Day Block Brewing Company

Brew Pub
Brewer rating: 72/100 223 ratings
1105 Washington Avenue S., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 55415
Daily: 11 am to 1 am

Associated place: Day Block Brewing Company

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Day Block Albatross Kolsch 5.43/11/2016Rate 2.882
Day Block Amarillo Dry Hopped IIPA 8.69/30/2014Rate 2.962
Day Block Bands That Brew #1: RyeTious Brown Ale 5.74/27/2015Rate 2.941
Day Block Bands That Brew #2: The Federales’ Mild 4.35/29/2015Rate 2.913
Day Block Bands That Brew #3: HCMC Golden Ale 5.07/3/2015Rate 2.791
Day Block Bands That Brew #4: Traditional Belvarian Hefeweizen 4.37/28/2015Rate 32
Day Block Bands That Brew #5: Nooky Nectar 5.99/22/2015Rate 2.913
Day Block Bands That Brew #6: TABAH Black Ale 5.49/22/2015Rate 2.954
Day Block Bands That Brew #7: Self-Evident 97 Schilling 6.212/5/2015Rate 0
Day Block Bands That Brew #8: The Paper Days Pale Ale 5.712/5/2015Rate 0
Day Block Bands That Brew #9: Fairfax, AK Oatmeal Stout 5.012/10/2015Rate 3.042
Day Block Bands That Brew #10: Gentlemen’s Anti-Temperance League Double IPA 8.92/27/2016Rate 0
Day Block Bands That Brew #11: Enemy Planes Albatross Kölsch 5.542/27/2016Rate 0
Day Block Bands That Brew #15: American RevivALE 4.67/27/2016Rate 3.041
Day Block Batch 019 IPA 6.64/26/2014Rate 2.92
Day Block Batch 035 IPA (alias) 5.88/6/2014
Day Block Batch 054 IPA 6.6611/22/2014Rate 2.81
Day Block Batch 94 IPA 7.16/7/2015Rate 3.041
Day Block Belgian Dark Strong 9.21/17/2015Rate 2.912
Day Block Belgian Pale - Batch 027 5.26/27/2014Rate 2.881
Day Block Belgian Triple IPA 104/27/2015Rate 31
Day Block Berliner Weisse 5.27/16/2014Rate 3.037
Day Block Black IPA 8.01/22/2014Rate 3.116
Day Block Black Witbier (alias) 4.41/17/2015
Day Block Blackberry Rye 8.17/27/2016Rate 3.021
Day Block Blood Red Saison 7.06/20/2016Rate 2.891
Day Block Brown Ale 5.410/12/2014Rate 2.853
Day Block BTB: Solid Gold Belgian Golden Strong 8.51/8/2017Rate 2.972
Day Block Citra Pale Ale 5.85/29/2015Rate 3.187
Day Block Coconut Imperial Stout 9.23/11/2016Rate 2.972
Day Block Coffee Porter 5.73/7/2014Rate 3.358
Day Block Double IPA 8.69/1/2014Rate 2.683
Day Block Dry Irish Stout 4.95/21/2017Rate 3.041
Day Block Dunkel Weisse 5.612/5/2015Rate 0
Day Block English Pale Ale 5.24/2/2014Rate 2.772
Day Block English Special Bitter 5.34/27/2015Rate 3.052
Day Block Extra Ordinary Bitter 7.03/3/2015Rate 2.963
Day Block Fort Wilson Riot 6.25/13/2017Rate 2.993
Day Block Frank’s Red Ale 5.31/22/2014Rate 2.984413
Day Block Frühlingsfest 6.05/6/2014Rate 2.833
Day Block Golden Strong 8.97/16/2014Rate 2.841
Day Block Harvest Pale Ale 5.110/1/2014Rate 2.831
Day Block Hefeweizen 5.08/6/2014Rate 2.752
Day Block Hippity Hop Pale Ale 6.01/22/2014Rate 2.912
Day Block Honey Amber IPA 6.65/20/2014Rate 2.963
Day Block Hop Bursted Pale Ale 6.62/11/2015Rate 2.743
Day Block Imperial Rye 9.21/28/2015Rate 3.166
Day Block Imperial Stout 101/27/2015Rate 3.154
Day Block Imperial Stout - American Oak 102/10/2015Rate 2.871
Day Block Imperial Stout - French Oak 102/10/2015Rate 2.931
Day Block Imperial Stout - Hungarian Oak 101/31/2015Rate 2.922
Day Block Imperial Stout - Mocha 101/31/2015Rate 2.871
Day Block Imperial Stout - Whiskey & American Oak 101/31/2015Rate 2.841
Day Block Kölsch 4.85/12/2014Rate 2.925
Day Block Leonard Day IPA 5.81/28/2015Rate 3.188
Day Block Lilac Saison 6.57/3/2015Rate 2.982
Day Block Lot 21 Pale Ale -3/26/2014Rate 2.881
Day Block Lot 56 Pale Ale 5.05/14/2014Rate 2.995
Day Block Maple Rye Bock 7.16/15/2017Rate 3.021
Day Block Midwest Bitter 4.77/16/2014Rate 2.81
Day Block Mississippico 5.36/28/2016Rate 2.851
Day Block Mocha Porter 5.22/27/2016Rate 0
Day Block Mole Porter 6.09/23/2014Rate 2.931
Day Block Northern Discovery IPA 5.51/22/2014Rate 2.933
Day Block Oatmeal Stout 4.63/22/2014Rate 3.126
Day Block Porter 5.71/22/2014Rate 3.158
Day Block Pub Ale 4.77/20/2015Rate 2.873
Day Block Red Cream Ale 5.69/9/2014Rate 2.81
Day Block Rye Mild 3.911/22/2014Rate 2.81
Day Block Second Anniversary - Oak Aged Imperial Coconut Stout 9.02/27/2016Rate 0
Day Block Single Hop IPA # 1 - Centennial 7.53/22/2014Rate 2.972
Day Block Single Hop IPA # 2 - Nugget 7.56/13/2014Rate 3.285
Day Block Single Hop IPA # 3 - Amarillo 6.910/12/2014Rate 32
Day Block Single Hop IPA # 4 - Citra 6.57/3/2015Rate 2.982
Day Block Single Hop IPA # 5 - Rakau 6.69/18/2015Rate 33
Day Block Smoked Roggenbier 6.210/31/2014Rate 2.871
Day Block Spring Lager - Batch 012 6.75/7/2014Rate 2.82
Day Block Spring Wit 4.84/2/2014Rate 2.833
Day Block Stadium Series Blonde Ale 5.81/8/2017Rate 2.993
Day Block Steam Beer 5.310/12/2014Rate 2.771
Day Block The Former Mayor Ryebock 6.63/7/2014Rate 2.682
Day Block The Hop Taster 9.95/13/2017Rate 33
Day Block The Wit 5.65/29/2015Rate 2.842
Day Block The Wit - Batch 028 4.86/27/2014Rate 2.944
Day Block Third Anniversary Imperial Stout 10.42/24/2017Rate 3.042
Day Block Vacation Ale 5.16/20/2016Rate 2.981
Day Block Weizenbock 8.59/23/2014Rate 2.972
Day Block Wet Hop IPA 6.69/1/2014Rate 33
Day Block Winter Wit -1/22/2014Rate 2.994
Day Block Witte Noir 4.411/22/2014Rate 2.793

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