Deep Ellum Brewing Company (CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective)

2821 Saint Louis Street, Dallas, Texas, USA 75226
Tours on Saturdays: 12 noon to 3 pm

Associated place: Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

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Armadillo Ale Works Brunch Money
Brewed by/for Armadillo Ale Works
103/19/2014Rate 3.619935
Armadillo Ale Works Quakertown Stout
Brewed by/for Armadillo Ale Works
9.223/9/2013Rate 3.472946
Armadillo Ale Works Quakertown Stout with Cinnamon, Banana, Raisins, and Almonds
Brewed by/for Armadillo Ale Works
9.226/25/2013Rate 2.91
Deep Ellum Local Legend 5.85/19/2016Rate 3.467126
Deep Ellum Backslider Blonde 4.811/13/2011Rate 3.026612
Deep Ellum Barrel Aged Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout 10.33/19/2016Rate 3.497
Deep Ellum Barrel Aged Oak Cliff Coffee Ale 7.512/1/2015Rate 3.474
Deep Ellum Barrel Crusher 132/2/2017Rate 3.59789
Deep Ellum Belgian IPA 8.08/8/2014Rate 3.15
Deep Ellum Bourbon Barrel IPA -6/27/2013Rate 33
Deep Ellum Brett Pale Ale 6.83/24/2018Rate 3.225
Deep Ellum Cabernet Barrel Aged Four Swords 9.51/30/2015Rate 3.718739
Deep Ellum Cadillac Bandito 8.58/30/2019Rate 3.091
Deep Ellum Chardonnay Barrel Aged Wealth & Taste 10.58/24/2015Rate 3.252
Deep Ellum Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout 8.01/19/2012Rate 3.474956
Deep Ellum Cherry Vanilla Double Brown Stout 7.02/13/2012Rate 33
Deep Ellum Cinnamon Toast Brunch 6.010/12/2018Rate 3.072
Deep Ellum Coconut Biscotti Coffee Ale 7.03/24/2016Rate 2.981
Deep Ellum Coyote Bandito 7.17/1/2016Rate 3.131
Deep Ellum D Town Session Brown Ale 5.19/29/2015Rate 3.061
Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde 5.27/17/2012Rate 3.147792
Deep Ellum Darkest Hour 111/5/2012Rate 3.523458
Deep Ellum Darkest Hour - Port Barrel Aged 113/10/2018Rate 3.282
Deep Ellum Deep Summer 4.89/4/2018Rate 31
Deep Ellum Double Brown Stout 7.011/13/2011Rate 3.394595
Deep Ellum Double Rye IPA 7.011/13/2011Rate 3.072
Deep Ellum Dream Crusher 2X Rye IPA 9.512/12/2018Rate 3.273
Deep Ellum Dreamcrusher Double IPA 9.71/19/2012Rate 3.5451109
Deep Ellum Easy Peasy IPA 5.26/24/2015Rate 3.315067
Deep Ellum Farmhouse Wit 4.81/29/2012Rate 3.349053
Deep Ellum Fascinating Bellman 7.81/24/2017Rate 3.111
Deep Ellum Festivus 7.312/17/2011Rate 3.252622
Deep Ellum Four Swords 9.512/18/2013Rate 3.597333
Deep Ellum Four Swords 2017 - Whiskey Barrel 10.510/7/2017Rate 3.485
Deep Ellum Freak Flag 7.812/20/2017Rate 3.448
Deep Ellum Gourdzilla 7.510/23/2013Rate 3.095921
Deep Ellum Hatch Chile Stout 7.18/30/2014Rate 3.314610
Deep Ellum Hop Seeker 8.09/11/2012Rate 3.284233
Deep Ellum Hopscotch 8.03/24/2016Rate 3.112
Deep Ellum IPA 7.01/14/2012Rate 3.6294228
Deep Ellum IPA with Lemon & Ginger 7.010/24/2012Rate 3.266
Deep Ellum IPA with Meridian Hops (alias) 7.011/2/2012
Deep Ellum Jack the R.I.P.A. 6.08/24/2015Rate 3.163
Deep Ellum Labor of Love One - Weizenbock 8.07/26/2014Rate 3.165
Deep Ellum Labor of Love Two - Honey Basil Hefeweizen 5.78/28/2015Rate 3.072
Deep Ellum Lager 4.88/9/2017Rate 2.973
Deep Ellum Lateral Haze 7.28/30/2019Rate 31
Deep Ellum LegenDairy 6.08/24/2015Rate 3.183
Deep Ellum Local Legend - Jameson Edition 6.08/25/2015Rate 3.184
Deep Ellum Morpheus 8.74/9/2015Rate 3.287
Deep Ellum Neato Bandito -4/9/2014Rate 3.017732
Deep Ellum Nick Wit -6/27/2013Rate 2.871
Deep Ellum No Way Rosé 5.810/29/2018Rate 3.13
Deep Ellum Numb Comfort 11.54/22/2013Rate 3.738938
Deep Ellum Oak Cliff Coffee Ale 7.51/22/2014Rate 3.569868
Deep Ellum Oak Cliff Coffee Ale - Rum Infused Cinnamon Sticks -4/12/2015Rate 3.453
Deep Ellum Oaked IPA 7.04/15/2012Rate 3.5778
Deep Ellum Oaked Vanilla Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout 8.04/7/2013Rate 3.156
Deep Ellum Pale Ale 6.02/12/2014Rate 3.377326
Deep Ellum Play Date 5.412/6/2015Rate 3.241720
Deep Ellum Pollenator 9.511/17/2012Rate 3.134119
Deep Ellum Pollenator with Honey Roast Coffee 9.511/17/2012Rate 2.864
Deep Ellum Praline Porter 5.83/24/2016Rate 3.457
Deep Ellum Rocktoberfest 7.59/19/2012Rate 3.136018
Deep Ellum Rye Pils 4.61/4/2012Rate 3.359780
Deep Ellum Rye Pils With Santium Hops Aged on Birch 4.69/2/2012Rate 2.811
Deep Ellum Santa Quad 126/14/2013Rate 2.951
Deep Ellum Sorachi Ace/Green Tea IPA -9/8/2012Rate 3.196
Deep Ellum Stash -3/7/2015Rate 2.871
Deep Ellum Tongue Punch -3/14/2014Rate 3.153
Deep Ellum Very Berry Dallas Blonde 5.26/21/2016Rate 2.981
Deep Ellum Vinous Ado 7.42/28/2017Rate 3.091
Deep Ellum Wealth & Taste 9.412/20/2011Rate 3.589038
Deep Ellum White IPA 7.810/12/2018Rate 3.163

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