County Town Beers Scotch Ale 5.03/29/2015Rate 2.841
Harveys 125 Years Lewes FC Ale 4.77/31/2011Rate 2.938
Harveys 1859 Porter (Bottle) 4.85/27/2000Rate 3.471204
Harveys 1859 Porter (Cask) 4.81/18/2003Rate 3.325064
Harveys A le Coq Imperial Stout (alias) 9.012/3/2001
Harveys Albion Ale 3.612/19/2011Rate 3.118219
Harveys Albion Ale 4% – Promotion Special Edition 4.05/19/2017Rate 3.073
Harveys Armada Ale (Bottle) 4.57/24/2002Rate 2.924037
Harveys Armada Ale (Cask) 4.59/29/2002Rate 3.293118
Harveys Battle of Lewes Priory Ale 6.07/12/2014Rate 2.932516
Harveys Bellowhead's Revival Ale 3.711/26/2014Rate 2.711
Harveys Bicentenary Stout - The Battle of Trafalgar 8.010/11/2005Rate 3.254312
Harveys Bicentenary Stout (Bottle) 8.012/17/2005Rate 3.9210027
Harveys Bill Brewer 1.08/5/2000Rate 2.68825
Harveys Bill's Beer 4.02/20/2012Rate 2.833012
Harveys Black Stout 4.83/7/2017Rate 3.294715
Harveys Bloomsbury Brown (formerly Nut Brown Ale) 2.88/5/2000Rate 2.78946
Harveys Blue Label 3.67/30/2002Rate 2.93638
Harveys Bluebell Railway Anniversary Ale 4.810/5/2013Rate 2.951
Harveys Bonfire Boy (Bottle) 5.812/23/2006Rate 3.449415
Harveys Bonfire Boy (Cask) 5.87/25/2002Rate 3.419035
Harveys Brown Bull Stout 4.96/20/2007Rate 3.699217
Harveys Christmas Ale (Bottle) 7.53/10/2001Rate 3.4545463
Harveys Christmas Ale (Cask) 7.57/6/2004Rate 3.576853
Harveys Cliffe Quarter Ale 3.06/28/2008Rate 3.071
Harveys Copper Ale 5.75/13/2015Rate 3.187410
Harveys Copperwheat Beer (Bottle) 4.83/7/2004Rate 3.028126
Harveys Copperwheat Brew (Cask) 4.87/25/2002Rate 3.168325
Harveys Elizabethan Ale (Bottle) 7.511/25/2000Rate 3.5767387
Harveys Elizabethan Ale 1952-2012 (Bottle) 7.510/24/2012Rate 3.444512
Harveys Elizabethan Ale 5% (Cask) 5.05/31/2012Rate 2.861
Harveys Elizabethan XXX Special (alias) 7.53/31/2017
Harveys Forward's Choice 3.59/5/2015Rate 3.243
Harveys Georgian Dragon (Bottle) 4.77/24/2011Rate 2.983520
Harveys Georgian Dragon (Cask) 4.74/23/2010Rate 3.479821
Harveys Gold Bier 4.010/17/2016Rate 2.964411
Harveys Gunpowder 8.010/11/2005Rate 3.394
Harveys Hadlow Bitter / Long Man IPA (Cask) 3.59/28/2004Rate 3.047928
Harveys Imperial Extra Double Stout 9.09/16/2000Rate 3.3919953
Harveys India Pale Ale (IPA) (Bottle) 3.212/28/2000Rate 2.53150
Harveys India Pale Ale (IPA) (Cask) 3.53/31/2015Rate 2.964613
Harveys John Hop 1.08/5/2000Rate 2.48321
Harveys Joy Festival Beer 4.811/27/2017Rate 3.142
Harveys Kiss (Bottle) 4.86/27/2007Rate 2.863416
Harveys Kiss (Cask) 4.58/5/2000Rate 3.026531
Harveys Knots of May (Cask) 3.010/28/2000Rate 3.114625
Harveys Lewes Castle (Bottle) 4.812/22/2006Rate 3.48969
Harveys Lewes Castle (Cask) 4.83/31/2015Rate 3.368622
Harveys Malt Brown 4.810/17/2016Rate 3.175015
Harveys Noble Jacks 5.04/5/2017Rate 3.09489
Harveys Old Ale (Bottle) 3.67/25/2002Rate 2.95857
Harveys Old Ale (Cask) (alias) 4.33/31/2015
Harveys Olympia Golden Ale (Bottle) 4.08/31/2017Rate 3.232
Harveys Olympia Golden Ale (Cask) 4.34/25/2006Rate 3.066060
Harveys Ouse Booze 6.58/16/2015Rate 3.056
Harveys Prince of Denmark 7.59/22/2008Rate 3.7163106
Harveys Quatercentenary Ale 8.012/20/2005Rate 3.639827
Harveys R 2.88/12/2014Rate 2.975012
Harveys Royal Nuptial Ale 6.05/29/2011Rate 3.08449
Harveys Southdown Harvest Ale (Bottle) 5.012/30/2005Rate 2.932517
Harveys Southdown Harvest Ale (Cask) 5.08/5/2000Rate 3.238442
Harveys St Richard's Ale 5.06/29/2014Rate 3.085216
Harveys Star of Eastbourne (Bottle) 6.56/22/2007Rate 3.144545
Harveys Star of Eastbourne (Cask) 5.010/11/2005Rate 3.27851
Harveys Sussex Best Bitter (Cask) 4.010/28/2000Rate 3.398285
Harveys Sussex Best Bitter (Can) 3.611/24/2016Rate 3.14
Harveys Sussex Champion 5.06/10/2016Rate 3.199210
Harveys Sussex Golden Ale (Bottle) (alias) 4.03/31/2015
Harveys Sussex Golden Ale / Quidsin 4.012/31/2008Rate 35929
Harveys Sussex Pale Ale 3.59/29/2002Rate 3.077365
Harveys Sussex XX Mild [aka Sussex Dark Mild] (Cask) 3.08/5/2000Rate 2.922297
Harveys Sussex XXXX Old Ale 4.312/28/2000Rate 3.3549109
Harveys Sweet Sussex 2.88/5/2000Rate 2.69349
Harveys Tipper Ale 5.010/7/2015Rate 3.047012
Harveys Tom Paine Ale (Bottle) 5.55/16/2000Rate 3.3996121
Harveys Tom Paine Ale (Cask) 5.57/25/2002Rate 3.389654
Harveys Tom Paine Original Brown Ale 5.08/5/2004Rate 3.034640
Harveys Waterloo Rye IPA 6.17/4/2015Rate 3.337
Harveys Wharf IPA 4.85/19/2017Rate 3.39114
Harveys Wild Hop (Bottle) 3.79/11/2017Rate 3.187
Harveys Wild Hop (Cask) 3.78/1/2013Rate 3.096846

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