Darwin Brewery

Commercial Brewery
Unit 1 West Quay Court, Sunderland Ent Park, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, England SR5 2TE
9am - 5pm Mondays - Fridays

Associated place: Darwin Brewery
North-east England based micro-brewery offering a variety of beers from everyday classics to award-winning historical brews. The Natural Selection
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Darwin Adelaide Porter 4.05/10/2006Rate 3.071
Darwin Andy Capp 4.27/18/2007Rate 2.731
Darwin Beagle Blonde 4.17/8/2012Rate 3.076
Darwin Bombay Brown Ale 4.45/10/2006Rate 31
Darwin Bourbon Beer 6.07/11/2019Rate 3.123
Darwin Cauldron Snout 5.610/19/2002Rate 3.68419
Darwin Cavalier 5.010/12/2014Rate 2.791
Darwin Double Brown 4.29/28/2007Rate 2.817
Darwin Durham Light Ale 4.03/10/2003Rate 3.283
Darwin Evolution Ale 4.010/12/2004Rate 3.096
Darwin Expedition Pale Ale 3.86/19/2016Rate 3.052
Darwin Extinction Ale 8.33/7/2004Rate 3.02512
Darwin Flag Porter (alias) 5.010/29/2014
Darwin Galapagos 4.811/7/2011Rate 3.126
Darwin Ghost Ale 4.110/12/2004Rate 3.17829
Darwin Hammonds Porter 4.78/15/2003Rate 3.222
Darwin Hop Drop 4.22/27/2005Rate 3.28017
Darwin Jaffa Jolt Ruby Ale 5.012/24/2016Rate 31
Darwin Java Jolt Coffee Stout 5.510/12/2004Rate 3.297
Darwin Ken Warne Richmond Fine Ale 4.15/15/2018Rate 2.941
Darwin Killer Bee 6.09/16/2000Rate 3.01379
Darwin Moine Whisky Ale 5.612/27/2017Rate 3.021
Darwin North Eastern IPA 4.87/3/2006Rate 2.921
Darwin Power Strike 4.24/16/2014Rate 2.861
Darwin Richmond Ale 4.87/21/2001Rate 2.993418
Darwin Rolling Hitch 5.210/10/2004Rate 3.539679
Darwin Saints Sinner 5.012/13/2002Rate 3.083
Darwin Sunderland Best 3.910/31/2007Rate 2.862
Darwin Tall Ship 4.17/14/2016Rate 3.093
Darwin The Cheese & Wine Shop Ale 6.01/15/2018Rate 31
High Force Cauldron Snout (alias) 5.69/2/2005
High Force Forest XB 4.22/9/2007Rate 31
Original Flag Porter (alias) 5.012/29/2001
Real Beer Co. Bulldog 06 Premium Ale 5.27/11/2006Rate 3.068
Real Beer Co. Bulldog 06 Premium Lager 5.27/20/2006Rate 2.255
Flag Porter 1825 Original
Brewed at Elgoods Brewery
5.012/8/2000Rate 3.4886622

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