Crown Alkoholika 8.04/28/2010Rate 3.044
Crown Amber Lager 5.11/21/2017Rate 2.621
Crown Anaconda Premium Malt Liquor 9.01/20/2017Rate 2.562
Crown Apricot Weiss -9/18/2015Rate 2.941
Crown Barrel Aged Sour Warlock 8.03/14/2013Rate 2.813
Crown Beauregard 3.61/21/2017Rate 3.022
Crown Belgian Dubbel 6.810/30/2010Rate 0
Crown Belgian Tripel 9.110/30/2010Rate 2.943
Crown Blue 3.87/31/2011Rate 2.686
Crown Blueberry Berliner 3.15/12/2013Rate 2.952
Crown Blueberry Wheat 4.37/8/2009Rate 2.925
Crown Bodacious Brown Ale 4.57/5/2008Rate 2.953
Crown Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry Dunkleweizenbock 105/12/2013Rate 2.922
Crown Bourbon Barrel Grand Poobah (Woodford Reserve) -11/7/2010Rate 3.285
Crown Bourbon Replicale Stout -11/13/2011Rate 2.791
Crown Celtic Coffee Stout 5.73/27/2010Rate 33
Crown Celtic Pride Stout 5.75/13/2009Rate 3.168
Crown Chocolate Raspberry Java Milk Chocolate Stout -12/17/2013Rate 2.871
Crown Chocolate Vanilla Porter -1/25/2015Rate 2.931
Crown Coffee Black Pumpkin 5.811/2/2014Rate 2.881
Crown Cream Ale 3.24/28/2013Rate 3.025
Crown Crown Town Brown 4.15/13/2009Rate 2.872416
Crown Dee-Railer 4.512/29/2012Rate 2.874
Crown Dunkelweiss 4.87/31/2013Rate 2.623
Crown Extacy of Gold Blonde Ale 4.17/8/2009Rate 2.842
Crown Gold Rush -7/9/2012Rate 2.931
Crown Golden Boy 8.01/20/2017Rate 2.981
Crown Grand Poobah 101/21/2017Rate 3.022
Crown Grandpa Cashmere 4.65/27/2018Rate 3.021
Crown Hatchetation Smoked Strong Stout 7.21/25/2015Rate 2.951
Crown Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Grand Poobah 101/20/2017Rate 3.091
Crown Heidelberg Kolsch -12/25/2012Rate 2.691
Crown Hop Fix 5.07/20/2008Rate 3.247
Crown Hopqua Boogie Double IPA 1110/2/2016Rate 3.151
Crown Ignis Fatuus Pumpkin Ale 5.310/30/2010Rate 3.186610
Crown Imperial Region Red 9.15/6/2018Rate 2.891
Crown Industrial Porter 6.11/15/2012Rate 3.386316
Crown Intergalactic Juice Fist NE IPA 5.99/1/2018Rate 31
Crown Jailhouse Bock 7.27/8/2009Rate 2.963
Crown Java Porter 6.14/28/2013Rate 3.328
Crown Java Porter (Autumn Spice) 6.19/23/2013Rate 2.982
Crown Kill'em Ale 9.510/30/2010Rate 3.145
Crown Kilmister Stout 6.09/20/2009Rate 3.032
Crown Kronen Bräu Helles -7/9/2012Rate 3.022
Crown Lady In Red Ale 5.410/10/2009Rate 2.892
Crown Lasterday 5.55/27/2018Rate 3.021
Crown Launch of the Polaris 6.61/25/2015Rate 2.81
Crown Light 3.87/7/2010Rate 2.743
Crown Marzenfest 5.75/9/2010Rate 2.96
Crown Mayzie Cream Ale 3.65/27/2018Rate 3.021
Crown Mild Ale 3.259/22/2008Rate 2.961
Crown Milk Chocolate Stout 5.810/30/2010Rate 2.952
Crown North Pole Tadpole Pale Ale 5.41/25/2015Rate 2.871
Crown North Pole Tree Frog IPA 7.03/15/2014Rate 3.343
Crown Nunca Mas 101/21/2017Rate 33
Crown Oktoberfest 5.810/30/2010Rate 3.093
Crown Patrick 5.13/27/2010Rate 2.963
Crown Patrick Irish Red 5.74/13/2014Rate 2.812
Crown Peach Cobbler Java Porter 6.15/27/2018Rate 3.021
Crown Plead The 5th 8.67/31/2013Rate 2.791
Crown Powderhorn 5.59/17/2008Rate 3.071
Crown Red, Wit & Blue 4.17/9/2012Rate 2.91
Crown Region Red 4.411/2/2014Rate 3.112
Crown ReplicAle Alt -8/12/2009Rate 2.92
Crown Replicale Pale Ale 6.010/30/2010Rate 2.93
Crown ReplicAle Wit 4.57/8/2009Rate 2.892
Crown Saison -8/3/2013Rate 2.822
Crown Sara Blonde Ale 4.59/20/2009Rate 2.862
Crown Shoe Corner ESB 5.64/13/2014Rate 2.912
Crown Smooth Up In Ya' 4.31/25/2015Rate 2.871
Crown Special Forces IPA 6.47/8/2009Rate 3.497535
Crown Squatch Barley Wine 9.04/28/2013Rate 2.923
Crown Stachu 5.51/25/2015Rate 2.871
Crown The Dark Matter Sweet Vanilla Stout 6.710/2/2016Rate 3.151
Crown The Dude 6.111/14/2014Rate 3.346
Crown Till Death Do Us Part 5.710/30/2015Rate 3.283
Crown VFT India Pale Ale 5.81/12/2009Rate 3.227
Crown Weizenheimer Weiss 4.17/5/2008Rate 3.258510
Crown Wine Barrel Aged Brown with Raspberries -12/17/2013Rate 2.911
Crown Winter Warlock Ale 7.11/12/2009Rate 3.177

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