Corcoran / Lansdowne Citron Green Tea Pale Ale 6.37/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Apple Wine 119/3/2011Rate 2.731
Corcoran Back in Bock 9.57/3/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Beerway to Heaven 6.27/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Berlin Turnpike 5.05/28/2013Rate 2.757
Corcoran Blue Ghost -1/30/2017Rate 31
Corcoran Catoctin Ale 5.59/2/2011Rate 2.974810
Corcoran Catoctin Ale (Barrel Aged) 5.512/27/2014Rate 3.044
Corcoran Chocolate Stout 7.357/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Commonwealth Kölsch 5.410/30/2011Rate 3.168
Corcoran Corktoberfest 5.59/23/2013Rate 2.844
Corcoran Corky's Irish Red 5.99/2/2011Rate 3.06639
Corcoran Dark Apprentice Pumpkin Porter 5.37/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Dutchman's Creek 4.58/4/2013Rate 2.91389
Corcoran Dutchman's Creek (Black Raspberries, Cherries) 4.57/6/2015Rate 2.952
Corcoran Emmanubräu 7.110/30/2011Rate 2.841
Corcoran FU Cancer 6.57/3/2017Rate 3.091
Corcoran Gose 4.87/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Haze Gray -1/30/2017Rate 3.041
Corcoran Heroes' Stout 8.05/21/2015Rate 3.225
Corcoran Hops the Bunny 6.06/1/2012Rate 3.264311
Corcoran India Wheat Ale 6.39/6/2015Rate 0
Corcoran IPL 7.28/4/2013Rate 2.972
Corcoran Jeb Stuart Stout 9.06/29/2013Rate 3.24817
Corcoran John Champe 9.73/29/2014Rate 3.057
Corcoran Life Gose Round 4.59/6/2015Rate 0
Corcoran LoCo IPA 7.29/2/2011Rate 3.223517
Corcoran Mad Corcoran 7.07/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Mo' Citra 9.07/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Mosby's Ghost 9.25/21/2015Rate 3.052
Corcoran Mosby's Raiders Double IPA 9.26/1/2012Rate 3.393616
Corcoran Mosby's Raiders Double IPA (Bourbon Barrel) 9.212/30/2012Rate 2.661
Corcoran New England IPA 6.57/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Newtown Alt 5.58/4/2013Rate 2.831
Corcoran Oatlands 6.05/28/2013Rate 3.115
Corcoran Old Germantown 4.77/3/2017Rate 0
Corcoran OnceYouGo 8.02/24/2012Rate 3.064
Corcoran P'ville Pale 5.49/2/2011Rate 3.234912
Corcoran Padawan Pumpkin Ale 6.010/30/2011Rate 3.074911
Corcoran Paeonian Porter 6.62/24/2012Rate 3.082611
Corcoran Raiders Ghost IPA 9.29/14/2015Rate 3.111
Corcoran Red Rocker IPA 6.57/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Round Hill Root Ale 8.010/30/2011Rate 3.015
Corcoran Slainte Stout 4.79/2/2011Rate 3.174413
Corcoran Slainte Stout (Bourbon Barrel) 4.76/3/2012Rate 2.741
Corcoran Three-Nine 5.47/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Vienna Lager 5.07/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Virginia Harvest Ale 5.57/24/2017Rate 0
Corcoran Waterford Wit 5.512/27/2014Rate 3.136
Corcoran Waterford Wit (Blueberries) 5.57/6/2015Rate 3.042
Corcoran Waterford Wit (Wineberries & Hibiscus) 5.57/6/2015Rate 3.072
Corcoran Wheatland 5.259/2/2011Rate 2.935213

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