Molson Coors UK (MolsonCoors)

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 70/100 2374 ratings
Molson Coors Brewing Company Ltd, 137 High Street, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England DE14 1JZ
Came into being (as Coors UK) in 2002 after Bass sold its brewing interests to Interbrew, which was obliged to sell off part of the business for competition reasons. Coors UK acquired Alton Brewery, Burton Brewery (ex-Bass) and Tower Brewery (Tadcaster) in that transaction. Following a merger between Molson and Coors, the name was changed to Molson Coors UK. Has also operated the smaller Museum & William Worthington breweries (qv) within the main Burton site. Purchased Sharps Brewery (qv) and acquired a 50.1% interest in Cobra Beer in 2011. Purchased the Thomas Hardy Burtonwood Brewery (qv) in 2015.
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Brewed by/for Cobra Beer
4.89/6/2000Rate 2.0846784
Cobra Zero%
Brewed by/for Cobra Beer
0.0112/16/2005Rate 1.53649
Grays Celtic Gold
Brewed by/for LWC Drinks LTD
4.05/24/2013Rate 2.864
Grays England’s Pride
Brewed by/for LWC Drinks LTD
4.55/24/2013Rate 2.891
Portland Craft Beer Co American Ale
Brewed by/for LWC Drinks LTD
4.52/14/2016Rate 3.054
Portland Craft Beer Co Stout Porter
Brewed by/for LWC Drinks LTD
4.112/6/2014Rate 2.866
Ramblers Gold (alias)
Brewed by/for LWC Drinks LTD
Animée Clear Beer 4.010/23/2011Rate 2.057
Animée Lemon Beer 4.02/24/2012Rate 2.614
Animée Rosé Beer 4.02/24/2012Rate 2.283113
Breaker Strong Lager 4.811/16/2000Rate 2.094635
Breaker Super Brew 9.08/8/2002Rate 2.536
Caffreys 3.84/30/2000Rate 2.668590
Caffreys Irish Stout 4.74/11/2004Rate 3.083021
Carling 4.09/13/2001Rate 1.6810406
Carling British Cider Cherry 4.06/7/2014 U  2.464
Carling C2 2.08/28/2005Rate 1.813424
Carling Chrome 4.89/11/2011Rate 2.155515
Carling Grapefruit Cooler 2.04/13/2014Rate 2.54
Carling Lemon Cooler 2.04/13/2014Rate 2.641
Carling Premier 4.75/2/2001Rate 1.892884
Carling Premier league (alias) 4.01/11/2017
Carling Zest 2.85/7/2012Rate 1.9327
Carling Zest Red Berry Lager 2.84/10/2014Rate 2.226
Carling Zest Winter Berries 2.811/9/2013Rate 2.264
Carling Zest Winter Orange 2.810/21/2012Rate 2.287
Coors Fine Light Beer 5.03/28/2004Rate 1.44363
Coors Harry Chapman’s 3.64/18/2014Rate 2.723
Coors Light UK (alias) 4.01/31/2014
Coors The Silver Bullet 4.58/5/2012Rate 1.872614
Jubilee Stout 4.06/10/2001Rate 3.31
Lamot Pils 4.85/12/2004Rate 2.044414
M&B Brew XI 3.612/2/2003Rate 2.49416
M&B Mild 2.85/10/2002Rate 2.51226
Maclachlan’s Best 3.67/7/2010Rate 2.691011
Sky Sports Done Deal 4.03/11/2016Rate 2.851
Sky Sports New Season 4.28/18/2016Rate 2.512
Worthington Ale/Draught/Creamflow 3.610/10/2001Rate 2.281171
Worthington’s Red Shield 4.28/8/2009Rate 2.8736112
Worthington’s White Shield 5.64/16/2000Rate 3.3996559
Y Garth Ale (alias) 3.64/9/2017
Hancocks HB
Brewed at Everards
3.65/2/2001Rate 2.6641
Stones Cask Bitter
Brewed at Everards
4.16/29/2003Rate 2.636
Stones Pure Gold
Brewed at Everards
4.16/11/2007Rate 2.826
Carling British Cider 4.54/9/2013Rate 2.23544
Carling Cider Orchard Fruits 4.05/31/2016Rate 2.871
M&B Brew XI (Cask) 3.611/29/2003Rate 2.59619
Charrington Toby Bitter
Brewed at Thwaites
2.82/24/2004Rate 1.86
Sharps Doom Bar (Bottle)
Brewed by/for Sharps (MolsonCoors)
4.39/9/2001Rate 2.8426264

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