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54-58 Langsett Road, Sheffield - Walkley, South Yorkshire, England S6 2UB
First brewed in 2001. Beers were brewed here under the Wellington label for Edale Brewery (qv), which owned the Hillsborough Hotel at the time, between 2004 and 2006. Brewing under the Crown name restarted in 2007. Reported as out of business in April 2012, with a new operation called Wood Street (q.v.) starting under different ownership on site.
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Crown All But 4.17/6/2008Rate 3.071
Crown Art Blakey 4.53/29/2009Rate 2.961
Crown Beer Tickers Beyond The Ale 3.712/24/2009Rate 2.884
Crown Benny Goodman 3.811/21/2010Rate 2.811
Crown Black Jack 6.010/27/2010Rate 2.883
Crown Bob Crosby 4.87/30/2010Rate 2.811
Crown Brooklyn Black 5.82/3/2011Rate 2.953
Crown Brooklyn Heights 5.87/24/2010Rate 3.267113
Crown Brown Ale 4.47/15/2007Rate 2.771
Crown Cab Calloway 10th Jazz Beer 4.96/20/2009Rate 0
Crown Clown's Pout 5.31/22/2009Rate 32
Crown Django Reinhardt 6.612/10/2009Rate 3.013
Crown Dougies Promotion Ale 4.05/9/2006Rate 31
Crown Eternal Hoppiness 4.612/30/2007Rate 2.961
Crown Hillsborough Pale Ale (alias) 3.910/1/2007
Crown Hillsborough Smoked Oktoberfest (alias) 5.58/22/2009
Crown HPA 3.98/21/2002Rate 3.068437
Crown India Pale Ale 7.22/22/2010Rate 3.35599
Crown Jaco Pastorius 3.68/4/2008Rate 2.723
Crown Loxley Gold 4.58/31/2003Rate 3.054
Crown Mappins Coronation Beer 8.36/19/2011Rate 2.973
Crown Middle Wood Mild 3.85/1/2005Rate 2.86239
Crown Nat King Cole 3.79/2/2009Rate 2.811
Crown Primrose Ginger Bush 4.28/31/2008Rate 2.841
Crown Primrose Pale 4.28/31/2008Rate 2.912
Crown Red Barron 5.59/15/2008Rate 35118
Crown Ring of Fire 7.77/22/2009Rate 3.369014
Crown Samuel Berrys IPA 5.19/13/2004Rate 3.147114
Crown Smokin Oktoberfest 5.79/3/2009Rate 3.026
Crown Stannington Gold 5.02/7/2007Rate 31
Crown Stannington Stout 5.08/14/2003Rate 3.427531
Crown Traditional Bitter 4.08/4/2008Rate 2.934819
Crown Unpronounceable IPA 7.06/11/2009Rate 3.187511
Crown Wheat Beer 5.94/11/2010Rate 2.82
Crown Wheat Stout 6.64/12/2009Rate 3.285819
Crown Wheetie-Bits 4.49/15/2008Rate 2.935322
Crown Xmas Ale 6.57/22/2009Rate 2.871
Wellington Blowing Heavy
Brewed by/for Edale
4.25/9/2006Rate 2.921
Wellington Conviction
Brewed by/for Edale
3.86/15/2004Rate 2.862
Wellington Gatemouth
Brewed by/for Edale
3.95/9/2006Rate 2.771
Wellington Hoppy Waters
Brewed by/for Edale
4.05/3/2004Rate 2.832
Wellington Volenti
Brewed by/for Edale
5.28/20/2004Rate 3.192
Wellington's Beyond The Call
Brewed by/for Edale
6.07/29/2012Rate 2.744

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