Behemoth (Chur) / Deep Creek S&M Yin Yang Fresh-Hopped IPA 6.55/15/2015Rate 3.091
Behemoth (Chur) / Gigantic Too Big to Fail 10.63/18/2018Rate 3.66
Behemoth (Chur) / Heart of Darkness Churtz's Insane 9.52/27/2019Rate 3.565
Behemoth (Chur) Billion Dollar Grapefruit IPA 7.011/2/2017Rate 3.657212
Behemoth (Chur) Brain Smiles! 5.412/10/2018Rate 3.345
Behemoth (Chur) Brave Bikkie 6.09/6/2015Rate 3.629913
Behemoth (Chur) Cheech and Chong Fresh Hop Blazy IPA (2018-2019) 6.54/21/2018Rate 3.264
Behemoth (Chur) Chur-Vesa 6.212/9/2018Rate 3.243
Behemoth (Chur) Collusion 9.58/19/2018Rate 3.395
Behemoth (Chur) Drink Tomorrow No. 1 (Doi Saket Flight Coffee) 1111/26/2018Rate 3.534
Behemoth (Chur) Freedom Juice Hazy American Double IPA 8.03/30/2018Rate 3.668010
Behemoth (Chur) Freedom Waffles 5.58/13/2018Rate 3.376
Behemoth (Chur) Hop Diggity Dog Citra Hopped Hazy IPA 6.28/17/2018Rate 3.517
Behemoth (Chur) Hoptoberfest Hazy German Hopped IPA 6.210/13/2017Rate 3.364
Behemoth (Chur) Humorous Ludicrous Hazy Lupulin Hopped IPA 7.05/25/2018Rate 3.648
Behemoth (Chur) I See Red IPA 6.36/26/2018Rate 3.456
Behemoth (Chur) Juicy As 6.34/14/2018Rate 3.635
Behemoth (Chur) Kinda Hazy 6.212/17/2017Rate 3.021
Behemoth (Chur) Maths Science History 6.59/10/2018Rate 3.627
Behemoth (Chur) Mocha Madness 8.06/25/2018Rate 3.546
Behemoth (Chur) Music City Hazy Mosaic IPA 6.38/4/2018Rate 3.648
Behemoth (Chur) Otto's Jacket 7.25/25/2018Rate 3.458
Behemoth (Chur) Passion of the Fruit 4.02/21/2018Rate 3.226
Behemoth (Chur) Shower Beer Session IPA 4.62/18/2018Rate 3.35
Behemoth (Chur) Snow Mexican Maple Syrup Imperial Stout 9.08/28/2018Rate 3.716
Behemoth (Chur) The Grapefruit Show 6.71/9/2019Rate 3.022
Behemoth (Chur) Underarm 6.49/18/2018Rate 3.388
Behemoth (Chur) Drink Yesterday No. 1 (Citra, Idaho #7, Riwaka) 7.211/20/2018Rate 3.455
Behemoth (Chur) Trial by Jury 6.312/1/2018Rate 3.282
Deep Creek / Eagle Silver Dragon 4.59/20/2018Rate 2.972
Deep Creek 309 5.32/29/2012Rate 3.06349
Deep Creek Aloha 4.511/2/2018Rate 3.575015
Deep Creek Angel of the Presence 9.812/12/2015Rate 3.322
Deep Creek Basilica 6.02/29/2012Rate 3.324
Deep Creek Brewtiful Haze NEIPA 6.57/1/2018Rate 3.718920
Deep Creek Chipotle Lime Salsa Gose 4.54/23/2019Rate 3.234
Deep Creek Co Neapolitan Stout 6.08/8/2019Rate 3.191
Deep Creek Courage Double IPA 8.04/2/2019Rate 3.072
Deep Creek Diep Kreik 8.46/25/2019Rate 0
Deep Creek DoBro Double Brown IPA 8.58/5/2018Rate 3.373
Deep Creek Drop Top Chardonnay Brut IPA 6.911/4/2018Rate 3.48
Deep Creek Dusty Gringo 6.82/29/2012Rate 3.618648
Deep Creek Dweller on the Threshold 7.38/1/2013Rate 3.124
Deep Creek El Mariachi 6.86/25/2019Rate 0
Deep Creek Fresh Hop! Nelson Sauvin IPA 6.94/18/2019Rate 3.174
Deep Creek Gin & Lime DIPA 8.51/23/2017Rate 3.426
Deep Creek Hop Oil Hop Magic APA 5.010/1/2017Rate 3.234
Deep Creek Hop Oil Hoppy McHopFace IIPA 8.56/18/2017Rate 3.66713
Deep Creek Hop Oil Indica IPA 6.56/26/2018Rate 3.061
Deep Creek Hop Oil Red IPA 6.54/10/2018Rate 3.395
Deep Creek Hop Oil Sativa IPA 6.56/26/2018Rate 2.961
Deep Creek I’m Idaho XPA 4.85/1/2018Rate 3.042
Deep Creek Kombi 4.712/21/2017Rate 3.28549
Deep Creek Kombi Diesel 4.76/8/2018Rate 3.041
Deep Creek Lagerita Lime Sour 3.810/20/2018Rate 3.236
Deep Creek Lava Lava Mango Raspberry Sour 4.56/25/2019Rate 3.191
Deep Creek Little Armoured One 5.72/29/2012Rate 2.985
Deep Creek Lotus 4.59/22/2013Rate 3.072910
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect 420 Electric Puha 5.610/13/2017Rate 3.343
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Coromandel Gold 6.59/14/2018Rate 3.44
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Double IPA 8.58/26/2016Rate 3.66721
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Haze for Days 6.58/19/2018Rate 3.162
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Long White Cloudy IPA 6.31/23/2017Rate 3.344
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect New England IPA 6.56/10/2017Rate 3.321310
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Old Fashioned Bourbon IPA 8.56/18/2017Rate 3.335
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Pine Needles IPA 6.56/22/2018Rate 3.415
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Pineapple Express IPA 6.55/3/2018Rate 3.283
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Red IPA 6.38/28/2017Rate 3.35
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Sauvin Fresh Hop IPA 6.54/20/2017Rate 3.456
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect White IPA 6.31/25/2018Rate 3.212
Deep Creek Lupulin Effect Wunderbier German IPA 6.510/11/2016Rate 3.346
Deep Creek Misty Miyagi 6.510/10/2018Rate 3.749224
Deep Creek Moose Knuckle Robust Porter 6.51/15/2015Rate 2.881
Deep Creek Neptune 8.511/11/2016Rate 3.463
Deep Creek Nero Chocolate Chipotle Stout 7.27/8/2017Rate 3.193
Deep Creek Nero Foreign Extra Stout 7.511/4/2017Rate 3.343
Deep Creek Nero Robust Porter 6.58/29/2017Rate 3.254
Deep Creek Nero Savage Sovereign 7.08/22/2015Rate 3.041
Deep Creek Nikau Lager 4.06/24/2018Rate 2.941
Deep Creek Oakily Dokily 6.011/30/2018Rate 3.32
Deep Creek Pontoon in a Monsoon 6.92/29/2012Rate 3.213126
Deep Creek Redwood 5.97/31/2015Rate 3.326115
Deep Creek Sensei Hazy IPA 6.56/25/2019Rate 3.295
Deep Creek Steam Funk Black Doris Berliner 4.511/10/2018Rate 3.214
Deep Creek Steam Funk Black Tamarillo Gose 4.96/17/2017Rate 3.314
Deep Creek Steam Funk Boysen Blue Berliner 4.51/19/2018Rate 3.266
Deep Creek Steam Funk Dark Apricot Gose 5.08/3/2017Rate 3.124
Deep Creek Steam Funk Gose 4.511/14/2017Rate 3.123
Deep Creek Steam Funk Green and Gold 5.07/15/2016Rate 3.253
Deep Creek Steam Funk Hot Fuzz 4.52/18/2018Rate 3.131
Deep Creek Steam Funk Mango Chilli Gose 5.02/14/2017Rate 3.454
Deep Creek Steam Funk Passionfruit Berliner 4.51/5/2017Rate 3.5759
Deep Creek Steam Funk Raspberry Berliner 4.512/11/2017Rate 3.285
Deep Creek Steam Funk Raspberry Choc Berliner 4.77/22/2017Rate 3.228
Deep Creek Steam Funk Saison 5.24/27/2018Rate 3.25
Deep Creek Steam Funk Smoked Chilli Gose 4.57/1/2018Rate 3.123
Deep Creek Steam Funk Stonefruit Berliner 4.55/30/2018Rate 3.277
Deep Creek Steam Funk Watermelon Gose 5.05/10/2017Rate 3.122
Deep Creek Strength 6.58/6/2019Rate 3.313
Deep Creek Summer Breeze 5.01/19/2019Rate 2.981
Deep Creek The Dominatrix 7.35/1/2015Rate 3.041
Deep Creek The Leprechauns Belle 4.62/29/2012Rate 3.289417
Deep Creek Undercurrent 5.02/29/2012Rate 3.118114
Deep Creek Waikiki 4.53/26/2019Rate 3.111
Deep Creek West Side IPA 6.510/25/2018Rate 3.252
Deep Creek Wildwood Bluegrass 8.46/25/2019Rate 3.091
Deep Creek Wisdom IPA 6.92/22/2019Rate 3.194
Deep Creek Zen 6.53/4/2019Rate 3.346
Isthmus 3D IPA
Brewed by/for Isthmus Brewing
6.67/22/2015Rate 3.225
Isthmus Gone Troppo
Brewed by/for Isthmus Brewing
4.56/18/2018Rate 3.042
Isthmus No Man's Land XPA
Brewed by/for Isthmus Brewing
4.73/17/2019Rate 3.061
Isthmus Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Isthmus Brewing
5.04/15/2014Rate 2.872
Isthmus Peak Haze
Brewed by/for Isthmus Brewing
6.810/17/2018Rate 3.283
Isthmus Pilsner
Brewed by/for Isthmus Brewing
5.03/10/2017Rate 2.871

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