Benedictine Black Habit Dark Ale
Brewed by/for Benedictine Brewery
7.87/23/2014Rate 3.042
Coalition / Ordnance Stone's Throw 5.07/17/2017Rate 3.131
Coalition Ankeny IPA 6.58/31/2015Rate 2.982
Coalition Apollo Creed CDA 6.07/21/2012Rate 2.962
Coalition Beachin' 5.58/31/2015Rate 2.943
Coalition Big Maple 9.012/6/2014Rate 2.922
Coalition Bosc Mode Brett Beer 5.01/28/2016Rate 3.151
Coalition Bourbon Dog 9.02/16/2014Rate 2.982
Coalition Bourbon Loving Cup 6.07/23/2013Rate 3.274
Coalition Bourbon Shenanigans 9.88/8/2014Rate 2.831
Coalition Bring Out the Imp 8.512/20/2013Rate 3.296
Coalition Bump's Bitter ESB 5.59/6/2010Rate 3.116314
Coalition Cascadian Dark Ale 6.02/23/2013Rate 3.045
Coalition Cyntemps 5.55/29/2015Rate 3.162
Coalition Dill Dose Sour Pickle Ale 3.26/17/2015Rate 3.084
Coalition Double Dog Dare 8.22/16/2014Rate 3.053
Coalition Droppin' Science 8.03/29/2016Rate 3.33
Coalition Farm to Market 9.511/20/2016Rate 3.232
Coalition Hanso Stout 6.89/9/2010Rate 3.15388
Coalition Hanso Vs. Bulleit 6.47/12/2011Rate 2.883
Coalition Herbs Of A Feather 5.57/17/2017Rate 3.244
Coalition Honey Trap 4.53/27/2015Rate 2.994
Coalition King Kitty Red Ale 5.759/9/2010Rate 3.268524
Coalition Liquid Sterling Fresh Hop Common 5.010/15/2010Rate 3.023
Coalition Lost Glove 8.25/18/2012Rate 3.043
Coalition Loving Cup Maple Porter 5.489/9/2010Rate 3.183627
Coalition Mr. Pigs Pale Ale 5.09/9/2010Rate 2.88159
Coalition Mutual Fermentation 6.02/7/2015Rate 2.871
Coalition Night Cap Coffee IPA 6.02/16/2014Rate 3.14
Coalition Northern Brewer Wheat 4.55/18/2012Rate 0
Coalition Off The Wagon Dunkle Rye Ale 5.47/12/2013Rate 3.084
Coalition Oud Bruin 6.05/31/2014Rate 3.186
Coalition Red Letter Day 6.07/17/2017Rate 3.091
Coalition Rhizome Cowboy 9.78/16/2015Rate 2.831
Coalition Rooster's Cream Ale 4.87/30/2012Rate 3.184
Coalition Serendipity Session Ale 4.52/16/2016Rate 2.977
Coalition Shenanigans 9.82/16/2014Rate 2.982
Coalition Simple India Style Session Ale 4.08/23/2013Rate 3.116
Coalition Simply Dank Fresh Hop ISA 4.010/12/2013Rate 2.841
Coalition Single Hop Session IPA - Chinook 4.48/31/2015Rate 2.952
Coalition Sourpuss 3.87/18/2013Rate 3.0689
Coalition Space Fruit 7.03/15/2014Rate 3.385127
Coalition Tastemaker 3.55/5/2015Rate 3.137
Coalition The Green Pig Fresh Hop Pale 5.210/31/2011Rate 2.963
Coalition Two Dogs IPA 6.19/9/2010Rate 3.192830
Coalition Two Flowers CBD And Hemp IPA 6.04/27/2017Rate 3.253
Coalition Wet Fruit IPA 7.011/10/2015Rate 2.972
Coalition Wheat The People 4.46/28/2011Rate 2.94812
Coalition Whoa 9.08/16/2014Rate 2.711
Coalition Wu Cream Ale 4.89/9/2010Rate 2.88499

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