Dancing Duck

Brewer rating: 84/100 368 ratings
Kingsmead Industrial Estate, Payne Street, Derby, Derbyshire, England DE22 3AZ
Places associated: Exeter Arms (Dancing Duck), New Zealand Arms (Dancing Duck)
Commenced brewing in late 2010.
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Brown Paper Bag Project Oxman 5.85/27/2013Rate 3.429421
Dancing Duck / Arriva Sapphire 4.24/22/2015Rate 2.978
Dancing Duck 22 4.31/31/2011Rate 3.239531
Dancing Duck Abduction 5.511/13/2011Rate 3.244942
Dancing Duck Absent Friends 4.62/18/2015Rate 2.891
Dancing Duck Amberillo 4.84/26/2013Rate 3.095815
Dancing Duck Ay Up / Ey Up 3.91/31/2011Rate 3.158145
Dancing Duck Back Sack and Quack 4.26/11/2016Rate 3.096
Dancing Duck Brown Clough 4.03/1/2016Rate 2.912
Dancing Duck Dark Drake 4.511/18/2011Rate 3.345566
Dancing Duck Dcuk 4.36/16/2013Rate 3.289432
Dancing Duck Duck Berry 4.12/10/2016Rate 2.981
Dancing Duck Ducks Courage 5.08/5/2014Rate 2.883
Dancing Duck Gold 4.71/31/2011Rate 3.17221
Dancing Duck Imperial Drake 6.53/31/2016Rate 3.112
Dancing Duck Indian Porter 5.012/16/2013Rate 3.355813
Dancing Duck Nice Weather 4.18/23/2011Rate 3.148827
Dancing Duck Project Venus Venus Vixen 4.611/21/2014Rate 2.881
Dancing Duck Quack Addict 3.811/25/2015Rate 3.073
Dancing Duck Quacky Birthday 4.110/21/2015Rate 2.921
Dancing Duck Round Heart 4.07/17/2012Rate 2.94449
Dancing Duck Seduction 5.26/28/2013Rate 3.17
Dancing Duck Waddle It Be? 4.57/20/2015Rate 3.15409
Dancing Duck Waitangi 4.04/5/2014Rate 3.05599
Dancing Duck Wot The Duck? Ginger Ninja 4.15/26/2015Rate 3.18
Dancing Duck Wot The Duck? VIP 5.010/10/2015Rate 3.216

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