Contrary #500 Salted Caramel Imperial Porter 8.72/14/2019Rate 3.151
Contrary A Gnu IPA 6.011/23/2017Rate 3.111
Contrary Airtight Alibi Belgian Blonde 7.15/3/2016Rate 3.093
Contrary Amarillo Hopadillo 5.511/14/2018Rate 3.343
Contrary Ana Kia IPA 6.33/31/2017Rate 0
Contrary Apricot Wheat 5.55/3/2015Rate 2.932
Contrary Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout 10.59/26/2015Rate 3.131
Contrary Barry White Xmas Stout 6.011/23/2017Rate 3.192
Contrary Better Half RyePA 6.86/5/2016Rate 2.961
Contrary Calypso IPA 6.67/23/2016Rate 3.111
Contrary Cartero Oscuro Imperial Mexican Stout 12.58/30/2018Rate 3.171
Contrary Centennial Double IPA 103/3/2016Rate 3.171
Contrary Chocolate Milk Stout 5.11/23/2016Rate 3.192
Contrary Citrus Paradisi 7.06/14/2018Rate 3.151
Contrary Conundrum Experimental Fruit Beer 9.08/30/2018Rate 3.041
Contrary Copper Mango Milkshake IPA 7.011/27/2018Rate 3.111
Contrary Copper Rose SMaSH IPA 7.511/15/2018Rate 3.192
Contrary CranCurrant Gose 4.11/4/2019Rate 3.151
Contrary Crixus 4.9910/26/2017Rate 3.171
Contrary Cure for Pessimism IPA 6.711/27/2016Rate 3.182
Contrary Dark Side Of The Harvest Moon Black IPA 7.32/14/2019Rate 3.091
Contrary Duffy's Irish Red 5.52/27/2016Rate 3.112
Contrary Eureka! Double IPA 9.51/23/2016Rate 3.171
Contrary Extra Special Bitter -8/8/2015Rate 3.072
Contrary Fat Quaker Oatmeal Stout 6.35/3/2015Rate 3.182
Contrary Flanagan's Irish Dark 5.611/27/2018Rate 3.192
Contrary Fool's Golden 7.26/8/2015Rate 3.092
Contrary Fool's Golden (Amarillo) 7.01/2/2017Rate 3.061
Contrary Galaxy DIPA 9.07/23/2016Rate 3.151
Contrary German's Chocolate Cake 8.712/28/2016Rate 3.252
Contrary Get Lei'd Hibiscus Wit 4.73/31/2017Rate 3.112
Contrary Grand Cru 7.06/8/2015Rate 3.182
Contrary Harvest Festbier 5.310/5/2018Rate 3.111
Contrary Hazelnut Zoom Doggy 7.12/14/2019Rate 3.111
Contrary Honey Porter 6.06/5/2016Rate 3.092
Contrary Hope Brews Eternal Kolsch 5.44/6/2019Rate 3.021
Contrary Imperial Red 5 IPA 9.511/23/2017Rate 3.151
Contrary Instant Kharma IPA 6.612/31/2017Rate 3.111
Contrary Interstellar Explorer NEIPA 7.18/31/2018Rate 3.151
Contrary Iowa Common Cream Ale 4.811/27/2016Rate 2.891
Contrary Iowa Pollinator Honey Wheat 7.211/27/2018Rate 3.122
Contrary IPA -5/3/2015Rate 2.921
Contrary IPA 4.0 6.47/25/2015Rate 3.252
Contrary Java Porter 5.45/3/2016Rate 3.142
Contrary Java Quaker Oatmeal Stout 5.811/27/2016Rate 3.192
Contrary Kentucky Common 5.06/24/2016Rate 0
Contrary Lemon-Lime Hefeweizen 4.76/24/2016Rate 3.111
Contrary Maibock (Hurts) 6.83/31/2019Rate 3.111
Contrary Mama Knows Best Chocolate Milk Stout 5.55/4/2016Rate 0
Contrary Margarita Gose 5.178/29/2018Rate 3.061
Contrary Mary Mary American Pale Ale 5.13/26/2016Rate 3.162
Contrary Mary Mary Session IPA 4.77/25/2015Rate 3.111
Contrary Ménage à Quad 10.76/5/2016Rate 3.162
Contrary Minor Threat DIPA 9.811/27/2016Rate 3.091
Contrary Muscatiner Altbier 4.68/29/2018Rate 3.111
Contrary Na Koa IPA 6.33/31/2017Rate 3.111
Contrary Newlyred IPA 6.66/24/2016Rate 3.091
Contrary Nexus IIPA 9.412/16/2015Rate 3.041
Contrary None More Black Imperial Stout 9.82/11/2016Rate 3.091
Contrary Northern English Brown -5/3/2015Rate 3.142
Contrary Notorious B.O.G Blood Orange Gose 4.311/27/2018Rate 3.091
Contrary Nut House PB Porter 5.511/27/2016Rate 3.282
Contrary Obligatory (Iowa Common) Cream Ale 4.612/28/2016Rate 3.091
Contrary Obligatory Blonde -5/3/2015Rate 3.092
Contrary Obstinate Imperial Red 8.810/17/2015Rate 3.112
Contrary One Louder Glen Hay IPA 6.49/26/2015Rate 3.111
Contrary Paddy’s Irish Stout 4.03/31/2019Rate 3.151
Contrary Pariah 13.46/17/2017Rate 3.061
Contrary Perfect Life NEIPA 6.811/27/2018Rate 3.151
Contrary Pigheaded American Brown 6.212/16/2015Rate 3.192
Contrary Pink Guava Gose 4.01/10/2019Rate 3.232
Contrary Popular Belief American Blonde 5.26/13/2018Rate 3.112
Contrary Prairie Fire Honey Jalapeno 6.111/27/2018Rate 3.041
Contrary Prickly In Pink Kettle Sour 5.64/6/2019Rate 3.091
Contrary Prodigal Barrel-Aged Barley Wine 11.82/11/2016Rate 3.33
Contrary Prodigal Barrel-Aged Barley Wine (Heaven Hill) 111/10/2019Rate 3.151
Contrary Pumpkin Pie Porter 6.211/23/2017Rate 3.091
Contrary Red Rose IPA 6.46/28/2017Rate 3.091
Contrary Red X IPA 5.811/15/2018Rate 3.252
Contrary Resilience Butte County Proud IPA 6.81/4/2019Rate 3.32
Contrary Restive ESB 5.56/28/2017Rate 2.981
Contrary Robust Pumpkin Porter 6.79/26/2015Rate 3.091
Contrary Root Down Rye Pale Ale 5.82/14/2019Rate 3.151
Contrary Saison -10/17/2015Rate 31
Contrary Saison Contraire 7.711/23/2017Rate 3.061
Contrary Seize Not Doppelbock 8.711/27/2016Rate 31
Contrary Semper Fi American Amber 6.55/3/2015Rate 3.092
Contrary She's Crafty NEIPA 7.61/4/2019Rate 3.192
Contrary Skean Dhu Scottish Ale 7.410/17/2015Rate 3.111
Contrary Son of Hercules 8.711/15/2018Rate 3.32
Contrary Soursop/Tangerine Milkshake IPA 7.06/14/2018Rate 3.091
Contrary Strawberry Milkshake IPA 6.712/6/2017Rate 3.171
Contrary To Have & To Hold Dubbel 6.910/26/2017Rate 3.091
Contrary Tripel Dog Dare Ya 9.753/31/2017Rate 3.091
Contrary Triple Trouble NEIPA 7.011/15/2018Rate 3.332
Contrary Union Steward IPA 7.111/23/2017Rate 3.252
Contrary Vanilla Porter 5.812/21/2015Rate 3.182
Contrary Was Ist Los? Dunkelweizen 5.511/23/2017Rate 3.142
Contrary Wayward Double IPA -7/30/2015Rate 3.061
Contrary Wide River Witbier -5/3/2015Rate 3.042
Contrary Zoom Doggy Coffee Milk Porter 6.811/27/2018Rate 3.373

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