Community Beer Company

Brewer rating: 98/100 798 ratings
1530 Inspiration Dr., Suite 200, Dallas, Texas, USA 75207
Associated place: Community Beer Company

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Community Amateur Hour 6.11/26/2015Rate 31
Community Ascension Coffee Porter 6.91/18/2014Rate 3.719132
Community Barrel Aged Ascension 7.51/26/2015Rate 0
Community Barrel Aged Inspiration 10.24/17/2015Rate 3.659418
Community Barrel Aged Legion 11.612/3/2014Rate 3.99062
Community Barrel Aged Regalement 7.811/15/2013Rate 3.133
Community Belgian Brunette 6.21/18/2014Rate 2.871
Community Black Mosaic IPA 9.41/26/2015Rate 3.041
Community Bourbon Barrel Glenstemmons 7.031/18/2014Rate 3.264510
Community Brett’s Get it On 6.61/26/2015Rate 3.216
Community Brown Ale -2/17/2013Rate 2.972
Community Commander Rye’ker IPA -9/25/2014Rate 2.881
Community Divinity 9.44/29/2017Rate 3.151
Community Dry Irish Stout -3/14/2015Rate 3.122
Community Duke of Earl 5.51/2/2016Rate 2.941
Community Fritz’s Reserve Imperial Amber 11.51/26/2015Rate 3.131
Community Funnel Cake Ale 4.18/19/2014Rate 3.168312
Community Glenstemmons 9.012/13/2013Rate 3.187
Community Hefeweizen 5.01/26/2015Rate 3.091
Community Inspiration Ale 9.61/15/2013Rate 3.528441
Community Irish Red -3/14/2015Rate 3.092
Community Jack’s Reserve Barleywine 101/26/2015Rate 3.111
Community Legion 108/17/2014Rate 3.64449
Community Legion (Macallan Barrel Aged) 11.611/24/2016Rate 3.848516
Community Legion with Peanut Butter Cups 9.911/2/2015Rate 3.091
Community Mango IPA 7.48/31/2016Rate 3.041
Community Märzen Lager 5.11/2/2016Rate 3.091
Community Minivan Wheat Wine 10.81/18/2014Rate 3.44615
Community Mosaic IPA 8.64/27/2013Rate 3.6984131
Community Oaked Inspiration 9.61/26/2015Rate 3.455
Community Oaked Mosaic IPA 8.61/26/2015Rate 3.689621
Community Oaked Trinity Tripel 9.01/18/2014Rate 3.33
Community Oktoberfest 6.110/3/2015Rate 3.072
Community Pale Ale 6.01/11/2013Rate 3.336719
Community Public Ale 5.51/11/2013Rate 3.289056
Community Public Enemy #1 8.51/26/2015Rate 3.316
Community Raspberry Legion -1/26/2015Rate 3.333
Community Razzy (Raspberry Wheat) 5.29/5/2014Rate 3.066328
Community Regalement 7.81/16/2013Rate 3.349112
Community Silly Gose 5.05/19/2017Rate 3.116
Community Snickerdoodle Ale 5.212/19/2016Rate 3.39919
Community Spring Fling 5.23/14/2015Rate 3.145
Community Sundial Session IPA 4.53/28/2015Rate 3.34326
Community Sunset On Brett 4.88/1/2015Rate 3.112
Community Texas Helles 5.06/5/2016Rate 3.119116
Community Texas Tavern League Pils 6.18/10/2013Rate 3.279621
Community Trinity Tripel 9.06/6/2013Rate 3.478828
Community Triple Yessir! 122/14/2016Rate 3.42399
Community Vanilla Ascension Coffee Porter 6.91/26/2015Rate 3.699810
Community Vanilla Legion -1/26/2015Rate 3.131
Community Vienna Lager 5.21/11/2013Rate 3.269733
Community White Mosaic IPA 6.61/26/2015Rate 3.061
Community Will’s Wheatwine (alias) 10.61/18/2014
Community Wit n’ Wild 7.51/26/2015Rate 3.091
Community Witbier 5.21/16/2013Rate 3.479848
Community Yessir! Pale Ale 5.29/2/2016Rate 3.357

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