Collaboration Ale 2014 4.75/25/2014Rate 2.841
CooperSmiths #13 Apricot Ale 5.24/21/2012Rate 2.812
CooperSmiths Aaltra Belgian Dubbel 8.86/10/2011Rate 2.932
CooperSmiths Albert Damm Bitter 4.89/7/2002Rate 2.871835
CooperSmiths Along The Way Black 7.510/8/2016Rate 2.961
CooperSmiths Amalgamation IPA -2/8/2015Rate 2.861
CooperSmiths Anniversary Cherry Ale -11/13/2003Rate 2.977
CooperSmiths Back Nine Wheat 3.95/3/2010Rate 2.862
CooperSmiths Banzia Rice Beer 5.01/22/2011Rate 2.762
CooperSmiths Belgian Style Kriek Ale 7.47/3/2004Rate 3.758935
CooperSmiths Berliner Weiss 3.410/4/2013Rate 2.614
CooperSmiths Biere Blanche du Fort 4.77/29/2004Rate 2.852918
CooperSmiths Black Lace Chocolate Bock 5.52/14/2010Rate 3.013
CooperSmiths Black Powder Barleywine 9.12/15/2003Rate 3.232118
CooperSmiths Blackberry Dunkel Weizen -10/22/2011Rate 2.642
CooperSmiths Blackwood Porter 5.77/12/2009Rate 3.038
CooperSmiths Blonde Bombshell Ale 5.72/19/2005Rate 2.967
CooperSmiths Blueberry Porter 6.42/22/2006Rate 2.771
CooperSmiths Bourbon Barrel Existential Porter 6.72/11/2007Rate 2.961
CooperSmiths Bourbon Barrel Stout 7.47/2/2004Rate 3.518224
CooperSmiths Brother Adams Blueberry Mead 10.96/24/2011Rate 2.881
CooperSmiths Brother Adams Peach Mead 9.98/29/2006Rate 2.732
CooperSmiths Brother Adams Raspberry Mead -11/14/2010Rate 0
CooperSmiths Brother Adams Sparkling Mead 8.97/13/2004Rate 3.134
CooperSmiths Bruiser Imperial Brown -5/3/2010Rate 3.063
CooperSmiths Cappys Hop Top APA 6.09/26/2004Rate 3.125
CooperSmiths Cerveza del Verano 4.77/15/2006Rate 2.843
CooperSmiths Chicory Stout 6.811/13/2003Rate 2.754
CooperSmiths Chocolate Existential Porter 6.22/25/2012Rate 2.92
CooperSmiths Coal Miners Mild 3.47/21/2005Rate 2.633
CooperSmiths Cognac Stout 6.54/21/2012Rate 2.642
CooperSmiths Collaboration Szechuan Porter 5.66/2/2013Rate 2.993
CooperSmiths Columbine Kölsch 5.36/1/2002Rate 2.772336
CooperSmiths Cranberry Zinger -2/8/2015Rate 2.81
CooperSmiths Crazy Ds Thunder Ale 6.29/2/2004Rate 2.783
CooperSmiths Cyser 9.97/13/2008Rate 3.082
CooperSmiths Dark Knight HBA -8/15/2009Rate 2.831
CooperSmiths Doppel Jabi 113/15/2004Rate 3.347
CooperSmiths Dunkel Doppel Weizen Bock 6.61/31/2004Rate 3.188
CooperSmiths Dunkel Munich 5.89/7/2002Rate 2.937
CooperSmiths Dunkel Weizen 5.811/13/2004Rate 3.12559
CooperSmiths Dunraven Amber Ale 5.62/22/2004Rate 3.117
CooperSmiths Düsseldorf Altbier 5.68/12/2005Rate 3.042
CooperSmiths Existential Porter 6.212/22/2003Rate 3.163215
CooperSmiths Experiential Cherry Porter 5.92/8/2015Rate 2.841
CooperSmiths Experimental Hop IPA 7.210/20/2012Rate 2.772
CooperSmiths Flanders Red 6.26/30/2005Rate 3.413
CooperSmiths Fuzzy Peach Wit 5.210/5/2015Rate 2.871
CooperSmiths Golden Scimitar IPA 6.17/24/2009Rate 3.016
CooperSmiths Havel Pilsner 5.52/22/2004Rate 2.94
CooperSmiths Highland Scottish Ale 5.14/10/2004Rate 3.12519
CooperSmiths Homegrown Red -11/11/2011Rate 2.772
CooperSmiths Honey Lavender Blonde 5.912/11/2005Rate 2.592
CooperSmiths Honey Rye Ale -6/1/2002Rate 2.422
CooperSmiths Hop Daddy 6.410/4/2013Rate 2.793
CooperSmiths Hop Fountain -11/4/2013Rate 2.871
CooperSmiths Horsetooth Stout 6.212/18/2001Rate 3.314050
CooperSmiths Imperial Destroyer Stout 7.410/14/2006Rate 2.954
CooperSmiths Irish Red -4/12/2005Rate 2.961
CooperSmiths Irish Stout 4.54/3/2004Rate 2.913
CooperSmiths Jammu IPA 6.56/24/2011Rate 3.012
CooperSmiths Jingle Ale 6.412/4/2003Rate 3.429318
CooperSmiths Jitterbug Coffee Porter 5.76/11/2005Rate 3.133
CooperSmiths Kaiser Brau 5.96/20/2007Rate 2.811
CooperSmiths Kieners Belgian Blonde -10/5/2011Rate 3.015
CooperSmiths Kriek -11/4/2013Rate 0
CooperSmiths Left Field Watermelon Kölsch -4/30/2011Rate 2.812
CooperSmiths Liberation Ale 5.04/10/2004Rate 3.111
CooperSmiths Linden Street Wheat 5.711/10/2013Rate 2.811
CooperSmiths Malcolm's Milk Stout 4.91/17/2005Rate 2.987
CooperSmiths Marzen Lager 5.84/26/2006Rate 2.974
CooperSmiths Mellow Fellow Cherry Ale 5.68/12/2007Rate 2.921
CooperSmiths Mild Insanity 7.411/28/2010Rate 2.911
CooperSmiths Mountain Avenue Wheat 5.37/7/2000Rate 3.035427
CooperSmiths Mr. Freshy 7.010/5/2015Rate 2.912
CooperSmiths My Name is IRL 5.71/2/2015Rate 2.791
CooperSmiths My Sweet Honey Ale -10/20/2012Rate 2.732
CooperSmiths New Beer on the Bock -2/8/2015Rate 2.841
CooperSmiths New Delhi IPA 6.17/21/2006Rate 2.933
CooperSmiths Not Brown Ale 5.012/18/2001Rate 3.317644
CooperSmiths Oktoberfest 6.010/2/2005Rate 2.954513
CooperSmiths Opus Mega Alpha 6.71/6/2007Rate 3.08209
CooperSmiths Otto Schwarzpils 5.012/8/2012Rate 2.691
CooperSmiths Oud Bruin 6.710/2/2005Rate 3.427
CooperSmiths Ozzie's Pale Ale -1/21/2012Rate 2.631
CooperSmiths Ozzys Epiphany Red 5.13/15/2004Rate 3.031
CooperSmiths Padawan Pale Ale 6.11/9/2016Rate 3.042
CooperSmiths Pedestrian Ale -7/7/2000Rate 2.541
CooperSmiths Poor Richards Ale 7.01/29/2006Rate 2.686
CooperSmiths Port Barrel Stout 6.71/29/2005Rate 3.272
CooperSmiths Poudre Pale Ale 5.312/18/2001Rate 2.971940
CooperSmiths Punjabi Pale Ale 7.212/18/2001Rate 3.436160
CooperSmiths Raptor IPA 7.31/13/2016Rate 3.021
CooperSmiths Razzmatazz Belgian Ale 7.311/9/2004Rate 3.153210
CooperSmiths Rumblebuffin Double Blond 7.511/29/2017Rate 2.771
CooperSmiths Rye PA 6.14/12/2005Rate 3.267
CooperSmiths Sax Saison 6.211/19/2006Rate 2.743
CooperSmiths Scrumpy Cider 7.110/7/2004Rate 2.994614
CooperSmiths Session IPA -5/11/2014Rate 2.881
CooperSmiths Sigda's Ghost 6.211/14/2015Rate 2.912
CooperSmiths Sigdas Green Chili Beer 5.47/15/2002Rate 3.15154
CooperSmiths Sir Edmunds ESB 6.56/1/2002Rate 2.748
CooperSmiths Sitzmans Steam 6.17/12/2004Rate 2.861311
CooperSmiths Steamship Ale 6.110/6/2013Rate 2.672
CooperSmiths T.I.E. Lager -10/22/2011Rate 2.61
CooperSmiths The Cache 11.84/26/2007Rate 2.841
CooperSmiths The Hopfather IPA 7.16/25/2014Rate 2.912
CooperSmiths The Mischievous Monk 10.84/3/2014Rate 3.013
CooperSmiths Tippet American Lager 4.82/19/2005Rate 2.475
CooperSmiths Triple Cherry Bourbon Ale 9.811/13/2004Rate 2.581
CooperSmiths Two Pecks Cherry Cider 8.64/21/2012 U  2.632
CooperSmiths What A Melon Ale 5.011/4/2013Rate 2.882
CooperSmiths You Might Get Lucky Weizenbock 8.310/4/2013Rate 2.763
Fort Collins Collusion 2011 Ale 6.05/23/2011Rate 3.187

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