Columbus / Fat Head's Brewno 9.011/3/2011Rate 3.327
Columbus / Fat Head's Motley Brew 8.24/16/2013Rate 3.134
Columbus 12 Hops of Christmas -12/13/2010Rate 33
Columbus 15th Anniversary IPA -10/24/2003Rate 3.233
Columbus 1859 Porter 6.05/9/2001Rate 3.48335
Columbus 46 & 2 5.510/30/2013Rate 3.235
Columbus 90 Shilling Ale 5.68/17/2006Rate 3.084866
Columbus 97 Feet 9.712/19/2017Rate 3.322
Columbus Ales for ALS 7.58/2/2014Rate 3.345
Columbus Amber Ale 6.09/11/2006Rate 2.961
Columbus Andyman Ale 7.512/21/2013Rate 3.34
Columbus Anton Ale -10/27/2005Rate 2.972
Columbus Apricot Ale 5.05/9/2001Rate 3.078752
Columbus Arnold 7.53/18/2010Rate 3.25
Columbus Bandit 4.56/22/2013Rate 3.164
Columbus Bandit 2.0 7.59/26/2013Rate 2.882
Columbus Barley Wine 101/26/2007Rate 3.423510
Columbus Barrel 57 102/12/2016Rate 3.211
Columbus Batch 1000 103/5/2007Rate 3.43499
Columbus BBB 1010/13/2016Rate 3.193
Columbus Beerfest Pale Ale 5.58/26/2013Rate 3.013
Columbus Belgian Dark Strong Ale 9.512/6/2014Rate 3.055
Columbus Belgian Saison 8.24/8/2009Rate 3.025
Columbus Belgian Trippel 9.55/4/2009Rate 3.093
Columbus Big Frank Belgian IPA -8/12/2010Rate 3.228
Columbus Black IPA (alias) -1/6/2010
Columbus Blood Orange Bodhi 8.55/26/2017Rate 3.151
Columbus Blueberry Bodhi with Fresh Mint 8.35/19/2016Rate 3.091
Columbus Bob's Hop Hub 9.32/28/2017Rate 3.091
Columbus Bock 7.52/29/2012Rate 3.044
Columbus Bocktoberfest -10/9/2007Rate 3.111
Columbus Bodhi 8.59/16/2009Rate 3.9399161
Columbus Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian 10.55/26/2016Rate 3.151
Columbus Bourbon Barrel Aged Uncle Rusty -4/29/2012Rate 3.153
Columbus Bourbon Barrel Aged Uncle Rusty With Vanilla 9.03/21/2012Rate 2.731
Columbus Breakfast Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 2.931
Columbus Brewing Cowboy Bernie 9.38/26/2018Rate 3.131
Columbus Brewing Dr. Leo 6.82/27/2018Rate 3.091
Columbus Brewing Flip Flop 5.310/25/2018Rate 3.091
Columbus Brewing Nelson Brut 7.011/30/2018Rate 3.091
Columbus Brewing Rakau Brut 6.012/11/2018Rate 3.061
Columbus Brioso Coffee Cream Ale 4.35/29/2017Rate 3.122
Columbus Buck Creek Brown Ale -6/17/2010Rate 2.962
Columbus Citra Noel 7.311/13/2016Rate 3.539917
Columbus Citrus Blast Bodhi 8.56/5/2015Rate 3.213
Columbus Coconut Bodhi 8.58/19/2013Rate 3.333
Columbus Corder Wedding Fool's Gold 4.510/16/2014Rate 2.831
Columbus Cousin Eddie 11.812/3/2011Rate 3.386
Columbus Craft Beer Week Dysfunctionale 5.95/26/2017Rate 3.245
Columbus Cream Ale 4.510/13/2016Rate 3.092
Columbus Creeper 102/26/2010Rate 3.879744
Columbus Cucumber Bodhi 8.510/1/2016Rate 3.061
Columbus Cucumber Lime Bodhi 8.51/16/2017Rate 3.111
Columbus Da Ruckus and Da Wood 10.52/12/2016Rate 3.32
Columbus Da Ruckus Barleywine 102/17/2015Rate 3.56
Columbus Dalton Session IPA 4.56/29/2014Rate 3.38
Columbus Easy 7.46/11/2017Rate 3.111
Columbus Eyr Der, Eyr Der -9/14/2010Rate 3.174
Columbus Festbier Lager -9/3/2011Rate 3.198714
Columbus Fool's Gold 4.39/25/2012Rate 3.319510
Columbus Fresh Hop Harvest Ale 7.010/5/2015Rate 3.021
Columbus Golden Ale -5/9/2001Rate 2.732820
Columbus Grapefruit Bodhi 8.56/12/2015Rate 3.151
Columbus Grasshoppa 4.58/29/2011Rate 3.238
Columbus Habanero Bodhi 8.56/7/2013Rate 3.083
Columbus Habanero Orange Peel Bodhi 8.56/4/2015Rate 2.981
Columbus Hawaiian Breakfast Bodhi 8.51/7/2018Rate 3.171
Columbus Helles Belles -2/27/2012Rate 2.841
Columbus Hogscraper -9/12/2011Rate 3.053
Columbus Hungry Hungry Hefe 6.07/23/2010Rate 2.932
Columbus Imperial Stout 101/7/2012Rate 3.22
Columbus India Brown Ale -9/26/2010Rate 2.982
Columbus Innuendo IPA 6.06/16/2018Rate 3.122
Columbus Insane Wanderer - Volume 1 7.47/29/2018Rate 3.326
Columbus Insane Wanderer - Volume 2 7.49/17/2018Rate 3.212
Columbus Inverness Scottish Ale 5.712/28/2016Rate 3.227
Columbus IPA 6.07/18/2006Rate 3.6997254
Columbus Italian Basil Bodhi 8.53/31/2014Rate 2.861
Columbus Jalapeno IPA -2/21/2012Rate 2.972
Columbus Java Porter -7/18/2006Rate 3.265
Columbus Kaffir Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 2.91
Columbus Kashmir 5.58/30/2014Rate 3.013
Columbus Lemon Face / Lion Face Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 2.911
Columbus Lucy 9.011/1/2014Rate 3.31499
Columbus Lupulin Cloud 7.28/6/2018Rate 3.091
Columbus Maibock -6/10/2007Rate 2.74
Columbus Mango Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 2.91
Columbus Meigs Gold 5.08/20/2007Rate 3.063
Columbus Melk Stout 5.63/16/2017Rate 3.192
Columbus Mimosa SFW 4.75/31/2017Rate 3.091
Columbus Mojito Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 2.881
Columbus Mojito Creeper 108/27/2018Rate 3.151
Columbus Nightstick -1/7/2010Rate 3.476212
Columbus Nut Brown Ale -5/9/2001Rate 3.368445
Columbus O'Shaughnessy's Dam Good Porter (alias) -12/13/2002
Columbus Oak Aged Bodhi 8.55/17/2012Rate 3.022
Columbus Oaked Uncle Rusty 9.24/27/2013Rate 2.911
Columbus Oatmeal Stout -12/13/2010Rate 3.083
Columbus Ohio Fresh Hop Red IPA 7.09/25/2015Rate 3.112
Columbus Ohio Honey Wheat 5.07/19/2006Rate 2.673632
Columbus Pale Ale 5.35/5/2001Rate 3.3569147
Columbus Pancake Breakfast 1112/31/2017Rate 3.252
Columbus Petite Blonde 4.58/1/2017Rate 2.981
Columbus Pilot X-19 7.310/13/2016Rate 3.041
Columbus Pineapple Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 3.162
Columbus Pineapple Creeper 1010/1/2016Rate 3.151
Columbus Pineapple Ginger Bodhi 8.56/1/2017Rate 3.091
Columbus Pineapple Habanero Bodhi -5/27/2016Rate 3.282
Columbus Pineapple Mango Bodhi 8.012/28/2016Rate 3.111
Columbus Pumpkin Ale -10/27/2005Rate 2.862
Columbus Rad Mobile 6.05/10/2016Rate 3.041
Columbus Rhapsody -5/9/2010Rate 2.912
Columbus Russian Imperial Stout -1/29/2009Rate 3.536
Columbus Saber Light 5.56/30/2004Rate 2.661
Columbus Saison 6.54/30/2010Rate 3.074
Columbus Saisonniere 7.510/13/2017Rate 3.061
Columbus Santa's Little Helper -12/13/2003Rate 2.832
Columbus Scottish Ale -9/24/2003Rate 3.094422
Columbus SFW 4.55/20/2015Rate 3.378915
Columbus Shoot Your Rye Out -7/13/2011Rate 3.164
Columbus Short Street Kölsch -2/26/2004Rate 2.893
Columbus Simon 8.04/19/2016Rate 3.325
Columbus Smoca 9.18/27/2018Rate 3.111
Columbus Smoke & Repeat 5.210/12/2017Rate 3.041
Columbus Smoked Java Porter -3/15/2007Rate 3.46915
Columbus Sohio Stout 8.511/27/2012Rate 3.75922
Columbus Sohio Stout with Coconut and Cinnamon 8.312/28/2016Rate 3.131
Columbus Sohio Stout With Toasted Coconut 8.512/26/2014Rate 3.422
Columbus Sohio Stout With Vanilla 8.512/11/2012Rate 2.911
Columbus Speak Softly And Carry A Big Sticke Alt -11/20/2010Rate 2.982
Columbus Steel Dawn 10.55/10/2013Rate 3.778
Columbus Steel Dawn With Coconut 10.56/16/2014Rate 2.971
Columbus Steel Dawn With Coffee (alias) 10.56/7/2013
Columbus Summer Pale 5.38/3/2013Rate 2.861
Columbus Summer Teeth 5.05/17/2009Rate 3.117256
Columbus Super Fresh H-O-P -10/13/2010Rate 3.28479
Columbus Tangelo Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 2.931
Columbus Thai Basil Bodhi 8.55/12/2014Rate 2.91
Columbus Thunderlips Experimental Pale Ale 5.31/24/2017Rate 3.367212
Columbus Thunderlips IPA 5.35/18/2015Rate 3.61927
Columbus Triple Bock -7/8/2009Rate 2.871
Columbus Turkey Neck Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout -5/4/2009Rate 3.184
Columbus Uncle Rusty 9.04/9/2010Rate 3.536515
Columbus What About Bob's Nitro IPA 7.05/26/2016Rate 3.151
Columbus Wheat Ale -1/22/2003Rate 2.797
Columbus Winter Stout 8.01/22/2012Rate 3.164
Columbus Winter Warmer Ale 6.81/30/2006Rate 3.116451
Columbus Winter Warmer With Vanilla 6.81/20/2016Rate 3.111
Columbus Wu-Tella 102/15/2018Rate 3.43
Columbus Yakima Fresh Hop 7.011/1/2014Rate 3.69110

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