi 3.81/1/2006Rate 2.392
Clockwork Mount Hood 4.14/25/2012Rate 2.731
Clockwork Muirhouse Junction -7/27/2006Rate 2.771
Clockwork Oregon IPA 5.54/6/2004Rate 3.244820
Clockwork Original Amber 3.88/19/2002Rate 2.863325
Clockwork Pacific Pale Ale 4.27/14/2014Rate 3.215
Clockwork Plum Ale 5.010/17/2005Rate 2.841
Clockwork Prancing Pony 4.06/6/2009Rate 2.811
Clockwork Premium Lager 6.02/27/2012Rate 2.711
Clockwork Raspberry Weisse 5.08/20/2002Rate 2.672
Clockwork Red Alt Ale (alias) 4.48/20/2002
Clockwork Spring Ale 4.15/15/2007Rate 2.841
Clockwork Stout 4.27/25/2005Rate 3.13
Clockwork Summer Ale 4.18/20/2002Rate 2.661
Clockwork Sun Dial 4.73/7/2013Rate 3.013
Clockwork Underdog 2.54/7/2015Rate 2.831
Clockwork Weisse Bier 5.08/20/2002Rate 2.642
Clockwork Wild Rowan Ale 4.14/6/2004Rate 2.471
Maclay Black Diamond 4.66/6/2012Rate 2.591
Maclay Hopscotch 4.22/27/2012Rate 2.852
Maclay Liberty 4.04/14/2014Rate 2.962
Maclay Oat Malt Stout 4.54/28/2000Rate 3.062414
Maclay Tam O'Shanter Ale 4.26/27/2002Rate 2.923
Maclay Thrapple Quencher 5.210/15/2001Rate 2.687
Maclay Wallace IPA 4.57/31/2000Rate 3.078515

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