CraftHaus Brewery

Brewer rating: 76/100 107 ratings
7350 Eastgate Rd, Ste 110, Henderson, Nevada, USA 89011
Wed and Thu 5:00 - 10:00 PM
Fri 2:00 - 12:00 AM
Sat 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sun 2:00 - 8:00 PM

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CraftHaus 6 Bushels 6.59/28/2013Rate 2.831
CraftHaus Amigo 9.03/23/2016Rate 3.332
CraftHaus Any Which Way Double IPA 9.84/3/2016Rate 3.131
CraftHaus Any Which Way English Rye IPA 8.84/3/2016Rate 3.214
CraftHaus Any Which Way Session IPA 3.910/11/2015Rate 31
CraftHaus Any Which Way White IPA 5.57/4/2015Rate 3.384
CraftHaus Belgard 4.29/19/2015Rate 3.178
CraftHaus Belgard (Tweaked with Makers & Finders Coffee) 4.29/19/2015Rate 3.133
CraftHaus Belgard (Tweaked with Toasted coconut) 4.29/19/2015Rate 3.213
CraftHaus Black and Blue 5.56/3/2015Rate 2.851
CraftHaus Blackstar 6.81/18/2015Rate 3.254
CraftHaus Carillion 9.84/3/2016Rate 3.092
CraftHaus Centerpiece Peach 3.110/20/2015Rate 3.182
CraftHaus Centerpiece Sour Table Beer 3.24/3/2016Rate 2.961
CraftHaus Cheech and Ron 6.87/10/2016Rate 3.131
CraftHaus Comrade 9.09/28/2013Rate 3.265
CraftHaus Evocation 4.79/28/2013Rate 3.152222
CraftHaus Evocation (Tweaked with Chilean Wine Must) 4.77/10/2016Rate 3.061
CraftHaus Evocation (Tweaked with Mandarin) 4.72/20/2015Rate 2.861
CraftHaus Evocation (Tweaked with Mojito) 4.79/19/2015Rate 3.022
CraftHaus Evocation (Tweaked with Pomegranate) -10/11/2015Rate 3.091
CraftHaus Evocation (Tweaked with Rose) 4.72/20/2015Rate 2.861
CraftHaus Evocation (Tweaked with Sorachi Ace) 4.71/19/2015Rate 2.861
CraftHaus Evocation (Tweaked with Sweet Orange Peel) 7.28/27/2015Rate 3.061
CraftHaus Jean Claude Belgian Strong 7.55/23/2015Rate 3.32
CraftHaus Resinate 6.29/28/2013Rate 3.213220
CraftHaus Resinate (Tweaked with Sage) 6.22/20/2015Rate 2.952
CraftHaus Resinate (Tweaked with Wormwood) 6.512/20/2014Rate 2.81
CraftHaus Resolute Rye 6.29/5/2014Rate 2.81
CraftHaus Sea Cucumber Gose 4.112/11/2016Rate 3.061
CraftHaus Shiny New Toy Extra Pale Ale 5.55/2/2017Rate 3.133
CraftHaus Tantalus 5.09/28/2013Rate 0
CraftHaus Unite Smokey Red 6.06/3/2015Rate 3.041
CraftHaus Zitrone Gose 4.010/11/2016Rate 3.073

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