Council Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 97/100 707 ratings
7705 Convoy Ct, San Diego, California, USA 92111
Mon - Wed 2:00 - 9:00 PM
Thu 2:00 - 10:00 PM
Fri & Sat 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sun 12:00 - 8:00 PM

Associated place: Council Brewing Company
San Diego brewery focused on west coast IPA’s and sour beers.
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Council / Alvarado St. Humming Wires 6.51/21/2017Rate 3.424
Council / Bottlecraft Wax Poetic 8.94/24/2016Rate 3.194
Council / Oersoep / Rooie Dop Wilde Raad 100% Brett Black IPA 7.61/7/2015Rate 2.932
Council 100% Maybe 6.32/13/2017Rate 3.061
Council Ambree 7.510/30/2016Rate 33
Council America’s Finest Pale Ale 5.45/12/2014Rate 3.143913
Council American Brown Ale 6.110/30/2014Rate 3.067
Council Anniversary House Red 11.76/14/2015Rate 3.273
Council Anniversary House White 11.26/14/2015Rate 3.322
Council Athanasian 10.23/14/2015Rate 0
Council Barrel Aged Pumpkin Sour Saison 6.511/10/2015Rate 3.192
Council Béatitude: Apricot Tart Saison 4.55/16/2015Rate 3.538331
Council Béatitude: Black Currant Tart Saison 4.55/29/2016Rate 3.69013
Council Béatitude: Blueberry Tart Saison 4.510/30/2014Rate 3.416128
Council Béatitude: Brandon’s Watermelon Tart Saison 3.83/26/2015Rate 2.871
Council Béatitude: Cherry Tart Saison 4.511/17/2014Rate 3.619025
Council Béatitude: Citra Dry Hopped Tart Saison 4.51/31/2016Rate 3.45913
Council Béatitude: Cucumber Mint Saison 4.51/3/2017Rate 3.192
Council Béatitude: Cucumber Tart Saison 3.81/25/2015Rate 0
Council Béatitude: Guava Tart Saison 4.510/2/2016Rate 3.376
Council Béatitude: Mango Tart Saison 4.59/26/2014Rate 3.548460
Council Béatitude: Mosaic Dry Hopped Tart Saison 4.510/30/2014Rate 3.558527
Council Béatitude: O.P.G. (Orange Pineapple Guava) Tart Saison 3.85/16/2015Rate 3.052
Council Béatitude: Passion Fruit Tart Saison 4.54/4/2015Rate 3.679445
Council Béatitude: Peach & Nectarine Imperial Tart Saison 6.310/27/2015Rate 3.548
Council Béatitude: Persimmon Tart Saison 3.81/3/2015Rate 0
Council Béatitude: Pineapple Tart Saison 4.511/23/2014Rate 3.588920
Council Béatitude: Prickly Pear Tart Saison 4.53/4/2016Rate 3.679314
Council Béatitude: Raspberry Oaked Tart Saison 3.81/3/2015Rate 3.162
Council Béatitude: Raspberry Tart Saison 4.51/3/2015Rate 3.719648
Council Béatitude: Three Berry Tart Saison 4.51/24/2015Rate 3.659351
Council Belgian Pale Ale 4.88/24/2015Rate 3.014
Council Belgian Tripel 106/7/2014Rate 3.077
Council Belgian Tripel - Brett 10.23/4/2016Rate 3.111
Council Bourbon Barrel Belgian Quad 10.11/17/2015Rate 32
Council Bully Drop IIIPA 10.36/12/2015Rate 2.981
Council Bully Pulpit IPA 7.210/11/2014Rate 3.497715
Council Chalcedon - Imperial Sour Brown 10.711/3/2015Rate 3.131
Council Chizzam! 6.56/7/2014Rate 3.213215
Council Clodhopper ESB 5.55/12/2014Rate 2.883
Council Deadlock (Batch #1 - Raspberries) 6.56/13/2015Rate 3.464310
Council Deadlock (Batch #3 - Black Currants) 7.36/13/2016Rate 3.372
Council Diamond in the Grain 5.22/13/2017Rate 2.891
Council Dubbel Conspiracy 8.06/7/2014Rate 3.015
Council Ephesus 7.03/10/2016Rate 3.131
Council Experimental Brett IPA -11/23/2014Rate 2.941
Council Farmer’s Gold 5.85/12/2014Rate 3.284016
Council Farmer’s Gold - Brett 5.71/8/2016Rate 3.174
Council Funky Chimney 7.012/31/2016Rate 3.223
Council Gaderian 11.43/4/2016Rate 3.111
Council Gavel Drop IPA 7.15/12/2014Rate 3.334622
Council Good Advice 4.59/20/2016Rate 3.37
Council Haze Faze 6.52/13/2017Rate 3.162
Council I’m With Hops 4.512/31/2016Rate 3.193
Council Les Saisons 6.34/25/2016Rate 3.285
Council Lively Banter Wheat Ale 5.55/12/2014Rate 2.841
Council Makes IPAs Clear Again 7.02/13/2017Rate 3.112
Council Nicene 5.58/26/2014Rate 3.588912
Council Not-Your-Normal Pumpkin Beer 6.512/31/2016Rate 3.216
Council Pirate’s Breakfast - Bourbon Barrel 10.51/3/2015Rate 3.357
Council Pirate’s Breakfast - Coffee & Vanilla 8.612/13/2014Rate 3.232
Council Pirate’s Breakfast Imperial Oatmeal Stout 8.15/12/2014Rate 3.422417
Council Questionable Advice 6.112/31/2016Rate 3.151
Council Quorum IPA: 05256 7.43/14/2015Rate 2.91
Council Quorum IPA: 06277 7.21/8/2016Rate 31
Council Quorum IPA: 07270 7.28/24/2015Rate 2.565
Council Quorum IPA: Centennial 7.43/8/2015Rate 2.761
Council Quorum IPA: Centennial & Jarrylo 7.48/22/2014Rate 2.971
Council Quorum IPA: Galaxy 7.411/23/2014Rate 3.012
Council Quorum IPA: Grapefruit Zest 8.18/8/2016Rate 3.021
Council Quorum IPA: Hallertau Blanc 7.48/10/2015Rate 3.041
Council Quorum IPA: Lemon Drop 7.29/28/2016Rate 3.036
Council Rhetoric Weizenbock 8.01/25/2015Rate 3.033
Council Robust Porter 6.610/30/2014Rate 3.448010
Council Royal Blood Imperial Red 8.15/12/2014Rate 3.222216
Council Rye IPA 7.18/24/2015Rate 3.055
Council Session IPA 4.18/10/2015Rate 3.065
Council Something Special 4.510/30/2016Rate 2.952
Council St. Nick’s Punch 6.21/8/2016Rate 3.232
Council Stalemate Double IPA 8.110/12/2014Rate 3.261716
Council Sunrise Highway 6.012/20/2016Rate 3.184
Council Vienne 7.03/26/2015Rate 3.348

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