De Fontein Ambrozijn 104/1/2012Rate 3.282011
De Fontein Avonthuur 6.68/23/2010Rate 3.123
De Fontein Barley Wine 106/11/2016Rate 3.111
De Fontein Beluga 7.63/10/2012Rate 3.067
De Fontein Bercktbier 6.58/16/2009Rate 3.07389
De Fontein Bluswater 5.96/5/2017Rate 3.213
De Fontein Casteelse Poort Bier 6.85/24/2013Rate 2.964213
De Fontein Cherubijn 7.54/1/2012Rate 3.041921
De Fontein Conclusie 5.88/23/2010Rate 3.122
De Fontein De Gardist 7.010/20/2010Rate 3.066
De Fontein Dubbel Warm 7.07/16/2015Rate 3.091
De Fontein Dunkelspelzen 5.95/29/2012Rate 3.022
De Fontein Euleteul Winter 8.51/22/2008Rate 2.987041
De Fontein Euleteul Zomer 5.15/11/2005Rate 3.095519
De Fontein Gijs 5.312/5/2010Rate 2.952
De Fontein Guitenbier 7.86/30/2009Rate 2.936
De Fontein Guuske 5.68/23/2010Rate 2.933
De Fontein Hèllige Hèndrik 6.06/11/2016Rate 3.041
De Fontein Herfstbock 6.512/27/2006Rate 33710
De Fontein Imperium 105/22/2016Rate 3.111
De Fontein Inspirator 6.39/1/2007Rate 3.034319
De Fontein Inspirator Zomerblond 5.510/20/2010Rate 3.066
De Fontein IPA (2016) 6.53/28/2016Rate 3.091
De Fontein Iris 6.73/18/2012Rate 2.961
De Fontein Kaban Bier 7.53/10/2012Rate 2.968
De Fontein Kasteel Elsloo Amber 5.45/7/2005Rate 3.276614
De Fontein Kasteel Elsloo Amber Grand Cru 7.65/20/2016Rate 3.021
De Fontein Kronkelaer 6.45/30/2013Rate 3.135411
De Fontein Le Verger de Camille Tarwebier 5.310/18/2012Rate 2.863215
De Fontein Liberum 8.55/22/2016Rate 32
De Fontein Limburgs Blond 5.93/10/2012Rate 2.841915
De Fontein Limburgs Dubbel 6.44/17/2011Rate 2.992327
De Fontein Limburgs Tripel 9.07/21/2007Rate 2.991615
De Fontein Little Miss Szechuan-shine 6.33/18/2015Rate 2.861
De Fontein Maaskanter Tarwebier 6.011/11/2007Rate 2.92635
De Fontein Meibock 6.55/6/2008Rate 2.923215
De Fontein Nazomer 9.51/22/2012Rate 3.094
De Fontein Noël 101/22/2017Rate 3.091
De Fontein Openingsbier 6.58/27/2006Rate 2.74
De Fontein Paladijn 5.04/1/2012Rate 2.852821
De Fontein Porter 7.03/28/2016Rate 3.061
De Fontein Radler Lemon 3.07/17/2016Rate 3.021
De Fontein Radler Orange 3.07/17/2016Rate 3.041
De Fontein Resistent Tripel 8.08/23/2010Rate 2.965
De Fontein Roerdaler Gagelbier 5.43/2/2013Rate 2.873523
De Fontein Sakamai 8.411/5/2011Rate 3.034112
De Fontein Session IPA 5.35/7/2017Rate 3.021
De Fontein Speltzenbier (alias) -5/30/2011
De Fontein Steinder Wit 4.94/19/2006Rate 2.832522
De Fontein Tantesbier 5.811/21/2010Rate 3.07509
De Fontein Törfkes Döbbel (alias) 7.05/7/2017
De Fontein Veurjaor 2014 6.53/29/2014Rate 2.972
De Fontein Vlaamsche Reus Blond 6.15/28/2005Rate 3.064426
De Fontein Weizen 5.37/28/2016Rate 3.061
De Fontein Winterbier 9.13/28/2016Rate 3.122
De Fontein Witte Jan 5.210/18/2012Rate 3.196
De Fontein Zomer Amber 7.57/17/2016Rate 3.111
De Fontein Zomer Zoen 5.96/5/2017Rate 3.061
De Fontein Zomerparkfeest Extra 5.57/28/2016Rate 33
De Fontein Zwaar Amber 106/5/2017Rate 3.091
Maestrichter Lansmenneke 6.15/1/2015Rate 3.198
Maestrichter Väöske 7.11/31/2016Rate 3.054
Witte Dame (alias) 5.15/19/2013
Puuro Amber
Brewed by/for Puuro
9.05/8/2015Rate 2.641016
Puuro Bolster
Brewed by/for Puuro
5.58/24/2015Rate 2.862114
Puuro Carpe Diem
Brewed by/for Puuro
8.54/24/2016Rate 2.716
Venloos Paeterke Döbbel 7.09/22/2012Rate 3.13712
Venloos Paeterke Triepel 8.09/22/2012Rate 3.123310
The Sisters Abelha
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
6.07/25/2016Rate 2.921
The Sisters Bzzz
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
8.011/9/2016Rate 3.187
The Sisters Drone
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
5.89/18/2015Rate 2.991335
The Sisters Hive
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
5.35/27/2016Rate 3.014815
The Sisters Honey
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
7.91/19/2016Rate 2.942827
The Sisters Imperial Drone
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
8.05/13/2016Rate 3.16515
The Sisters Nectar
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
10.75/27/2016Rate 3.242218
The Sisters Proef Bitter Blonde
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
6.98/5/2017Rate 31
The Sisters Queen Bee
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
7.79/18/2015Rate 3.121940
The Sisters Smoker
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
5.45/13/2016Rate 3.163330
The Sisters Waggle Dance
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
4.43/25/2017Rate 2.918
The Sisters Worker Saison
Brewed by/for The Sisters Brewery
9.41/6/2016Rate 2.98736

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